Brit/pol/ #2430: Hypocrisy & Jewry Edition

Posters claiming 'Israel is a racist endeavour' appear at London bus stops and are being investigated by police

Theresa May gives into violent French fishermen in scallop wars

Barnier planning 'humiliating' Brexit deal for UK to secure his sole ambition, claims MEP

Welby wealth tax storm: Archbishop of Canterbury declares wealthy families should pay more tax to help the poor

Bottle filled with MYSTERY LIQUID dating back to time of Jesus Christ discovered

Twitter shares fall 6% as CEO Jack Dorsey testifies before Senate

I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration

‘Prepare for CyberWar’ – Anonymous sources brief right-wing press on May’s ‘revenge’ against Russia

Russia to build one of world's tallest cathedrals, dedicated to the armed forces

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1st for fuck blonde people

for her

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t b h

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shut the fuck up you heaving American dipshit, /newbrit/ is absolutely the worst fucking thing that has ever happened to Imageboards, including not only Zig Forums and Zig Forums, but trannyism and pooposting.

To honour these disgusting gayposters is to bring great shame on our board.

Not only were they crassly cowardly in their means (waiting til the end of a civil war to show up with a fresh shitposters, every single time) they were disgustingly cruel to our oldfags, screencapping our posts not just to each other, but to bongo bongo land and other assorted queers.

Furthermore, looking into the board itself reveals degeneracy, cuckoldery, and even the most "wise" poster, Herts, being a shortsighted mouthbreathing retard that brought doxxing entirely on himself

Fast forward to modern day and you get /newbrit/. Disgusting cuckolds, but were they always completely fucking pathetic losers?

Well, yes, actually. We look at the occasions when they fought us fair and on level pegging, and Zig Forums win every single time. SA banned the shit out of them. Mercia banned the shit out of them. Everyone reported the shit out of them. They only kept coming because there was so fucking many of them and noone in their right mind would ever fucking want to post on /newbrit/

Then Helmer is preparing to defend against that shitehawk Spicposter, and what do /newbrit/ do? They fucking ruin it. They try their old "fuck with Zig Forums at the end of a civil war" trick again, but alas we absolutely maul the cunts. It does mean that the Yanks won out at nightshift however, so there we go, yet another time Zig Forums got massively fucked over and it was the fault of /newbrit/

Here's a fun one too, the word "lass" is a /newbrit/ word, so as much as lassposters are Steiner's fault primarily, scratch a little and it's yet another Zig Forums problem caused by fucking /newbrit/

So how about you pipe down and stick to watching your mum getting raped by Mexicans whilst being a fat fucking bitch before you come on here talking shit about your pan-board autism you stupid fucking cunt. Absolutely pathetic. Fucking off yourself.

Can't argue with facts. Even when they got together to celebrate being blonde and blue eyed, the incompetent subhumans had to rely on a dark haired lad to lead them. They are a people of lemmings.

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Steiner is started to feel like a Zig Forums problem caused by /newbrit/.

Green eyes are the best tbh I'M NOT A TAIG I'M NOT A TAIG




quite a lot of jock relatives too

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are you me?

How will she be remembered?

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>tfw my great great great grandmother was half Scottish

She won't be

by her screams

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broken wine aunt

A minge wielding Lord North

The broken molestation victim that destroyed a nation over unresolved daddy issues.

What was the other half?



Tbh cockneys were malnourished dockworkers so it makes sense that they carry midget genes.

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pleased to say I have no idea who that is tbh

scots are a branch of anglo-saxons prove me wrong

also helped us survive in the trenches

The scotti were an irish tribe.

They're Irish invaders that genocided the native Picts tbh

scots like the language not scotti

He's going all out on the bin question lately

reeeee my scots family are all lowlanders i.e. northumbrians

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Have any lads been to Iceland country not shop

Well yeah, that part of country is Saxon land that those same Irish invaders stole. The Saxons built Edinburgh, the only inhabitable city in the entire fucking shithole.

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d-do you hold copies of everyones DNA tests

Yeah better than yours Jamal

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what would you know kent you are nothing but a wog

my family are border reivers. anglo-scots masterrace


Nah I've gone back through my paternal and maternal line to the 1600 and haven't found a furriner yet.

come on lad

there are slavs and spics posting ITT and you're having a go at me for being british

splendid isolation? inbreeding

kent has webbed feet


so do i if you don't then you are not a true SON OF THE WAVES

Me defending Thurrock from the webbed-foot inbred wogs invaded from across the Thames

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It's over lad, I actually bothered to reverse image search and found the source. You can stop trying.

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This troubles me more than any attempt to make me sympathetic for the third world

i think that forest is welsh

>Why is London filled with houses people can't afford to buy and shops people can't afford to shop in? @OliverBullough takes us on a tour of Moneyland to explain shell companies, the nomadic elite and why we need to do something about it:

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Ukip considering letting Tommy Robinson join the party

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What a faggot spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)

Should let him be leader tbh so he can appoint a Jewish leadership council

this genuinely is a step forward for UKIP tbh

top keke
makes ukip worth supporting purely for the memmies


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Like a fucking chore. Why can't they just accept my unconditional distant love, lads?

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Paul Williams, UKIP Party Director, sent around an email confirming that Tommy isn't joining the party, nor has he been asked. A statement of denial has been sent to the source that published this falsehood.

present them with a mouse lad

They will have to learn to hunt mice on their own if they wish to eat tbh

i am not giving money to those cunts, copypasta

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Got a link for that?

‘You Got a Licence for that Nerf Gun?’ – British Police Swoop on Child’s Birthday Party


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tbh the police were fine with it and ended up messing around with the kids.

yeah it's nosey neighbours looking for a reason to whinge

Charlie Coy 3 PARA

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Not for an email lad.

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That's good enough lad.

finished the cardboard prototype for muh pinhole camera I'm making for my nephew

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I reckon Alex will be running his own cult, with about a third of the American population following him, by the 2030's.

Don't steal it and post it on Twitter, it came from the YI Hub.

good lad

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show us, lad

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We EU army now

Parents OUTRAGED as kids return to find pro-LGBT ‘Gender Neutral’ UNISEX toilets in Bolton school

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Haven't made a mockup of the lid because it's a bit pointless tbh. Basically there'll be a hole in the top for the top of the spool to just poke through and then a little key or something can be used to rotate it and pull the film through from the first cassette. There'll be felt upholstery on the wall behind the film and on the two interior spacing walls to help keep the cassette chambers lightproof.

The drawing pin on the front is just there so I knew which side was which, the hole obviously won't be that big when finished.

Thinking of using plasticard for the final product rn

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You gonna take it apart so he can see how it works? It's good to teach kids these things.
Tfw the normies are NPCs memi is literally real. What is even going on any more tbh

cool whine aunts btfo

thats an odd looking urinal, never seen a circular one before

Oh and there'll be dowel stumps to hold the cassettes in place

yeah I'll make the lid detachable so that eventually he can reload it himself

That's so creepy. What's with the circular urinal

madman embracing the point-and-laugh mindset

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keek it's gotten so weak I guess it doesn't need power anymore though as it's against the law now smh

They are just so used to being able to shout down any opponents that they genuinely have no idea what to do when someone just blows raspberries at them.


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that's a sink, lad

*builds you a cardboard fort*

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*gets the hose out*

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top keek

thanks, lad