Brit/pol/ #2425: Fascism For Brexit Edition

British Prime Minister Theresa May Pledges £200 Million to Promote Abortion Worldwide

Colour-coded maps show the UK cities that certain faiths are drawn to and the areas people of different religions choose to live in

'Get Sadiq Khan OUT!' Frightened Londoners voice anger as soaring crimewave grips capital

Cricket Legend Leaving ‘Horribly Violent’ Khan’s London: ‘You Don’t See Many Englishmen’

Four asylum seekers rescued by fishing boat off Dover coast

Blasts at Damascus airbase after possible missile strike

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They'd need to put some padding on your plugsuit methinks

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I never quite understood how fascism was made a slur tbh.

xth for the Medium Tank M4A3 (76) W HVSS Sherman

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This but unironically

The long march through the institutions tbh

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I chucked my bottle in the bin. I'll have to find it and dig it out. The chap at my off licence said that if I suck on the grass I won't wake up for two days. Personally I think he's chatting bollocks but I never tried it so I dunno.

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What's that supposed to mean

that you're a human stick-insect and you'd disappear down a crack if you got in an EVA

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i'm in average bmi for my height and the pilot characters in eva are all skinnier than me

that's bullshit or rather bison shit, which is what the grass tastes of anywaywhich it would, of course

Big British Tanks tbh

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what's up boys?

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Same as Commie is, it's just less effective because there isn't constant history channel documentaries about how evil the Soviet Union.

it's not as big as the Tiger II they have

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True tbh, I have read across other sources that the more sexually active a people are, the less developed that particular society is.

tbh I have never bought into the economic slur memi

Does anyone else find something eerie about old WWI tanks?

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this one is trippy

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The situation they were designed for should never have arisen.

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They're so faceless; they're unlike any creature on earth. WW2 tanks have "heads" because of their turrets but those WW1 crawler things just look like riveted, inhuman abominations.

I was literally just basing it off of drifting around like a madman in war thunder tbh

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Aesthetic as fuck tbh.
Reminds me of playing the demo of assault rigs on the PS1

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Rate my waifu

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People actually died in the Whippet that the Tank Museum has on show tbh.

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lads I'm trying to watch Sharpe and drink

That was me 14 through 20 tbh

I think that's probably it, there's just something rather alien to them.

Looks like a scifi prop, there's just something so unusual about them and the way they were designed.

That too.

There's just something off about them to me tbh

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Probably a french leaf. They are good girls.

This tbh

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I love it when gym thots are fishing for attention but everyone is just lifting, it must drive them insane.

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Very nice.
That better be a thot mound and not a cock bulge. I got tricked once on here. Never again.

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I like them. The word tank should describe the ugliest and roughest looking object (or american) as close as possible. Shame that they only move at 7mm per hour or whatever.

tbh the Whippet only saw action in the final few months of the war, same with the Renault FT.

Happens to all of us lad apart from the 14 year old boy bit, that doesn't happen

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I think it might be from when I watched these videos as a child, always imagine them to be a lot bigger than they actually are.

It's interesting to think about what military vehicles and uniforms would look like if they still went for intimidation instead of winning hearts and minds. You could get some truly freakish-looking machines I bet.

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yeah and they still count towards the vast majority of all successful tank operations of the time because their design was infinitely superior

might go for a walk lads

Hope you're not in a city, lad. Starting to get dangerous to walk around my hwhite middle class London suburb. Moped crime has shown up for instance.

abroad lad

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If Zig Forums was going to design the perfect tank for all terrain battle, what would it look like and what would it have?

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smh I'm from 1 below you

Richard Hammond and wife were gassed and robbed in holiday villa in France

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They are pretty big tbh, Mark V Male is nearly 9 feet tall and 20 feet long.

It was still shit tbh, the French design was far better.

The tanks we have now are pretty much the best we can get tbh.

I was just about the post this get out of my head


Yeah but I used to imagine them as taller than houses tbh, it's that child's perspective.

Ragebait reviews for SA

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Aye something like that, specially tooling your tanks, planes and guns to make freakish sounds to spook your opponent. Would really give a combat boost to whoever did it imo.

Modern MBT are basically that, built to work in every terrain.

No one has ever designed an all terrain vehicle to date. The closest anywhere to one would be pic related.

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You could probably design something to fit over a tank's exhaust so that as you accelerate it starts fucking screaming.

jericho horns tbh

Father of slain Iowa student decries using her as ‘pawn’

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hamas and taiwan riot police have interesting aesthetic

tbh since we already have access to some of the best tanks and aircraft in the world it would be funny to build really big tanks to spoop the enemy

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Meh. That's been going on for years.

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Bolivia used to have AESTHETIC cops.

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I like that idea but i also like the idea of fighting in complete professional silence like the achians in the iliad

You can always get better.

NATO backup plan?

True for the moment but weapon, material and engine tech is always progressing.


Only if we stop foreign aid tbh.

Cor, that looks like something straight out of WH40k. Awesome.

Fuck lads you need to watch the new episode "Bodyguard" series on BBC - they just did a suicide bombing and it was Dr Who tier special effects

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is that as bad as Hornblower tier?

Meant for

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Bring back super-heavies

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ey lad don't smack the series for that one shitty bit lel
They did so much better when they were using practical effects.

keek I was just pre-empting the webm


Very true. I'd like to see a tank which uses a railgun as it's main weapon tbh

I'd say so yes

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Yeah but it was still shit.

Oh shit it's XCOM.


*gets hit by every single artillery piece in a 20 miles radius*

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was it nigeria tier?

But how fucked up would you feel when the need for a rail gun is needed but the wrong type of leaves were on the track.

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Are you saying we should equip all our troops with silencers like the Norge do?

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91th for Rachel

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Probably wouldn't be good for muzzle velocity in an age of extremely long-range combat tbh

have one of these at every corner of westminster and shell the council estates when crime gets too high

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tbh that's only the counterinsurgency paradigm, come a real war and all bets are off

also the skulls are from executed criminals


If only

Fuck that, build every house with a basement that's actually a pillbox.

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