Brit/pol/ #2426: Loose Women Edition

the utter state of british politics

'No new ideas' in Johnson Brexit criticism

Jewish people will leave Britain if Jeremy Corbyn becomes Prime Minister, former Chief Rabbi, Lord Sacks, warns

Woman knifed 'multiple times' in Battersea before attacker hands himself in

Manlet knocks a man twice his size to the ground with just ONE punch in a heated row over a parking space'''

Syrian refugee excuses stabbing a German woman because he acted according to his religion

Freeze price of land to deliver affordable housing, think tank says

Wife SWAPS her husband's sperm with her lover's during IVF process

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lets have a good clean thread now lads

i bucked yer ma

kino tbh

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first for railway artillery

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Was it projection all along lads?

Why are yanks literally the only people on earth that do burnouts

He did so much to make it historical or whatever, but we have all these sources showing us what they wore, so don't know why he went with that weird bone necklace thing instead of this.

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You never seen a Paki in an Audi?

A VW jetta is a booted golf


I've seen pakis in audis (they seem to be the only people that drive them), but I've never seen one do a burnout

Never understood why people do this. It ruins your paintwork, tyres and engine.

because fun

probably too much of a pain in the arse to get them into all that shit then run through the jungle


xth for Panzerkampfwagen IV (PzKpfw IV) Ausf.G

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Because Hollywood.
Cinema will prioritise something "looking cool" over being historically accurate.

It's called playing devil's advocate you nonny



unironically amusement-for-toddlers tier

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Wasn't it his cousin?

yes she was


you'd think it would be more comfortable having your limbs protected from vines and prickly things tbh

But wasn't this Mel using his creativity?

bogans are honorary yanks

Expensive fun that's for sure.

trump said they are our real greatest ally

Doubt there's a difference

Just reminded me of something that happened at my old local.

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iirc they only wore the bulky stuff when there was a big war going on, not for the raids and skirmishes which happen in the film didn't watch all of it tbh

and then the whole bus stood up and clapped


I can buy that reasoning tbh

Some paki in Birmingham crashed a rented McLaren P1 a while back and it's on youtube.
Those cars are only made from 3 panels as well so that would be a mighty repair bill.

that paki's name? Albert Einstein

Wrong type of story you div.
St John's Wood high street used to get these paki divs all the time.


It was so bloody satisfying to watch, you always want to see them go splat and when it happens it's just mind-bogglingly wonderful.

they were mayans not aztecs


What and said, but Hollywood isn't known for being completely honest with historical accuracy.
People still think knights armour is cumbersome.

tbh I still haven't forgiven Melly for Braveshart

Know what a mayans looked like, lad? I doubt they would dress that differently.

no weight in the back as well, they tried to market utes in the USA back in the 80s but they could never compete with muh truck memmies

The Patriot was also dogshite too.
The story and aesthetic will always be of higher priority than historical accuracy.

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the only good motorsport is monster trucks

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aztecs came from north mexico and invaded south ward ans stole all culture from txlacalans or whatever they were called where as mayans lived in yucatan and were more ancient

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this tbh


God bless Osprey.

yes they do but that doesn't mean I won't bitch about it


Very true. My best mates grandad used to do hillclimb events. He had a frogeyed Sprite that was tuned and race prepped. To balance the back of the car he used to tie down paving slabs in the boot.

And there's no reason you shouldn't

I thought Peru was the Incas?

can these depictions be trusted?

lad I know jack shit about all that, but Aguirre is a good film

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*charges you £15.99 for a thin booklet*

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no I don't believe pizzaro or whoever even met the mayans before their society collapsed. at least cortez met the aztecs

*bullies the aztec empire to death*

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t. Running-Horse Velasquez O'Gowan

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Other than the godawful pricing, they are pretty wonderful.
I don't know of anything else that archives aesthetic like they do.

That's why you pirate them all

Otumba was like one of those battles in the Old Testament where a tiny Israelite force destroyed tens of thousands of Philistines tbh.

come, zhaaganaash no make trade for flattail bigrat to make hat for zhaaganaash woman because zhaaganaash ruled by zhaaganaash womanfolk like sauk tribe (pig disgusting, give back hunting lands sauk)

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wish cars were banned tbh too many people now and the roads make everywhere ugly

pizzaro in the lands of the inca is even more insane. same with standish at mystic river

Surely you'd need a son to start lad.

You got them?

lads imagine Osprey making books about us post minecraft server coup

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You lads should have been nicer to the chugs tbh. They know things about the end of the world.

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im from buenos aires and i say kill emall

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what a fag

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Yeah I got a bunch.

It would just be lads in surplus army gear with L85 A1's and a bunch of anime stickers stuck to the side of Land Rovers


Fury over UK's 'unjustifiable' £98m foreign aid injection for India
The UK is to hand over £98m to India despite the country - which has spent almost the same on a lunar probe - now giving out more foreign aid than it receives

May deserves death.

in the arguments i have with soy people they tell me that foreign aid is just loans that they have to pay back or something

What happened to Jewkipper? Did Southern rape him?

keek sounds just like me actually, still have all my old DPM's and my boots
could be a lot worse

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he was always insufferable lad

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speak for yourself, lad

You Kipper did nothing wrong

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great film tbh

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Might have to watch that again soon, what a film

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that's what I'm doing
not sure how you find someone likeable when he spends months asking us for advice and receiving it about his videos then leaves for more youtube likes on facebook and twatter.

it was so obvious when he started to get a lot of views how arrogant he became

This is though lad.

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Lad he's still here from time to time.
Honestly wouldn't blame him if he stopped posting here entirely with the amount of shitposting that floods this place.

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w0w who'd a thunk