Brit/pol/ #2423: Jerry-Free Edition

British Prime Minister Theresa May Pledges £200 Million to Promote Abortion Worldwide

Colour-coded maps show the UK cities that certain faiths are drawn to and the areas people of different religions choose to live in

'Get Sadiq Khan OUT!' Frightened Londoners voice anger as soaring crimewave grips capital

‘Stop shouting over him!’ Owen Jones shut down after endless speech attacking Frank Field

Adolf Hitler really WAS 'just a boat ride away from building an atomic bomb' because ferry sunk by the Heroes of Telemark DID have heavy water aboard

EU to scrap daylight savings and make it 'summer time all year long' after 80 per cent of citizens said it disrupted their sleep

How Intelligence Leads to Stereotyping

Russia Is Co-opting Angry Young Men

South Africa: The groups playing on the fears of a 'white genocide’

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Of course they did, there is only ever trouble when antifa or ((similar)) turn up.

I've met a few aussies in London from Melbourne, some have been the worlds biggest fags and the other have been top lads, it's a weird contrast from the same area. I've heard it's an incredibly gentrified wankhole which explains the wankers.

they'll all get the rope

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Fewer than 50 parts, select fire, good gun tbh

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Fuck you lad, you fingered your cousin. I've never fingered a lass

yeah, same story as parts of london. A lot of the working class pubs have been turned into ching chong restaurants etc.


Ngl lad fingering a lass is shit

Decided on a project lads - I'm going to make a pinhole camera for my nephew, but a nice one not just one of those cardboard boxes painted black with a roll of film stuck on the side I'll make it to last and quite ornamental too

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Eating a lass out is even worse, anyone who does it is a degenerate

jej I think that's me in the screencap (bottom)

Good lad, comfy and wholesome.

That's cities as a whole; on the surface all you see is migrants and metrosexuals, it's only when you look closer that you see the working class.

Big agree

woah we just got #owned

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Surely there is some psychological bond with that? Smh

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"haha book old, it not relevant now"

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only if you love them

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Looks like a 28 Days Later extra


Trust me lad it can go wrong. The one time I ate a gril out I got an STD in my mouth

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Was talking about fingering tbf lad, eating out is grim and cuckold tier tbh

Christ wasn't black. Our earliest pictures of him look Lebanese. Lebanese have Bronze Age Canaanite DNA.

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I know, but i was drunk lad

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Followed by let's worship the Suffragettes.

You were drunk when you did it? Smdh lad

why would you do that, lad. come on

Would it be racemixing to fuck a lebanese gril?

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that's not what that post said, lad

Yes, because they're still Shemites. It'd just be on the extreme fringe of what is considered "race-mixing" tbh.


Are you American, lad?

I didn't know I'd get a mouthful of thrush and a 2 week long infection

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Lad, fucking hell

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These people think North Africa was always wogged and kebabed and the Middle East was always kebabed. They are fucking retards.
All you have to do to prove them wrong is old up a picture of Assad.

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You live and learn, lad.

dont lad you'll get ripped apart by the pot-bellied autists on here


hold* up

Jews get really get defensive when you mention Canaanite Paganism, and The Land of El, It's almost like they aren't even from the Levant.

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projecting much? :^)

Fresh tasty Icke, lads.

It's still a cuck move even if she's clean lad

is this that based kid that runs his own youtube channel? he needs to cut back on the tendies

listen to my story

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Oh no. They sure can be silly at times.

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Christ Pantocrator in a Roman mosaic in the church of Santa Pudenziana, Rome, c. 410 AD

Really ticks the tocker

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Picture of St. Paul from the Ethiopian "Garima Gospels", which date at the latest to the 6th century.

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Mark* my mistake

Paywall, but her Telegraph stuff
Also almost like being a degenerate is unfilling and empty

These mongs misinterpret, they think people are put off by them being "witty and clever" when really it's because they are massive cunts.
Her story shows it, she talks about herself as sophisticated and stylish whilst making the boyfriend to be out as petty and childish. The reality is that he was probably fed up with her trying to show off.

you can hear the hand-wringing from here

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baste Blofeld

You try reverse image searching that "oldest picture" and it only links you to either pinterest going back to that tumblr link, or articles which don't actually include said picture.

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Was looking here, but no sign.

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Poor man. He's basically a refugee, having to flee England at 78.



Yanks chopped up in the Dam

Meant pic related

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Jason Grimshaw says Roxanne Pallett falsely accused him of violence


They've attached it to the wikipedia article as the thumbnail, but it's not included in the wikipedia article.
Even when you type in "image of christ coptic museum cairo" which they've listed as the source, the only thing that comes up is facebook, pinterest (linking to that tumblr account) and blogs.
The audacity of the kikes to be so manipulative, it's so painfully obvious what they are attempting to do.

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cor blimey

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Tbf lad watch the vid he absolutely savages the poor lass

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Check the article: this is what the description is about. They just attached a fake image to it.

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I know lad, I'm trying to actually find where this picture is from though, it could be painted on the bottom of a desk for all we know.


Lads, how does one deal with intense feels that won't go away?

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Listen to music


I have an urge to walk the streets drunk

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Accept them as appropriate for the situation.

you're being tested lad. You will prevail.

do it lad

it just goes away for a while sometimes

if she's fifty, that pic was taken in the future.

How does this make you feel?

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Kek, that picture doesn't show up when searching for black Jesus

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depends on who I'm talking to/ how sober I am tbh

doesnt affect my local area, not too bothered really

It's just Google, here's what searching "oldest picture of Christ" comes up as on Bing.

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Tbh I'm the lad that asked the half Libyan lass out, feel like I should press again next time I see her around but part of me says that could only end badly
Ideally I want a nice 100% white lass but tbh I just want something with a lass, a degree of connectivity. Also knowing lasses these days nothing would even last anyway
I rarely ever feel any kind of connection with anyone
lonely feels

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