Brit/pol/ #2410: The Mist Edition

Royal Navy: "The Mist" by WCRS

Royal Navy Admiral Shrugs Off Fears Over Massive Military Exercise by Russia and China

HMS Queen Elizabeth and Her First F-35s: What’s Happening?

Navy Frigate Leaves To Join HMS Queen Elizabeth In US

HMS Queen Elizabeth: the View From the Bridge

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Good lad.

Southern is 23

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good lad, good thread

Also that's actually a good advert coming out of our armed forces, have they realised how stupid their other shit was

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They should just buy nendos if they actually want to support the company.

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its a good advert aint it
I wonder if we'll have another war this next decade

Forgot how good this soundtrack was tbh

90% of Anime this century has been shite anyway.

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Or the millions of other shit, there's plenty of ways to support Jap studios tbh.

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I agree with this tbh

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retards smh

Anything handdrawn is breddi grate tbh

Not as good as the People's Liberation Army's advert though.

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Its difficult to see how anyone could think this wording was a good idea, when, with repeated use, it seems so desperate and false. It's almost like they want people to think 'hmmmm with such pained reinforcement, could this notion actually be true?'.

Can they just hurry up and give us our NHS provided Soma already?

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Where do these tards congregate? Are they a reddit thing?

Eh the ruskies have a h'white h'woman in a h'wheat field in theirs so I think they win.

RN always seems a little less pozzed than the rest of the armed forces tbh.

At least it's a japanese live-action adaptation.
So long as they keep it as faithful to the original as possible it should be a pretty easy to make adaptation.

Probably because the Navy has actual work to do.

It's masterbrews #hightory bunch, they seem to think the system isn't rigged for some weird reason and that the tories actually give a shit about their opinions.

Everyone is meant to be treated equally during training but it is obvious to everyone that women and international students are treated much more favourably. They aren't given anywhere near as much stick as white British recruits.

goose bump good

ahh you don't get it lad haha it's just ironic haha don't take it so seriously haha

Communists have a knack for creating good propaganda.

This makes me want to grief a replica of Parliament in Minecraft.

The faffing about is really frustrating. Girls are being raped and the people who actually know about it are LARPing about High Toryism instead of taking things seriously.

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These "High Tory Gang" mongs don't understand how local politics functions. Unless they all congregate to one constituency, they'll never take over a local Conservative Association which is where change can be truly brought about.

this tbh

nah lad the £30 they give to the party when they join has got May shaking in her heels.

This post unironically reads like it was written by some kind of state agent tbh

on top of that they are co-opting /arejoe/

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*shills christbol gang*

Another one for my list, watching the Last Exile atm.

Reminder that it's very unlikely they will ever earn back the money they've spent on Star Wars.

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Have some comfy localism.

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Unless you have millions to give to them to buy your son a safe seat (i.e. Ranil Jayawardena in North East Hants) they don't care.

These idiots are throwing their money away and making it look like support is growing for May.

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Correct order is

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top kek imagine if one of them was a cheeky bugger and kept bidding £1 higher than the poor lad

When the media sees Tory membership growing, they don't think "wow the youth are amassing against May for a revolution gang gang gang gang gang", they think "May's support is growing", they think that more people are supporting May's stance on Brexit.
This gives them reason to write anti-Brexit articles in order to slander attempts at leaving and to push a soft Brexit (they'll be doing that anyway but this gives them an excuse).

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Only £5 if you're under 23, as no doubt most of them are. If the Christian Party was easier to join that would be the better option.

I know lad I was joking

Kinda forget us leaving fucks over the EU as well, have they found a way to make up for the massive hole in their budget yet?

And then says he could buy it off him for double the price.

It's still chucking a fiver down the drain for the sake of a memi

thats the elephant in the room that everyone keeps sweeping under the carpet

Nope, which is why they are shitting themselves and trying to screw us at every conceivable opportunity.

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Could buy nearly two whole pints down the Templar for that.


more like one and a packet of peanuts

not even the packet mate

In London you'd be lucky to get two half-pints for a fiver lad

SSII did it better tbh (skip to 1:20)
Feels far more natural than the way DE did it.

My 'spoons does pints of ale for £2.25, £2 on Mondays.

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yeah thats spoons though
two pints in the pub came to 9.70 last time I was in central london

Depends where, depends which chain.
Sam Smiths are always reliable (their bitter is £3.40) whereas Greene King, Fullers, etc can be a right bitch with their prices. Double whisky at one cost me a bloody tenner.
Thankfully there are enough spoons and smiths across London that you can avoid the other chains.

kekking tbh

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Last time I ordered a pint in Londonistan I thought the barman was giving me the price to buy the brewery.

It was a green king tbh but not like I had much choice, walked round for 15 mins looking for a single pub all I saw were fucking foreign restaurants

Yeah but that's spoons so given the odds of the line not being cleaned properly or the barrel being left on too long and the awful staff butchering the pull it's probably still worth less

I forgot the name of that anime.

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Legend of the Galactic Heroes

hmm really ticks the tocker

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Went out one Christmas Eve with a couple of mates, were going to have a couple before meeting with others. The 'spoons at Baker Street was closed so we went across the road, mate went up to the bar and ordered three pints, came back with a thousand yard stare. Three pints had cost him £18.75.
Other than interior aesthetics, there is literally no reason to not use spoons when in London. They are slightly more expensive the more central you go but still at least a couple quid cheaper than any other pub, for the very same pint. If there isn't one near wherever you are in London then walk to one, there's scores of them.

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Don't slag them off tbh lad, some of the best bartenders I've seen were at spoons, they wouldn't butcher the pint and put a massive head on it.

spoons are decent tbh depends which town you are in. Some are better than others, but you get what you pay for

between the tories being the living dead and labour being full of pozzed necrotising zombies are there any parties to represent the living?


It varies by location but so does every other chain.


If you find a cheap spoons that has a good chef you never need another restaurant again.

Cheers lad.

t. nofrens

tbh I've been having one nearly every day


you mean microwave

Based mummy gf genetics and yummy tummies

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I'll be your fren

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Which rival brewery chain do you work for.

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smh when will he be stopped

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This is true tbh, I've spoken to people who have worked in them, it's majority microwaved. You can even hear the microwave pings in some Wetherspoons

Do those even exist?

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(you) fishing is so easy

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you've always been my fren you drunk

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The steak is probably the only properly cooked thing they do, smh

I'm gonna be in the Templar tonight tbh. I'm surprised I've never seen a twink walking out of the toilets with a sore arse before. I spent most of the last 3 years there.


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As rare as unicorn shit but I've had a few.

me on the left