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Alex Salmond attacks 'flawed' sexual misconduct inquiry

RHS reveals ‘unusual fruit’ is sprouting across Britain due to heatwave

London Luton Airport 'UK's worst airport' for third year

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carrying long guns is retarded IMO, you are not going to use it so its just a prop. same with the plates. the Feds will slap a turbo felony for any crime you commit while wearing plates thanks to north hollywood bank robbers. CCW or open carrying a handgun is superior in a non wartime situation. blending in is important. 99 percent of american partisans in history used handguns and cut down shotguns for attacks unless they were in open combat. its just dress up. the people to be afraid of are a "redneck" cosa nostra or resurgent klan using AB and bikers to do hits and make it look like meth heads. thats what the bald knobbers would have done and the old Workingman's party would have done.

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Were people being intolerable to each other in the previous thread?

Do you guys ever just lay awake at night, thinking about your bad decisions and how your life could have been so much better, but instead you're borderline depressed and resorting to porn to help ease the troublesome thoughts?


Yeah but I didn't finger my cousin

No, I go for a run if I'm feeling down.

having regrets and etc. especially during this time of turbo excess is insulting to shitskins who work for a dollar a day and still praise jesus. read about epictetus and his lecture on the "wand of hermes" lad. regrets are pointless

No not really, but I have been consistently angry for the past 4 days about Soulcalibur 6.

fair play

What's the run down on SC6?


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No argument there. People carrying longarms in public are just cosplayers with functional props. It just shouldn't be shocking to SEE a long arm, not that that's a justification for carrying one about.

Yeah, until I got a full time job.

>nearly forgot it was the motherlands Independence day

Wish we had military parades tbh.

They announced a preorder DLC character that you only got if you preordered the season pass for the game, then they backpedaled and made her season pass only, meaning you have to pay an extra £30 to get the full game at release.

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I have come to the conclusion that even when people mention that Tommy Robinson is a Zionest I would still rather have right wing Jews compared to left wing Muslims in government any day

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It's a series mainstay as well, they are getting rightfully shat on over it.

At least I don't like SC smh

How do you feel about the fact that there are literally millions of "subhuman non-whites" who are smarter, richer, more successful, and more respected than you? Your little white supremacist fantasy doesn't stand up to much scrutiny when you consider that Jeff Bezos, the richest man on the planet, is neither white nor British.

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well fuck having a society as safe, prosperous and with a future like the one our parents had, I want to become Brazil now

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Whats with all these bait posters, are we sitting on the front page or something.

It's Friday night.

were always on the front page

being rich is worthless if your a bald manlet like bezos

Good point.

Looks suspiciously white.

He's ethnically Norwegian, lad, Bezos is his adoptive father, not his real dad

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such a proud mummy

You know, it really doesn't matter how 'white' Bezos is. All that matters is that he's civilized.

As long as he has a western passport, bigot



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lol tbh anglo is the best race in the world look what we have done


It's pretty impossible to argue against anglo being the best tbh.
All of our opponents have inferiority complexes about us. Scots for e.g.


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I do tbh, and it's pissed me off so much I'm not buying the game which sucks because it was the only thing I was mildly hyped for apart from Bannerlord (which has a lot of new gameplay out btw)

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Oh ni-

He stops at 1:15 tbh

Alright I will watch it in a bit then smh

t. Martin Bezos
**gibs Amazon shekels fat Norge poof""



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She's growing them for Sushi

nobody wants to see 22st’s tits

Well I am sure the lad who is building a collage of him does tbf


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hullo beautiful

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I wish them the best. However, I want neither my nor their nations destroyed. Even if I were an aboriginal I would want my nation to survive and prosper.

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What's his power level, lads?

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night lads


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Sweet dreams.


Polish lager tbh

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looking forward to Logan Paul absolutely smashing KSI tomorrow lads
everyone else will see him as 100% h'u'wyht'e (look at that blond hair) and besides he's a based british israeli

going to be fun weekend tbh


Bit concerned that God is going to humiliate us for abortion and sodomy again tbh


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Btw the people judging Paul for his dead body video are hypocrites because most of them support actually killing babies

Not lying, I bet £50 on him winning this fight, not because I care about youtube personalities but because I want easy money.

Hope it's not some rigged shite.

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Interesting how this is obviously a racial thing just by default tbh.

I'm after that polish vodka that has a blade of grass in the the bottle. My mate said it was nice but been meaning to order some considering the off licence doesn't have it.

"Muslim group feel 'unwanted' after Eid booking cancelled last minute."

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got my concubine pregnant lads

Oh mate my friend, the head chef at the pub I used to work at, had a bottle of that shit - it's lethal

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Cheers lads


Is this it?

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That's the one.


Only 40%. Barcardi 151 is proper lethal stuff (75.5%) but it seems to have been discontinued.

fresh hwite man

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portentious af tbh lads

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portentous smh

When's the fight?

tomorrow at 5.30pm brit time

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Might be a jihad, considering how London treated the Pauls on their visit. The Dad got punched in the back of the head by a Paki.

expecting a massive chimp out tbh

If they lose especially.

The only thing that'd make it more normie if it was like chess boxing but instead of chess they play fortnite.

today is my first back on the internet in 2 weeks and i havent been following any news

have i missed anything

Alri lads

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proxy race war starts tomorrow via eceleb amateur boxing match