Brit/pol/ #2419: Carbuncle Cup Edition

Carbuncle Cup

French and British boats clash in Channel

British Fishermen Call On Royal Navy For Protection

‘It’s paid political advertising!’ - Regulator CONDEMNS Saudi Arabian adverts on UK TV

Warning British hedgehogs could die out after struggling through extra hot summer

UK university says 'nature of journalism has changed' as it launches combined public relations and journalism degree

British mum dies after botched Brazilian bum lift operation at Turkish clinic used by Towie and Geordie Shore stars

Doctor ‘told suicidal girl to continue self-harming so she would qualify for mental health care

Exodus from Spain as thousands of expats quit the country amid Brexit fears

The EU is too white – and Brexit is likely to make it worse

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might buy it

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No, I get head rushes. Like smoking a cigarette for the first time.

keto dump

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tbh lads

Anyone else want to go bully journalists?

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Anthrax Island

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can't you lads go back to culling your population for criminals?

send them here

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Isn't that what prison is for?

Why do you post this every thread, fat lad?

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Bit racist of huffpoof

because it makes me feel good and I want to share that feeling

It's such a mess. They eat crap because whitey makes them poor, but eating crap is also their culture.

Let them eat mud pies.

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The nigger in America is mostly fried chicken and hot lead. Let them carry on tbh.

All meat is processed shite these days unless you have a goof local butcher.

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All the lads who advocate for keto on here are such questionable posters tbh

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The last thread was full.

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brainlett tbh

post the story about the ausy brothel with a sex doll that did more business then the roasties

I don't have that one tbh

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Imagine if they opened a super brothel somewhere in Africa. It would cull the population in 30yrs.

That would be racist.

You could just ship a bunch of old store mannequins over there.

if something is legal it's okay
t. getting sent to prison for saying naughty jokes

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He's a retard who wanted to fuck trannies.

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It's the only solution that doesn't involve wasting bullets.

Just like that bloke who tried to hump that statue. lel
Or just a big freight of tenga eggs spiked with novichok would sort them out.

Pretty sure that's a joke .

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the lad he was flirting with isn't even a tranny. So weird how sexual these lads are

Hadn't it been him I'd think so

is this a for real happening?

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it's a month-old article recircling due to the recent protests

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miss the two original golden sun games tbh, even if they are just your average jrpg games it's a genre I haven't really played much


What does processed even mean? If you cut it, cook it or add salt to it, it's processed.

later virgins

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I'm sure all those girls are doing it out of their own free will and the developers have no criminal connections whatsoever.

Seeing the BBC lie at point blank is so infuriating.

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Thank God this forum exists. Without it, the endless, pounding barrage of insane stupidity would be enough to drive a man mad.


*who will


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He's making a joke of what Theresa May told Ramaphosa in Africa. That she approved of property being stolen from whites as long as it was legal, you fat Norge poof

How many lads unironically dress like Americans here?

Homeless Samaritan suing couple who raised funds to help him
>McClure and D'Amico have repeatedly denied any wrongdoing or misusing any of the money. D'Amico has said Bobbitt spent $25,000 in less than two weeks in December on drugs, in addition to paying overdue legal bills and sending money to his family.

You can't be charitable anymore….

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what did he mean by this

Oh ye just walk round all day w/ ten gallon hat and a BETTER RED THAN DEAD t-shirt under a double denim suit and cowboy boots

I see that, but at the same time I don't see how he is against this.


Unfortunately most of them have severe alcohol/drug dependencies or gambling addictions. Giving money to them is the worst thing to do.

what's happening, forum

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I saw one bloke in brum give a homeless man a bag of fish & chips he brought just for him and the tramp refused it. I think he did it to prove a point because it was on the main street and it almost turned into and argument.

eh you can always tell good ones from the bad ones IMO

Got chased down the street when I was like 14 by a homeless man demanding I give him a packet of fags.

10 quid says he is hiding in a mosque, fiver says that he has moved out the west midlands.

They want drug money.

How about fuck right off, you dirty frog?

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A builder robbed me of my chips when I was 12.

The undeserving poor tbh

Never give anything to ethnics, give food when I can to native homeless.
The ethnic ones I see are almost always romanian gyppos.

This tbh, the sweaty little cunt has a hammer and sickle tattoo

He might be making a joke, but that post is also what he believes too.

My old man used to do this. "You hungry? I'll get you a bag of chips!"
Cunts. Some of those fuckers make a couple of grand a week begging. They should be beaten. Fucking annoying eyesore tbh

There was one who used to beg outside St Johns Wood high street's Tesco, make a few hundred a day, go round the corner and get in his car to go home.

Never give anything to anyone at all tbh. Even when I was in SEA, I didn't give the homeless there anything. Some of them looked half dead.

How is it even bait when you post something controversial you actually believe? It's like that "I TROLLED U" memi.

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UK Prime Minister Theresa May has announced her backing of the controversial South African proposal to strip farmers of their land without compensation as long as the process is done in a “legal” manner.

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We need to bring back Bumfights tbh but a UK version where Roma gyppos do a variety of dangerous stunts in public while spazzed out on spice (Nick Lemongrass, Harrisa Not Herbs, Gerry Garlic, Shallots Magazine).

We already know lad, but that disgusting jock probably believes the same thing unironically for Britain.

Although tbh at least one of the tweets he retweeted is funny.

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spice (Nick Lemongrass, Harrisa Not Herbs, Gerry Garlic, Shallots Magazine)

homelessness is a symptom of a wider illness, but not an illness in itself. its not even an economic thing. the only economies that have homelessness as a product are shit tier African nations or the girding poverty of socialism/communism.
in devolved nations homelessness is caused by broken families. show me a homeless man who's addicted to drugs / alcohol or has a metal illness and I'll show you a homeless man. all of these things have at their root a lack of family and community.

donate to a non poz'd homeless charity / volunteer at a soup kitchen then. giving money directly to them, even if they're local white, will not really help them that much and may even hurt them in the long run.

I don't ever give money, if I have food with me I'll give it to them.

an identitarian group in france had a soup kitchen where they would only serve pork soup

Zig Forums mission when?

pork soup and shandy bass tbh

journalists get the rope

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GI did similar when they were here.

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I actually brought a huge soup pot recently. how legal is it to walk around town at night, giving out free soup?

University Challenge is making its questions “gender neutral” to encourage more women to participate

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Things look like they're gonna get spicy

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how can a question be gender neutral?