Brit/pol/ #2428: Esoteric Stock Photos Edition

Labour adopts full anti-Semitism definition

Nerve agent used on Skripals 'same one that killed Dawn Sturgess'

UK weather forecast: TORNADO THREAT as Britain braced for ‘TOPSY-TURVY WEATHER’

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Good lad

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good lad

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Does Zig Forums believe in ayys?

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Good lad.

gud lad

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Yes but they don't come from another planet.

I've seen them mate, there's no "believe" about it

ayys are just trandimensional monsters lad, they can't hurt you physically

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of course. how do you explain Jesus

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good lad

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wew lad enjoy your blasphemy ban

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English is the only language that some people use a double negative to make a positive, yet no-one uses a double positive to make a negative.

I wonder what Owen Jones thinks about this.

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The Indian/paki lass said she can get me free cinema tickets

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We are all equal before the lord lad

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after first sip of brew in t' mornin' ayy

That's false doctrine, by the way. Revelation says that when we get to Heaven national differences will continue to exist and every nation will bring its special kind of glory there.

thought all nations are represented tbh

Hebrews are unironically aliens tbh

riht frēond, UK frēoweg innit

Like this.

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does that sort of imply that hapas and mixed race people don't go to heaven?

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All the same poster tbh

Is that me lad?
keek lad


Who is the nurse massage lass lad and thot wheels lass lad?

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that was the only enjoyable one tbh

That's right. This is probably /why/ God separated the nations: he brought good out of evil.
Hapas who live in Asia are basically Asian tbh. Other mixed-race people are their own nations like the Dominican Republic, Venezuela and so on.

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Capstone Hill Tour of Britain bike turned into penis

Devon strikes again.

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what about Lewis Hamilton?

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Tbf I don't fancy the little Indian, but I'm not sure if she might be fond of me, smh

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thicc lass hasn't replied yet smh lads

Do brit posters go to heaven?

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tbh intercontinental mixes like eurasians can be considered new ethnicities in themselves, Nicholas Wade touches on it briefly in A Troublesome Inheritance. don't know if that can really apply to the bastard child of, say, an irish sex tourist and his thai concubine.
think those eurasians believe in islam / throat singing anyway though.

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If SA is anything to go by no.

Nightshift posters have a chance of achieving enlightenment and leaving the wheel of samsara behind. Dayfags are doomed to endless reincarnation

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We currently have an alien race walking along side us. They are easily recognisable with their large nose, eternal screeching and hive mind mentality. These beings originated from Saturn and are widely hated around the world and possibly the galaxy.

Good lads

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Thanks lads

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Will Craig Charles be in heaven?

No lad, he's Welsh

I don't think so tbh

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Is there gear in heaven?

They always do this.

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it's not like they really have a choice tbh


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It's not as though he can say he is white.

They can always class themselves as a half-caste or mutt.

Mulatto nationalism tbh
They really need an explicit ethnostate

Imagine being in denial this hard.

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They have South and half of North America tbf


South and Central America identify with their native ancestry unless they're very white afaik, look at how big the Aztec impact on Mexican culture is. Seems like the Caribbean is implicitly mulatto though.

But Brazil should definitely balkanise

how can u whitebois oppose immigration when the saxons danes and vikings came here? we are a nation of immigrants - sort it out!

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always freaky when you see a rare half-black who is deathly pale tbh lads


God gave this land to the sons of Japheth tbh

Is Japheth the Great White Father?

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Not just of the whites but the Indo-Europeans generally tbh

I don't get why they try using this argument.


/sh*t/ posters go to Hell.

Only good boys go to Heaven.

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To tear down any moral reason for our nation to stay ours. Leftists love destroying things.

ahh man I was just sitting next to this tall, thicc butterface blonde with extremely yellow hair that was cool-looking and she had nice thicc legs and caught me miring them so then she was rubbing her legs with her hands and moving them around and stuff, man my heart was pumping so hard, I was concerned somebody would hear it. she kept looking at me even before I was looking at her, she must think I'm handsome, maybe I'll talk to her idk. I dunno if I even want a gf tbh and she lives really far away but I think I might do it, idk. I've always wanted to date a girl that's taller than me and she's blonde/blue with pale, thiccc legs. I wanna rub 'em and I wonder what her feet are like (she was wearing closed-toed shoes, unfortunately). btw on that note I checked out literally dozens of girls' feet today, it was pretty awesome. that's what happens when it's summertime and you go outside in a place where there are young women, lots of delicious smooth, shaved legs with cute tootsies with well-pedicured nails in flip flops/sandals

also there was this other girl that I was like 100% sure was the sandals girl from before, but then it turned out she wasn't and they just had the same hipster glasses and similar weird hair. this one has a 10/10 ass though, definitely way hotter and probably less of an autist

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They are making the comparison between immigration and invasion for us.
It's pretty fucking dumb.

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Kiryuu-chan is the best tbh

*Gets stabbed by a fourth gen windrusher*

Looks weird tbh. Weird eyes.

Now you mention it that is a really easy segue. "Yeah, they came and replaced all the natives, destroying their culture, so you think it's okay for it to happen again."

Implying invasion is fine also justifies our conquest of Africa keeeeek

honestly it's hard to tell now if this is a parody or the real spicposter,8/10 if parody

it's me, lad

anti fun posting is code word for anti effort posting

Literally who lad?

*mentions colonialism*

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nothingburger yank news. some leftist slut got murdered by a spic

His daughter was murdered by an illegal Mexican migrant and he started shilling for tacos.

*bullies you for being different*

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Maybe he wanted her dead but didn't want to do it himself? One less huwhite person after all.

This happened to some Eurocrats daughter a while back. She got killed by an invader and her father was a complete cuck about it all. Seemed like he didn't give a toss.

what's his endgame, lads

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love is a memi,if you're not having sex with your wife/gf then she's just a friend who lives with you

good lad, he dodged a bullet on that one

he's right tbf



lip job?
that's a bill job!