Brit/pol/ #2415: Dolphin Edition

US Senator John McCain dies aged 81

Pope chides Irish over abortion referendum blaming throwaway culture

UN Begs EU States To Take in Stranded Migrants

South Africa Calls for 300,000 Gun Owners to Turn Over Their Weapons

Kennesaw State Cuts 4 of 5 Cheerleaders Who Took a Knee During Anthem Last Year

Blue-Eyed Immigrants Transformed Ancient Israel 6,500 Years Ago

STI that causes flesh-eating ulcers found in UK for first time

Kent fire chief supports calls for children's character to be renamed 'Firefighter Sam' to encourage more women to join the service - but GMB viewers say 'the world's gone mad'

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Stats are from Florida but it's safe to say that it's the same across the board.

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Nobody should forget how good this goy was. smh.

at least a lot of 'em aren't white though and even the white ones would have liberal whore mothers

It's a baby's life, there's no justification.

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Don't get started lad. We all hate thot sanctioned baby murder.

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like I'm against abortion for white babies that aren't retarded or something but I must emphasize that there is literally nothing wrong with aborting a non-white baby

tfw 33 yr old boomer

a non-white dying is always a good thing tbf

unless it's some baste anti-zionist non-white like qaddafi or saddam that is a net good I 'spose

qaddafi was anti colonialist though.

How can you be 33 and like vapourwave? It's faux-nostalgia shite for children who can't remember what the ate 80s and early 90s was actually like

I remember the 80s and especially the 90s pretty well. I wouldn't call it faux nostalgia, the 90s really were whiter and better. Nobody here would argue that I think.

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yeah and he armed the taigs but at least he was keeping the sub-saharans sub-saharan gnomesayin'

imagine serving the jewish cabal for your entire life, hoping you will be remembered in the vein of Teddy Roosevelt, Lincoln, McKinley and Nixon but a gay faggot gook with insect eyes lisps off your memorial and then it cuts back to to fat guys in dolphin masks making out while making farting sounds with their stomachs.

this, daily reminder that most zoomers don't even remember stuff from 2002-3 because they were in diapers then

he knew what he was doing.

Alri lads

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I hope the souls of the gooks he bombed are sticking bamboo splints under his fingernails in hell

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Good night lads

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Didn't really go to sleep
Will do now

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holy fug the qwaser of stigmata lads, that was the most ebin thing I've ever seen I swear

I thought it was just gonna be 2d tiddies but holy fug, top ebin, unironically highly recommended

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Post your most hated former colony, for me it's Yemen. How shit do you have to be that you can't use your proximity to the Suez canal as leverage on the world stage and imagine being threatened by a landlocked desert country. Yemen is rubbish imo.

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mine is the Philippines because it is full of Filipinos who are the most ugly people in the world

they don't have oil, it's the poorest arab country, they're just inbred mulattoes with nothing but coffee beans

and pissrael obviously

Yeah they are truly the worst. America should've held that place, and they could've.

remember watching this American made documentary about the Spanish Philippines, and the narrator said, at one point, that "the women of Spanish descent were much more beautiful than the natives". True and gave me a good kek.

Ok now I will sleep for real, smh got distracted

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What happened to Zig Forums? That board is completely ruined. Trying to make a "total free speech" board out of a place hated by countless people, some of them being paid to attack active communities seem as supportive of Trump on the internet, is such a stupid idea. Code Monkey is really making a mistake.

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it's shit because of trumptwards and all the retards that think every ID that says something they disagree with is "muh kike". if I casually post on Zig Forums for a day, I'll have 10 people calling me a jew when I'm not a jew and I hate jews and I think every jew should be exterminated off the face of the planet. Blumpf, the roach, and leddit have done irreversible damage

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this is brilliant. tie a girl up, smear condensed milk all over her, and unleash the kitties

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Yeah, that's how I remember with the old mods, but it's much worse now. The threads used to be happenings, news and so on, but now is all around pure spam and nonsense. It's clearly a deliberate attempt to disrupt any sort of good discussion to even begin, and the mods won't do anything to keep some order. That board is literally /b/ without porn now.

spooked lads

well tbf is anything even happening other than Jones fapping to traps and boomer McCain kicking the bucket? and the baste blumpf tweet on saffa machetecaust

reminder. Good white pill.

