Brit/pol/ #2413: Milk Edition

Two Nerds Fighting:

Spain Deports Latest African Invasion Force back to Morocco

EXCLUSIVE: Jewish woman asked police to intervene after she was called 'a piece of shit' at tense 'anti-Semitic' meeting hosted by Jeremy Corbyn in Parliament where speaker said 'Israel go to hell'

Senior Labour MP calls Jeremy Corbyn a 'racist antisemite' as the leader is reported to Parliament watchdog over remarks on 'British Zionists' that attracted support from former BNP and KKK chiefs

Plastic contamination of our food and drink fuels obesity, diabetes and heart disease, researchers warn

South Africa’s Julius Malema: Trump’s Right, We’re Coming for White Farmers

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for him

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>"us yoochoobuhs"

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His IDF training has served him well really

Which one's the nigger?

Got to give it to the kike, he's a unit.

Good lad.


actually have some respect for his body tbh



This will delay Disney's other Marvel films, the setback will cost them millions, if not billions.

Press [S] to spit on Disney's grave.

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he'll be training the south african snipers after this

10th for LARPing Asterix

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i love jews!

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has mustache become popular again?

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tracking huge quantities of metadata and channelling it to the big boys at mi5 is resource heavy lad

fuck this I'm making my tea


I think Joe's about to get his 6'5" boihole battered

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true tbh, I would love to see what access those with top level clearance there have.


Well, he looks like a woolly tbh
That floppy hair

Moustaches are good because the muzzers specifically trim theirs tbh

I have one like Lemmy

Nice bollock punch

who /riverbull/ here?

the reach on the lanky cunt
That's got to be cheating

It's gonna be a progressively bigger mess all the way to the fights with the Pauls

rip manlets

: whre tf is loggan
: (하나 둘 셋 야!) ~ 훔방지축 바리둥절 빙글빙글 돌아가는 훔바의 하루~ 오늘도 훔바는 정말 못말려~ 짓궃은 장난은 나에게 맡기세요~ 리그 우승따윈 필요가 없다구요~ 이리모여 모두모여 노리치 먹어보자~ 그런 눈으로 째려보면 부끄럽죠~ (나는~ 충견~) 그래 나는 충견이네~ 훔방지축 바리둥절 빙글빙글 돌아가는 훔바의 하루~ 훔바는 우승은 맨시티네 훔바는 충견이네~ 다음은 무엇을 할까~~
: saladLurk
Twitch Prime
: XD
Twitch Prime
: 9pm BST is KSI



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Massiv if true

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Milk is based and white tbh

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france confirmed wogs tbh

fuk, buv das massiv

Must ave bin a massiv misundastanden


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Thought you had forgot

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need a new stream smh

Yeah, I have a stream for ants tbh.

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should have stuck with wholesome race relations tbh smh

left a comment on ginnies article lads, hope she lets me become her paypig

A little pick me up I penned from your ever lovin' US of A

And did those Wogs in ancient time,
Walk upon England's mountains green:
And was the kebabed lamb of Saracen,
On Englands pleasant pastures seen!

And did the nogs and poos,
Shine forth upon coloured hills?
And was Jerusalem builded here,
Among these dark Staines Massives?

Bring me my Bow of burning gold;
Bring me my Arrows of desire:
Bring me my Spear: O clouds unfold!
Bring me my Chariot of fire!

I will not cease from Mortal Fight,
Nor shall my Sword sleep in my hand:
Till we have killed all wogs,
In Englands green & pleasant Land.

Stay strong Anglo mong

hope she responds. She could be a based e-celeb and live like a queen

lad, you disgust me

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can you imagine a world without jews?

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me too lad

This is why you deserve to be pulled apart by redneck monster truck cavalry

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pretty sure wholesome race relations like in that video is them trying to make them look better to us, right?

Did you see this basset reaction image I made lad

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Yeah and it's one where hwhites see: ANGLOS have exterminated all other races

no post cap of it lad

oh wait I see it on here, I thought you meant in ginnies article, nice OC lad


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Thanks lad

Don't Promote Imperium, Japanese women are for Japanese man to rape and to do weird perversions on each other.

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Kill her and bury her in the garden? Yes.

Notting Hill on lockdown with barricades ahead of popular bank holiday carnival

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I need compost.

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is kent where the word cunt came from?

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other way round

okay thank you

ProudManFromKent will be the only true Kent poster tbh

He's busy raising his half-paki step-daughter lad.

That's not far enough tbh.

I could type it out, but I cba.

What else am I supposed to do to a body which was placed for me there as fuel, fodder and compost, only for my use?

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Do you have a link, lad?

they're really milking this shitshow


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Ta lad



Kek, that twiglad taking all those hits


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can't believe my parents left me alone all day

is that cage on the back where they store the boys he captures during his hunt?

Probably at a swinger party with those German campervan boomers

Lad you're about 6 hours late

Waiting for the ghost of Big Ian to assassinate him.


I believe so

We can only pray

That would be on account of me
1) Not being a devout Catlick
2) Not being a taig
3) Not really giving a shit tbh
Just thought it might be worth a few laffs and some screenshots