Brit/pol/ #2417: Backpacking Edition

US Senator John McCain dies aged 81

Pope chides Irish over abortion referendum blaming throwaway culture

UN Begs EU States To Take in Stranded Migrants

South Africa Calls for 300,000 Gun Owners to Turn Over Their Weapons

Kennesaw State Cuts 4 of 5 Cheerleaders Who Took a Knee During Anthem Last Year

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1st for poolad should beat up BBK

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2nd for rikishi is a bully

I wonder if poolass is watching this thread rn

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good lad

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hullo lad, any fresh french bulldeg menes?

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not poolad unfortunately

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a dog even more autistic than bassets tbh


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he looks like a good lad.

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there's a fresh bread

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Is the balloon thing in a lot of Nog NHC pictures meth?

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enjoying a cool monster zero ultra

how is it, lad? I'd like to try one, but there's much too much caffeine for me. I wouldn't want my heart to explode

same but with gin in it x

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it's the only drink containing artificial sweeteners i've ever enjoyed. i started for the memmies but i really like them tbh, i have 1-2 a week usually before the gym. your heart isn't going to explode from one lad you'll probably just feel a bit buzzed

thinking of getting a high IQ brit dog when I retire

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Thanks SA I wanted that picture you truly are the best trip

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a jew obsessed with the material, imagine my shock

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white nationalism BTFO

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speedrunning is a kind of implicit last stand of huwhite identity



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Just gave my name in Starbucks as 'Severus is an illegitimate patriarch'. As the (Chalcedonian) barista repeatedly shouted out my 'name' the entire cafe screamed 'restore Flavian to the patriarchal see of Antioch'. Result. Try it.

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If something actually happened you don't need to run to defend it so drastically.

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had some chicken wraps with spicy brown mustard. I really like mustard, I should make fresh mustard, it can be so much stronger than store-bought mustards. I want to make a really strong, hot mustard that will really clear the sinuses

Did a Hispanic bloke prepare that for you

nah I prepared it myself, it's 3:40am here

and I wouldn't eat something that a male spic touched. well, I guess store-bought fruits and vegetables are mostly spic-picked, but it's hard to avoid. I wouldn't eat something that I saw a male spic touch, rather

If wogs are to yanks what pakis are to us, does that mean spics are to yanks what poles are to us?

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I thought wog meant anybody that isn't British (or at least like Clog, North Sea Kraut etc.). but lads in the Zig Forumsosphere tend to use it to refer to niggers specifically, like you just did

and yeah that's mostly right. difference being that niggers don't even have ethnic restaurants, they just have Retards Attempting Poetry and twerking

Refers specifically to blacks, although yes it can apply to anyone who isn't us.

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To ethnics* although I only really use it regarding blacks.

Britons seem relatively relaxed in the face of Brexit apocalypse

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Transgender Greens Candidate Quits Party Race After Father Jailed for Child Rape
>A rising transgender star in the Green Party has withdrawn from the deputy leadership race after her father, who had twice previously acted as her election agent, was jailed for the rape and torture of a 10-year-old girl in the attic of the family home.

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Deciding as to whether I should have a pop noodle for breakfast. It's just staring at me smh

Throw it in the bin and make yourself a proper breakfast.
You can buy dry pasta and tomato sauce for less than a Pot Noodle, stop filling your body with crap.

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all is lost go ahead

okay thankyou


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The rope is too good for this demon.

someday I must do tourism is bongistan to eat true british foods and walk on legitimate english soil of muh ancestors. hope I won't get clocked for thoughtcrime

I've never left the new world, it would blow my mind

Smh I'm just going to have a bacon sarnie instead

So long as you don't act like a mutt tourist it'll do you the world of good. Avoid cities and tourist traps, go to rural areas and enjoy the countryside.

Good lad.

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have any mutt tourist stories?

Absolute shite tbh, its their own fault for putting themselves in that situation.

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>(((Tyrone Jackson)))

"Watch out snake, that woman is the legendary British Politician known as Nigga Jew. She has the wily cunning of the Negro and the coin clutching avarice of the Hebrew."

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Speaking of labels, did you hear that Edinburgh University is introducing pronoun badges?

he should have told her he'll change the name in honour of her to jerk off

Dats Waycis!

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you can see why these people were slaves

is this a parody?

Unfortunately not as all the yanks I've met have actually been nice.


Were it any other event it'd be shut down by now, but because wogs they don't touch it.

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No lad. People are outraged.

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How much longer do we have to suffer 'til the gov't and society stops entertaining dullards.

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do you lads like existing in the world

I lose my deposit

I cant stand the pathetic attemps (like this one to defend the event in comparison to festivals. "Muh Glastonbury has more drugs but why are fewer arrests made and why fewer police".
THEY ARE COMPLETELY DIFFFERENT TYPES OF EVENTS YOU MONGS. Festivals have gates where everyones bags are checked. A street parade where anyone can walk in and out is entirely more difficult to control. People are so fucking dense. So of course more drugs will be seized at festivals. Funny how they dont compare the violent crime rates, which is the real reason for anyone to be concerned and the other major reason for the huge police presence at Notting Hill.

Fucking typical. I swear they're part black.


I think Oliver might be /ourguy/
He upset the Jerries a while back too:
"Jamie Oliver offends Germany with Holocaust jibe."

So glad I have more self awareness than to really ever be in this position these days.


Isn't this a bit extreme for westmonster? I thought it was a guido fawkes-tier tory thing.

Seems like he's joking tbh.


Kek. Better times.

The angle is definitely anti-black though, lad. I thought westmonster was as civic as buggery, so probably liked to pretend that notting hill carnival is as british as cream teas.

wew, how's Aunty Beeb today?

he's an anti-fun bell end

Westmonster are basic bitch civnat types who ignore the ethnic angle of the story

smh angry collectivist gangs ruining the wonderful notting hill carnival

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I've never actually met an American irl tbh

From that single tweet it seemed that way.
Just seemed anti black to me.

How can they though? What is their angle? Sad-dick Khan has left London in a state of disrepair?

Kek. Really? Are you from Iona?


yeehaw partner

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Consider yourself lucky. They're loud, obnoxious and make the French seem humble. Most of the ones that come here have whiny, annoying voices.

Every time, how does he do it?

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gorilla dick

gorillas actually have small dicks compared to humans

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Spoiler that next time lad smh