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Gonna say it at the chance of being called edgy but Donald shouldn't have said anything about John's death. I know it's a double trap where any move he makes is the wrong move to normie scum, if he didn't give John's family his best, people would go "OH WOW YOU CAN'T EVEN SAY GOODBYE AND WISH HIS FAMILY THE BEST" but he should've just acted like the man never existed. John was pond scum, and deserves to be treated as such even in death.


Yep after the Logan Paul draw I decided to just accept the blackpill and head to Shenzen to get a chinky lass. Will ride out the death of the West with a woman that actually respects me for being white.

Guess what lad?

Is there any better feeling than having passionate sex with the woman you love?

ktf. ktf.

So tiresome.

As much as we joke about bleaching goblinas, it's sad how far away le English Rose is from us.

it wasn't this hard for our shit boomer dads.

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It's so boring as well. It's ironic that the only remotely original insult for Trump has been Narco Lubio's hand comment but normies have also managed to run that into the ground as well.

southern chinese are horrible cat eaters, I could never lay with one. I hate chinese, koreans, and vietnamese, they should all burn.

I could have had an unspoiled ~18 y/o shy ginger grill but she was like a 6/10 and I was feeling like Chad at the time 'cause a few months before that a lot of grills were liking me plus I had oneetus so I ignored her. later I realized that I made a mistake rly 'cause unfucked girls like that are pretty rare nowadays. must have hurt her feelings pretty bad, soz grill, I didn't intend to. and now I haven't been lifting so I'm not attractive like I was then, shit's fucked

also one time I got approached by this 10/10 blonde with a baste sowth shirt but I didn't go for it 'cause I didn't brush my teeth that morning and I had drool on my shirt kek

never gonna leave the house without being clean and presentable again after that tbh, never know when you're gonna bump into a qt

Lad you're a spic fetishist. Opinion discarded and le filtered

I have a similar regret lad.

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In this age war is fought online, lad. I am sure you have a lot of stories

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honestly lad, I consider posts that call out Asians having small penises, to be bully posts.

Don't tell me you made one of those posts, lad…

no lad, i have a euro cock, and i wouldn't any chinaman that wants to post here.

wouldn't bully*

Man despite it's a man getting shot this video's fucking funny.

well I wouldn't want any chinamen to post here, but I wouldn't bully them.

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Norway is basically a police state

top tier theatrical training.

What do you mean, lad?

I'd say so yeah. The threat of having your children taken away is so fucking creepy. No idea why people haven't done something crazy in revenge.

Wtf was he gonna do to the woman or the baby? He looked suspect as fuck

If a bureaucrat took my kids away I would go full Rambo and kill upwards of 50 people

It was pit bull feeding time

Oh God no

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don't like this video.

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just don't watch the ending, lad


top fucking keek aww




Kek what the fuck

You should subscribe to that Kruger Sightings channel lad it's basically just animal fights on the African plain. There's a recent video of some lions eating a hyena alive

Now for something not so wholesome. You have been warned

o-oh no

You're trying to trick me, lad…

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fuck you

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Now that's a RIVER BULL

I'm sorry, lad. Don't go

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Holy shit. Good on this lad for surviving. I guess all male lions do this until they find a pride.

The Spartans sent their younglings to get a lion skin, and shamed them if they failed.

I don't think that's true

22 I'm also enjoying the videos lad but I'm warning you if this triggers another beachmaster episode, I'm going to let the Norwegian social services take your future kids away.

my source is 300. Great movie.

the beauty of life