Brit/pol/ #2432: Trappist Edition

Liverpool mayor condemns 'fascist thugs' for vandalism of refugee memorial

CHRISTOPHER NOLAN has been replaced as the bookies’ favourite to replace Danny Boyle on the 25th James Bond movie

Barnsley shoppers hide in stores as 'woman runs around with large knife'

"White man" is censored in the new Battlefield V game, developed in Sweden

50 niggers off the Italian coastguard ship are on their way to Britain

‘No evidence’ far-right mobsters attacked foreigners during Chemnitz rallies – German intel chief

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good lad

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first for punching Joe McDonnagh's baldy skull in

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It's a little impressive how easily ((they)) have been able to mislead by simply pinning a word to the front of it whenever they need to make a point.

Good spy

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lads missed a shitposting trick there tbh

the best bare knuckle boxer in the world is an anglo irish leaf named bobby gunn

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Armed with a gun could you shoot to kill at an enemy combatant who was not posing an imminent threat to you?

Bit of an odd scenario. Am I a sniper at a distance? Does he know I'm there? Is he just refusing to shoot at me?

Ah, I was at that place. The guide was named Salami or something and he told us that if we struggle to say her name we should just say "hot-chicken-soup".

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Was in Birmingham city centre today lads, there was about 3 different communist/socialist stands along with a lib dem stand and the usual 5 or six muslim stands blasting out arabic chanting. The collapse can't come about fast enough tbh.

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How on earth did I forget about this place.

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BKB is horrible and depressing tbh. I watched some last week. Every 2nd fight someone gets a broken hand and none of the fighters look like they want to be there

There's another one of these we the boy's dressed as an anime character. It's interesting how the mothers seem to encourage it, beaming with pride in each of the pictures.

>they ask how we like the country


Ah, I know the one, They are on a couch and his hair is blue or something, right

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The travel memi is the gayest memi.

Start it off early lad be a hero

Tbh fam

whats the scenario? are they invaders in my country or are they poor mudpeople in the way of jewish oil domination?

That'd be it.

I've been to a fair few countries, but I can think of few that compare to the majesty of the Lake District or the beauty of the South West.

the utter state of ((modern music))

is that old memphis? what is that image?

BKB is the quintessential British sport tbh lad

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I have too much to live for. I prefer watching on the sidelines.


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Why do look like minecraft characters?

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How can anyone tolerate auto-tune? Normies are insufferably stupid and base tbh.

the scenario is unspecified. There's a theory that only a small proportion of men are capable of killing someone without being trained to override this resistance.

Queen Hatsheput's mortuary temple close to the valley of Kings(where King Tut, your ancestor, was buried)

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There's fuckall point in just "starting" something if there's no-one to follow through. No point bombing something if nothing happens afterwards.
It's why I reckon all the terror attacks in Britain are done by the gov't, that or the mozzies involved are stupid enough to think that it's the right time to start the fire.

Roblox finna taking over wyboi

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Can't wait for this to be the radio every 20 minutes.

You need to be more specific else it doesn't make sense.
For example, I would not want to shoot at a foreign soldier who is only doing his job, but I would gladly dump a magazine into a corrupt politician or journalist without question, even if they were unarmed.

Anything betting on the stupidity of muslims is probably correct.

It won't happen as it'd just be censored every two seconds.

You'd think that with their equipment and their mosques that aren't being supervised, they'd be able to pull off an actual attack instead of this lazy shite.

No idea. Maybe if it's for the greater good or if I had dehumanised them as a race.

your thinking of a self defense scenario perhaps? adrenaline combined with a small window of time to choose weather they are a threat.

killing the enemy in a war situation

they do alternatives where they don't use the bad bad words, right? Or they just make awful censorships and play them anyway keek

I was thinking that. Probably easier if he doesn't look like me.

Imams drive the need to shit out kids above everything else. They pretty much win without firing a shot.

There are more factors to it than that tbh lad.

Do desensitised people still suffer from PTSD?

They are still human, not machines.

the utter state of CoE

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this, bkb is also safer and less autistic than boxing


tbh if it was a johnny reb running his mouth I would bayonet him without any remorse and burn down apelanta again

This is what I mean, the scenario needs to be more specific. Some of us would have no problem running a bayonet through one person, but not another.

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Doesn't matter if you weren't,

CoE is in such a weird state. The church went from the setter of moral standards to chasing the standards society wants. They've gone a step further though where they now exist purely to serve socialists and communists, their ideological enemies. It is so fucking bizarre that I can only assume some kind of subversive group is working within the church. Same goes for the Catholics.

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Aren't you a southerner, lad?

apart from the gay tags

It's reflected in their church attendance. Mine is still pretty busy and hasn't sunk to modernity, whereas I've seen some in London which only open so they can have a coffee club for the one or two seniors who turn up (that one had a female priest which says it all really)

no I live near the leaf border where all those inland lakes are

But Steiner loves his white trash audience

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I've had that ale. Not bad. A unique taste tbh

Lad he's a Juggalord he has his own township

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pretty much, though if you lived out further west when it kicked off, it was more of a neutral southern. resources etc.

lad everyone who doesn't live on the east coast or west coast is considered "white trash" by richfag yanks


top keek

That's the same everywhere, every middle-class city wanker sees everything outside of the M25 is backwards bigoted inbred bigoted backwards bastards.

Ozzies murdering our british women smdh

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A fair few ethnics jump over to Aus and NZ from the UK because of how bad things have got.

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His dead pan delivery gets me every time, then makes me feel sad.

this was hard to watch tbh. they don't actually let him say anything at all.

No fucking shame

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alcoholism in white women is a serious problem tbf

used to take care of an old bat who drank the stuff religiously. her husband committed suicide.

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Is he still removing anything saying he's Jewish from Wikipedia?

its just natural law reasserting itself

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dan snow is a soyboy cuck

good lad

what's he done now

bully peter with topical numale historian shite about muh luxury lifestyle muh wamans rights

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All that matters is pleasure in the moment, lad…

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I'm considering having a poo. Anyone got the pros and cons?

this is a nopoo board.