Brit/pol/ #2431: Have You Heard of the Spy Elves? Edition

UK schoolgirls pressured into FGM, campaigner says

Sir Vince Cable signals he will quit as Lib Dem leader after May 2019 local elections

Teenage 'time bomb' detained for four years over Rizla paper killing

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Greggs opens first branch in Cornwall - and the locals are up in arms

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Good lad.

Good lad.

They don't, these women are taking it upon themselves to restore it as "they just feel it needs restoring"

Reminds me of those Greek statues they "restored".

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good lad

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Good lad but

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Woman 'attacked with plastic bag' in Nottingham
Police have released CCTV images following an assault in the Arboretum area.
Officers reported that a woman was walking in Peel Street at about 11.20am on August 21, when she was approached by a man who shook a plastic bag in her face.
The woman suffered an injury to her eye, believed to have been caused following contact with the bag.

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remove women

I love this picture so much lad

Pair accused of belonging to far-right group charged with terror offences
Mark Jones and Alice Cutter from Halifax accused of belonging to National Action, a proscribed terrorist organisation

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Women smell and look nice tbh go fuck yourself

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Here's the dafty's art.
dear oh dear it's daft

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Hindu gods just look Satanic.

spice (Nick Lemongrass, Harrisa Not Herbs, Gerry Garlic, Shallots Magazine)

faggy Corbyn wouldn't stand for hemorrhoids tbh

Only a couple of years till it all falls to shit anyway

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Ah yes belonging to a group is terrorism

not even a real get
call me when its

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She looks a right thot qt tbh

quads night dancing checked

wait shit isn't that the girl that was spammed when we were back on Zig Forums

shiggy diggy tbh

She does look like that goth dafty girl who would wear their shit tbh

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Yep lovely tits tbh

In the past as well…

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top wew

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should have known there wouldn't be any other lasses associated with NA tbh

She wants the big Zig Forums dick lad it's why she doxxed herself

post them lad

lel. good luck lad, run while you can.

Thanks lads

Pelinal was a good lad tbh

Thanks lad, think I'm going to make another one in a minute tbh

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And then we'll finally have Dooley here spying on us.

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aye good lad.

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The morphed Joe's would fit right in the Oblivion world tbh

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British monarchy at RISK if Lords lose heredity members – peer claims

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Bit rude. Hurricanes had only been in service for three years and shot down more German planes than any other single fighter.

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London bloodbath MAPPED: How capital has been overrun by VIOLENT GANGS

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That's an odd name to give wogs.

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Why do the nobility complain? They've put their faith in the left, after all. Go and let them save you!

White people smh

It's bombed like Dresden

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Mohammed. Please stop

We should do another.

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fresh Joe

Man gets the shock of his life when he wakes up to find his tiny dog 'grinning' at him while wearing his DENTURES

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Getting sent to the Old Bailey where not even serious nonces are tried
Obvious they're going to be made an example of
System is a disgrace

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Thanks lad

Yeah tbh they fit the mongy look of Oblivion faces really well kek

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They're mine

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Hullo yes, you violated the law. Pay the court a fine or serve your sentence. Your stolen goods are now forfeit. ok thank you

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Isn't that illegal in Germany to say?

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based NHS pride of Britain

Man stabbed in violent attack in Glasgow nightclub

James Bond 25: There’s a NEW favourite to replace Danny Boyle as director
CHRISTOPHER NOLAN has been replaced as the bookies’ favourite to replace Danny Boyle on the 25th James Bond movie.

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clearly we need more paki doctors to improve this because our nhs is THE ENVY OF THE WORLD

Q, I'm MI6

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lucky you. I've heard from others it's two weeks or more to get an appointment.

take up your bed and walk NHS tbh

because Man stabbed in friendly attack in Glasgow nightclub was plausible?

Oi mate, are you insulting the EHN AICH ESS?

That's nothing lad.

>"oh you had an appt. booked mid-June"

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reposting this video from the last thread lads as I felt it went unappreciated tbh.

1000000 Britons shall not die in a moneylenders quarrel

women are a memi

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Germany has some stunning castles.

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Some are some aren't

That's not a castle though, is it? That's one of those 18th century or whatever larp projects, germanys got a few of those

reminder """they""" literally convened the war powers act for the sole purpose of stifling political dissent over a foreign war for Hebrews and international finance.

holy keeek

those dogs are gay normalfag menes

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Yes, that's true.
There's one in Britain where the noble asked for a castle and the architect (probably being quite bored of these requests) built him a literal militarily defensible Medieval-style castle.

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shut up I'll eat your silly little dysgenic fashion accessory

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feels good tbh, rather it be in the hands of someone who cares than sitting atop my wardrobe beneath a USSR flag (as a dust cover)

*catches you*


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It cost 50p lad and I'm not exactly treating it with respect

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Judge a man by his actions and you will never be fooled by his words

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this is why we must keep letting the baristas in