Brit/pol/ #2416: The FALL Of The West Edition

US Senator John McCain dies aged 81

Pope chides Irish over abortion referendum blaming throwaway culture

UN Begs EU States To Take in Stranded Migrants

South Africa Calls for 300,000 Gun Owners to Turn Over Their Weapons

Kennesaw State Cuts 4 of 5 Cheerleaders Who Took a Knee During Anthem Last Year

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Good Libtard

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Good lad so you are

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Good lad.

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Good lad this is the single greatest philosophy thread in Zig Forums history

Good lad

*Deanos your path*

What do you do?

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Looks like a fucking slovak subhuman tbh

Even the fucking wop user was better than this. I need some release, is there somewhere where you talk about politics online while being a British nationalist?

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I'll talk politics with you, do you think the SAA will go into Idlib lad?

It's midnight on a Sunday lad, if you want politics you have to be the one to start the conversation

I was thinking more along the lines of
To me this indicates a much more independent Britian could be a likely future. Where we no longer rely on foreign nations and make our own pathway in the world.

Oh and yes, it seems like their logical next move and they've been redeploying more troops round that area.

They'll start pushing in a few days, they are currently moving equipment and troops and some positions have been hit with SAA artillery as well.

Unlikely since leaving the EU's military shit isn't on the table in any of the withdrawal bills and is already slowly in effect.

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Thanks lads

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Lad both those stories are literally irrelevant, our military budget is dwindling and our country is bankrupt. This country isn't going to do anything worthwhile related to space for a long time, we can't even control our own streets.

I'd love to be wrong but absolute bollocks to both of those articles tbh.

Fuck politics at this hour tbh.

You have a source on that? With recent turns on defence contracts where France and Germany said to us fuck off it means we have been looking elsewhere for partners. Also federalists (Macron's France) will not want us getting too close as we could become like an anchor for further integration. If this is the case then we shouldn't be making our own SatNav as itd be a waste of time and money that could be spent better else where.

DoA games are the best fighting games tbh

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Every nation is bankrupt. Nor can any major nation be allowed to fail. The Jews have bound the world's economy so tightly together that if one major nation falls we all do. We are certainly a major nation, and others like India are doing similar stuff. If you think the Jews would allow us to collapse in such a way after so much effort and risk everything I think you have taken the redpilled yet. While we are declining the rest of the world is too, I don't see how we are unable to promote our interests when others are.

VFB has a bunch of stuff on the matter.

The rock paper scissors mechanics are really good for the meta game while fighting online tbh


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she's waiting for you (♥ω♥*)

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While not positive I don't see anything their that ties us into a EU military after a minutes skim.

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He thinks it could be a positive turn

Watch it lad it's fucking hilarious

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I like Local Hero, despite the faggy American kike.

Has anything interesting happened at that carnival? Seems like cultural appropriation.

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>watching the first episode of Bodyguard

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keek that vid is great

who shat on your cornflakes?


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Never mentioned what I eat for breakfast lad and I do exclusively eat porridge, besides the occasional fry

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you're in for a long nightshift baby

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why lid?

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keke, where do these come from?

Just a hunch

the formerly secret memi factory in Shepherd Neame

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Suddenly, toil.

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*farms your loosh*

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1. New Age term applied to energy produced by human beings that other entities use to feed from. 2. It is also used to refer to the energy that is produced by suffering that entities feed. From books by Robert Monroe. Maybe a play on the French word Louche.

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How do you stay so far ahead of the meems?

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now fellow rudeboy, stand fast, and let us unite

This. STOP HATING ON NAZIS you've never met any of em!

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Imagine what Steiner's life is like. He posts on other forums too, like occidental something I think he said last night. Just constant shitposting except for the 7 hours a day he works at a uni for >barely any compensation.

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He has such a malleable forehead

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I reckon that's very close to what he actually looks like minus the makeup tbh. I've made a lot of these and I've never seen the forehead fit so well


well he's already halfway there on the lopping

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Lad, that's how people die smh

wish it didn't take me until Tuesday to get my big dick energy back.


Ready to immigrate to the Holy Land yet Zig Forums? it's time to flee New Atlantis.

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Watching Alien tbh lads

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have to play fredericksburg again on UCWG, tried to be a cavalry focus general and use muh dragoons more but they are not good in assault on stone walls up a hill from a river crossing, smdh

Go to bed incel.

Lad, don't be racist towards incel lads

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im posting in bed. im naked btw

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huh. You're right. Now i have a new place to lurk.

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tbh this shooting today was the first shooting in probably 10 years where alegs hasn't been able to lead the skeptic charge, the elites are testing the waters here because now they can suppress dissent against the narrative of one lone autist with a pistol head shotting 29 people in under 2 minutes like port arthur. and they are trying to groom the zoomers to be the gun grabber generation. old boomers are retarded when they pushed young men out of the gun clubs 10 years ago with fudd crap. alot of gen y is gunfags but I can see gun culture dying. deer hunting is increasingly an insular family thing with many oldfags claiming public land as "family traditional hunting ground" and keeping newfags from properly getting into hunting. I can see a gun bill passing in the next 10 years tbh

You should spend 30 grand on tacticool gear before they take your guns away lad

stop thinking about me in bed naked, faggot

smart thinking lass, just got a baomemifeng to learn HAM, there was a pretty beater AR at the pawn shop the other day. one day I want to get a 20 inch AR and make it look like an A2 but this one was a bushmaster 9630 or whatever, 'milspec' m4

are you ginnie?

Ginnie's out getting gangbanged by pakis lad