Brit/pol/ #2420: Balloon Edition

Giant blimp of Sadiq Khan wearing bikini to fly over London

Giant balloon of mayor Sadiq Khan in a yellow bikini to be flown over London in protest at 'Trump Baby' which depicted the president in a nappy during his visit to Britain

The vote to leave the EU was unequivocal. Why won’t the luvvies accept it?

Police Recorded Crime in England and Wales up 11%.

16-year-old arrested on suspicion of terror offences in London

Lawless London: Moped thugs threaten police officers with gun

Gerard Batten: Ukip members joining the Tories is 'against our rules'

Council worker charged with Grenfell Tower fraud

Battle of Bosworth Field: historians fight to stop construction of test-track where Richard III died

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First for Esther

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oh no a whopping 10p how will we survive
learn to carry a bag for when you go shopping

Britain Enjoys Revival Of Pilgrimages
….then it's not a pilgrimage, it's a hike.

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Good tbh. Bring back paper bags and introduce cardboard boxes.

no they banned it

this is the best choice for smoking, should be up to the owner to allow it, no step on snek smoking laws

I'm not saying legalise child abuse, just allow a light smack etc when they've done something wrong, it's how kids have been brought up throughout history.

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Also get rid of the silly sugar tax nonsense and just put fat people who refuse to try to lose weight into fat camps.

I dunno lad I do a pilgrimage to Bovington every year.

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I'd say the psychological torment method does more damage than a smack tbh

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No dice tbh lad

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pub = public house
would you let people smoke in your house? I would, another man wouldn't. People will choose to drink at pubs because they dont and do allow smoking respectively. Variety is a good thing. This is what happens when you have a public health service. Suddenly it becomes a matter of national interest whether Jim has a fag, because when he gets cancer we all foot the bill.

Why do all of your replies never actually work?

Big state begets bigger state


What the fuck lads, 2420 versions?
How many times were you mentioned in the news throughout?
Was there ever a buzzshit equivalent giving you attnetion on here?
Either way, greetings from Germany, have a nice day.

lad how is this not baffling
what on earth is a secular shrine, a McDs?

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I just hate the idea of being responsible as a taxpayer for some other cunt's unhealthy habits.

It's new age shit, you can imagine it coming out of the mouth of some upper middle class uni educated thot as she tries to explain how cultured she is.

How many morbidly obese people are we keeping alive at this very time?

You could reductio ad absurdum that argument into banning the sale of meat
That's an issue inherent to the national health


I feel a little guilty for using it despite fucking paying for it.

Best to do them now before the insufferable middle-class clog pathways.

Those are the people doing them, lad.

That'd be rude

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the wogs and pakis dont feel guilty lad

I didn't like being on the dole either.
I hate the idea of being dependent on others.

Obviously, not many others are willing to sacrifice their few weeks off a year to go hiking. I mean before even more of them take to it.

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Lord of the Rings Online had a really nice soundtrack.

It's so interesting how computer games are where traditional architecture and lovely, classical music lives on.

being a man is about being independent

Working class are too busy working, the underclass don't care for it and the upper class turn their noses up at it.
If the pilgrimages were religious then the middlers wouldn't be interested either, but turn it into a "spiritual journey" in the modern happy clappy sense of it and they'll roll in in droves.

Video games are the only things keeping the orchestra's alive nowadays.

Feel bad for the composers that get buggered by being in mediocre games.


How can they have different opinions, lads?

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Do you try to be pathetic or are you naturally like this.

Those tracks are bloody great, very wholesome and can easily be converted into genuine Christian songs.

Feel bad for the frog who did Remember Me's soundtrack, he captured the environment and the aesthetic of the game perfectly, but no-one noticed it because no-one played the game because it was so bloody dull.

Slight exaggerations

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the utter state of modern women

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Not any to write home about tbh.

having an alarm go off all the time would stress me out

Is this proof it is definitely a man?

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Doubt it.

u h h h h h h

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It's probably taking more meds than ttpw

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nice vid lad, I got banned for posting that one once

Pretty sure steiner is poolad

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Don't give them ideas, lad

poots tbh

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Traitor is a known liar tbh

The beeb did an investigation into us.

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Ah yes, let's ban opinions in a democracy. I guess they have already done so though.

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Poolad is becoming too powerful

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Did Helmer get a job or something?

I think the Pope's PR team broke

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I think the bongo bongos bullicided him

Farage Breaks Silence On Whether He'll Replace Sadiq Khan As Mayor
Would be a complete waste of his time, he's got a snowball's chance in Hell of winning in this shithole.

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Can't wait for the Nige balloon

Krauts out tbh

Unbearably horrible. The men and women responsible will not be held guiltless.

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How are we supposed to know what this is without a capped pic of the article?

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The URL you fucking moron.



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whoa dude, not cool

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Shapiro DABS on the Pope EPIC STYLE and utterly DESTROYS Christianity once and for ALL


fucking hell

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Do protestants recognise the pope? I thought he was talking about communism, gayism and mass migration rather than Christianity, but I guess it's just a Jew hating Christianity smh.

Ben, where are we at?



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I mean you do seem to criticise him a lot and care about what he says I guess idno please just answer

t. traitor

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pope spicis belongs in pic related

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Are relationships between humans and puppets wrong?

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keeek it's smoo

#ESA17 Speedruns - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas [Any%] by UltimaOmega07

come, over to the window my friend

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have this classic

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love that video

proud of arebrah tbh