Brit/pol/ #2418: Angery Edition

More than 1,300 women have enquired about joining the Royal Marines, with 20 going on to begin a preliminary selection process

Shocking moment noggers thugs attack two policemen as they pin down suspect in McDonald's before terrified officer screams 'get the fuck off me' and aims taser at raging mob

British PM Theresa May vows to boost trade with Africa, endorses South Africa's land reform plans

PE teacher faces ban from teaching after calling pupil ‘poofy jew’

Outrage as banker who bought 175ft Gothic tower for £425,000 is now selling it for £2MILLION - after £3million in taxpayers' cash was spent on restorations so it could be opened to public

Jamaican man has penis bitten off by dog as he chats to neighbour over fence

Crook Kashaf Ali Khan - who said he paid for his house by winning lottery 123 times - ordered to pay back nearly £500k

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first for fuck off krauts

Second (ish) for dutch cunny.

i bucked yer ma

good lad

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Is she autismo or something

You'll never WOG alone!
Based racemixing Scousers who don't even believe they are English
I'm off to read the Sun and laugh at my favourite story of the 96 getting mash up!

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I dunno. Think she just has values and ideas and wants to share them. Not trying to be her cheerleader or anything, but autism or not - she's refreshingly unthottish. I barely listen to what she has to say tbh though: just like the sound of her voice coupled with her looks. A small tonic for all the blackpilling.

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Here's a blackpill, she got into all this is as a form of coping mech after fucking and sucking 100s of men.

just put your moonshoes on and pretend lad

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The Italians can send their women tbh

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This sounds like another manufactured "evil racist brexit" hitpiece tbh

lad Italian women screech like harpies

Who do you like pushed it to happen and let to happen lad? Women should never be unleashed fully in a pure civilization.


Only matters if she has worth to you lad. The amount of spackers on here that cut themselves off from girls that would completely make them happy because a bunch of incels on the internet called them a cuck is fucking pathetic actually.

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unironically take the monk pill. life gets way easier when you do lad


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Lad I'm not going to bother wasting my life on someone who's ridden the cock carousel and can't be trusted not to jump back on it as soon as they get bored

She isn't, Gryffix is. The Dutch just have a tendency for looking odd.


grew up with it lad you really dont want it

Aye, I'm not asking you to settle for an actual disgusting slag. But denying yourself a normal bird cause she fucked a couple of lads at uni? Ah get a grip you absolute virgins.

t. tanya with 9 bairns

and nobody has said that you absolute autist

Presumably he lives in India, then?

reminder virginity as a slur is a quintessentially feminine mindset.

Sorry I'm late but nth for fuck the Merseyside taig.


This tbh
If you don't look, you won't find. There is a lot of shit out there but every now and then you will find a woman who is decent.

they say that shit all the time mate, behave

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*gesticulates in an exaggerated fashion to mock you*

Having standards is no bad thing, and only vindictive people would attempt to blur the lines between those women who shag anyone with those who are so discerning as to be called prudes in modern society.


ultimately it's your life mate, who am I to tell you not to die alone?

*and then fails to subdue some wogs, also to mock you*

Delete this.

So what you are saying is one should want a girl for the purely selfish reason of not dying alone.

Lad, you're known for dating slags.

Most people die alone even if they have a loving wife tbh


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There are a shit tonne of practical reasons for having a partner and especially children.

The idea of being an old man with no children to protect him in the paki-wog filled future of Britain is a rather frightening prospect.

I think what he's saying is you have to lower your standards and play the game.


You can't take anyone or anything with you, even if your whole family's surrounding your bed. Sobering thought.


Just move somewhere rural and get a shotgun.

Doing this is what has gotten us into the utter state we find our society in today.

I don't plan on being in Britain if I live to be old, neither would anyone in their right mind.

It won't still be contained to the cities when we're old mate.

aye mate your pride is so much more important than reproduction, in the grand scheme of things and the state of society today

koff ye melts you're all so pro family and pro having more kids until someone asks the same of you

I'm aware. I watch my mates do it all the time. It just makes them all seem slightly emotionally dysfunctional slipping from one transient sterile shallow to another.

That's what the shotgun is for.

Aye, I'd honestly rather die on a slum's streets than drift away on a morphine cocktail in a hospital full of Pakistanis and Nigerians who hate my guts for being white.

I am a loser so I do not want to play the dating game as I will not be able to find someone as a broke loser.

Someone has got to sort the wheat from the chaff.

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Murder mystery drama on ITV, pretty good despite the obvious civicry

Yeah that never helps.

It's nothing to do with pride, it's to do with not being complicit with something I fundamentally disagree with.

I'm surprised the BBC still does crime dramas with groups of old white people as the leads.

Imagine dying and having to wait alone for years until your wife and kids can join you in heaven.

Oh god it's my biggest weakness.

Sure it is buddy. You really do genuinely believe that no girl who was ever a bit loose when she was younger could ever make a loyal wife. And every single girl who isn't a nun is an absolute slag who takes 50 nigger dicks a week.
It's time for you people to stop going on the incels board on reddit.

>tfw still not asked the 16/17 year old qt sexy civic lass out
I at least know her a little better that I think I would like to know her better

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Having a hotdog hallway wife is probably superior, the babies probably shoot out of that cavernous roastie like bobsleds at sochi.

sounds like you are projecting lad. I am making the point that I would rather be with a girl who has had as few sexual partners, if any, as possible.

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just keep working on yourself lad

top wew

I miss slagposter, he was a wholesome lad.

if you live on Merseyside slags are the only option, bunch of em grow out of it and go on to be fine but all of them got dicked down by a grown ass man at age 14

I assume you did that as well jimmy chavile?

Go off to the breeding grounds at mcdonalds merseypedo.

Did my words really hurt your feelings this much? Good grief.

That sounds like the north west I was told about.

This is what people say when they get BTFO on Zig Forums everytime without fail

80s was surely the best decade

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what's your plan for when the shit hits the fan?

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t. born in 2002

I know multiple farmers and probably a dozen gun owners who are reliable in a collapse scenario.

t. born in 1991

Yeah, there's creeps all over the gaff. I don't know where they come from, I'm in my 20s now and I don't know a single lad who's grafting a 15 year old but when I was 15 ALL of the birds were getting older dick.
Northwests grim mate, but at least we're not the northeast.

This tbh.

yeah half of why I try at life is to prove that the entire society is designed to fuck me over so I can utterly drop out and have evidence for why and evidence for younger lads to also not do that

Laugh at the City dwellers suffering tbh.

Turn a non-league football ground into a booby trapped base, grow food where the pitch used to be.

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Who /lovequest/ here?

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peat and sheep

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Be part of the shit hitting the fan.

This was happening down here as well.

eternally tbh

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Good.Morning lad

Fantastic stuff. Big hair, slim bodies, no hip hop rubbish, fit blond and white.

modern society is being sustained through false means and is a ticking time bomb lad, always remember that.