Brit/pol/ #2429: Escape to the Country Edition

Excavations at Bath Abbey in England have uncovered 700-year-old tile floors, which were once part of a Norman cathedral at the site

Wetherspoons boss Tim Martin slams the Prime Minister’s Brexit strategy

Steven Woolfe Becomes President Of Blue Wave, Joins Conservative Party

On the mutations of English antisemitism

Capstone Hill Tour of Britain bike turned into penis

Salisbury novichok attack: Two Russians hunted over poisonings

Two Muslims, one a migrant, one a convert, try to build a bomb involving a driverless car

Boy, 15, beheaded himself with chainsaw after losing computer game

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Good "lad"

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xth for the Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausführung. B, Königstiger (King Tiger)

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Whoa, the Tiger II was a very good pillbox.

What is it with the chinks and russians and videogames? They make our spergs look cool, calm and collected.

yow haff bin IP b-

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Video games are very cheap in Russia.

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"we're not overpopulated we're not overpopulated we're not overpopulated we're not overpopulated"

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is that real? ffs

I dunno but the way he's posed in this picture makes him look like he's from some renaissance painting

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shit's fucked

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how difficult is it to make a nuclear bomb? I mean if India can make them it can't be that hard, right?

So glad I don't live in our Judge Dredd capital tbh.

The final chapter in this mouse story.

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Lad, in India they just fill a skinny goat with their curry shits, shake it about and call that a nuke.

I haven't ingested enough soy to make me buy a switch.

Not a fan of this city memi

On top of that, London's population growth is twice that of the UK
shit's seriously fucked

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Jesus, you sound like Lemmy with downs syndrome

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It's the best jrpg I've played since final fantasy ix tbh.

Keek. The most politically correct thing would just to have them both be black or brown, but always with the miscegenation.

Why we shouldn’t worry about overpopulation

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Easy tbh. The gun type device was first used but then it changed to the implsion type device. After that they all became boosted imploded devices. The hardest part is getting the materials as they either have to be reprocessed (plutonium) or enriched (uranium) and they are the most regulated materials in the world.

A bioweapon would be better and easier tbqh

So he mentions one continent's birth rates yet somehow ignores the rest.

Gosh that's clever


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Birth rates for population issues are complete bollocks, 82%+ of Britain's population increase was from migration alone.
That's before you even count migrant birth rates.

Women don't magically stop being able to have babies when they hit 40 lad.

my mistake, including* their birth rates

Those numbers make me feel like we might've have already lost tbh.

Naah tbh, we fire a shot and they'll run for the borders faster than a mozzie chasing a fresh goat.

you have to unload in the city as the chopper would spot you at sea

Is this real? Initially I couldn't believe it, but then I remembered it's the current year.

>start watching Howl's Moving Castle

Reminder that the reasons pro-choicers list for supporting abortion make up less than 1% of all abortions.

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Sterilisation program tbh

My mother was around that age when she had me. I've had autism and extremely intense non-situation dependant anxiety my whole life.

I reckon all lads here should go and get tested tbh, you never know how much the CHEMICALSINTHEWATER have already done.

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sorry to hear that lad. if more women have children when they are young and healthy things like autism and downs would be a such a non issue

good lad
sell out

He's literally done nothing even remotely controversial by any sane standard. I really hope we do move further and further right, until there is a mass of people willing to choke slam leftists off of buildings.

They are jumping ship in order to "infiltrate the party and prevent further Brexit sabotage", when really all this will do is have them bicker until they meet the tories halfway, thereby still weakening Brexit.

Already been tested.
Everything is hunky dory over here.

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Good lad, it can become a bit of a concern when these articles are published.

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I'm guessing this is just someone who mans the copier and thinks they are "fighting the good fight"
These tossers always have a ridiculous sense of entitlement.

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Also went to the UGm clinic for a check up and my GP also asked for a blood test because i'm at 'that age'. Clean as a whistle down there but my blood test came back a little low on vitamin D but that's about it. Didn't help that it was during the height of winter.


Should keep an eye on boy scout teenagers tbh. They're known for building nuclear reactors in their shed.

hilarious if true

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I'll need to go innalondon to find one to see if they are genuine, although they'll probably be taken down by then

Good lad tbh, genius in fact. Makes clock boy look like an utter cabbage.

200% angreyz
Is it outside of Labour HQ?

clock boy was a rotten cabbage

I started it but I haven't gone back to it for a while tbh

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It's legit

well that saves me the trip

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what's the world coming to when people commit wrongthink so blatantly?
Never be shocked a rat locked in a cage pisses on the cage floor more than it does in a meadow.

could have saved a few minutes at lunch tho


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beware the spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)

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shd be good

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Anyone feel like opening up a can of worms?

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It's a reaction to the state wagging it's finger at us. Some people play by the rules and some are just rebellious.

no better than tranny tumblrtrash smdhf

I want two of them

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Imagine being this afraid of yourself its just a bit of fun lad

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don't really see why it thinks I'm a narcissist tbh

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These things shouldn't be taken seriously seeing as a single question can throw your results off in a completely ridiculous direction.

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These things are always so dumb.

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Should finish it tbh. I'm slightly ashamed to admit it, but this game gave me autistic feels. Don't know why I like the characters in xbc2 so much more than the majority of jrpg's, but they're definitely its strongest point.

I actually have aspergers syndrome

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I'm medically diagnoised with high functioning autism.

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Fresh Morality Man

randomly clicking is just as meaningful without viewing the algorithm, so I didn't bother to read the questions tbh

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I mean Morality Official, forgot he's not actually Hitchens

Laughed at that one

You are not nearly paranoid enough tbh, aren't you worried about the spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) putting spice (Nick Lemongrass, Harrisa Not Herbs, Gerry Garlic, Shallots Magazine)s in your water?

You lot are a load of nutcases. See a shrink or kys tbh.

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Guess I just believe Humans are inherently good lad.