Brit/pol/ #2427: The Armed Forces and Brexit Edition

The Armed Forces and Brexit
Britain unable to protect waters post-Brexit, former head of Royal Navy warns

Our navy ‘is ready to act’ over scallop wars, says French minister

The Army is on alert: Gina Miller warns no-deal Brexit is "recipe for disaster"

Brexit News
No-deal Brexit odds hold at one in four, economists say

2.6 million Leave voters have abandoned support for Brexit since referendum, major new study finds

Syria News
Russia "resumes Idlib air strikes"

Trump warns Assad against ‘reckless' attack on Syria’s militant-held Idlib

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what a mong

Bob Geldof was such a ponce in that Don't like Mondays videos why was he constantly stroking his hair

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Tawny owls are beautiful.

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tfw no owl to sleep on my lap while im playing video games

Edit in link for first article, thank you:

One can only hope the UK is "destroyed". The Jocks in Jockland and Norn are parasites.

Wogs that move out from London bemoan the fact that there are numerous birds here that "wake them up" or are "too loud". Wogs out, birds in.

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Got some fascist sparrowhawks here that eat our parakeet immigrants tbh, good lads

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There's no such thing as a 'hawk', all birds are hawks.

Okay Bill Oddie

But there is such a thing as a 'sparrowhawk'

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No lad it was a clever joke about enforced racial blindness.

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You should've said we all evolved from parakeets tbh

Oh, I thought you were being serious.

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Google definition:


Oxford Dictionary:

Macmillan Dictionary:

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Another good deed done. When will birds learn to be peaceful like us humans? :)
*Sparrowhawk chicks die of starvation*

Bit early for you lot is it?

Never seen one where I live, only in parts of Surrey within the M25. Are they around the Staines area?

It's a shame the navy is too busy picking up terrorists to go and sink the French or that our government ministers don't show the same resolve as the French.

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What a shit post is that?!

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Should I buy a fish?

Sounds likely. They're sticking to urban areas for now.

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Yeah pan fried sea bass goes down nice.

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Sounds yummy tbh but I meant as a pet

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Might get a Black Molly

All sounds a bit racist tbh, I'm sure the parakeets have lovely food.

This is terrifying

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Where did my post go?

Idk bored I guess I already have a plant

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I dunno but I will take the extra (you)

wew lad

If I get one I will have to make sure it doesn't die, that is pretty entertaining tbh


Time for toil

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I dunno lad, you are failing to sell this to me. I would spend my money and time on reading or something.

lads, that last episode of adventure time tho

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Your brain sounds big lad

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tbh we're WORSE than the nazis

its like a black woman as a fish

everyone who watches that cal arts cancer should be killed

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Yeah it's like someone farted on its face and it got pinkeye

t. jocko


thnx maaaaaaate

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Become Amish?

Well lad it could be worse, you could have been born around this time and indoctrinated from birth to be a tranny globohomo supporter with only just about enough intelligence to work in a McDonald's kitchen.

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Would you rather that lad? Would you rather be an animal than a human being?

you get enough intelligence to observe history but lack the agency to make it

ENGLISH trees tbh

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whats the point of being human if you live in an animal enclosure full of animals that look just like you?

What happened to your nietzschean outlook lad?

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it fell into the abyss

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barney is being a bad boi

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Such a simple, good existence tbh.


Weren't you on holiday lad?

Why does it have black tab? *sips*


Racial quotas. *sips*

Yeah lad, I went to Poland for a week. Was a good laugh tbh.

really want to know what the people who bred these abortions into being were thinking

also kys yank retard

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How has your AIDs test come back?
Good to hear.

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It was a week of getting pissed with a bunch of JFs, and I even shot some guns without my wrists breaking.
Best part: All paid for by the EU, no less

thinking about wearing this all day at toil as an exercise in Gnosticism

*listening to this

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The one and only time the money we put into the EU actually benefited a British citizen.

Haven't watched it in years tbh, only tuned in for the finale.

So, in a way, I should be thanking you lads.


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Fire and brimstone.

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I can't stop shitposting lads

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'pan fried'? is there any other way to fry?

Merci bien, anglais

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God I hate modernity.

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off to toil

Deep fried.

Look at this fag

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"I've been working on the rail-road, all the live-long day…"

"we're not forcing it on the kids you bigot we're not forcing it on the kids you bigot we're not forcing it on the kids you bigot we're not forcing it on the kids you bigot we're not forcing it on the kids you bigot we're not forcing it on the kids you bigot we're not forcing it on the kids you bigot we're not forcing it on the kids you bigot"

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in what?

Are you backward?

What would the average peasant make of such ostentatious displays of wealth and power? Would they consider them to be as ridiculous as we see the nouveau riche and the moneyed classes today, or would they afford them some respect because status and birth actually mattered then?

This has been shoehorned it to appease fans and for the creators to show how progressive they are. Admittedly I haven't watched Adventure Time for some years now, but when I did there was no notion of these characters being sodomites.