Brit/pol/ #2433: Brexit Edition

Brexit: UK could quit EU without paying a penny, say Lords

TUC issues new EU referendum warning to May

Ukip leader backs moves to let Tommy Robinson join Ukip

UK set to keep freedom of movement after Brexit, George Osborne predicts

Just 1-in-50 Young Brits Identify with Church of England

Muslim Waitress Refuses To Seat 27-Person Church Group Because ‘Religious Freedom’

Syrian state YouTube channels ‘terminated’ amid fears of looming false-flag chem attack

Peter Hitchens writes a book challenging all we think about WW2

Richard Madden gaining on Tom Hardy and Idris Elba in next 007 actor race

Christopher Nolan has been replaced as the bookies’ favourite to replace Danny Boyle on the 25th James Bond movie

‘Pussy Hat’ Design Withdrawn After Activists Insist Some Women Have Penises

Gina Miller fourth favourite to become Lib Dems leader after Vince Cable resignation

Last Night of the Proms flooded with 20,000 EU flags in Brexit protest

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First for video games



Never dared play ME3 for fear of how bad it is

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Lad do you really think that a rootless group has that much attachment to the land they are leeching off?
If you were in another nation only for your wallet's sake you'd be booking plane tickets the moment things get a little spicy.
Poles have already been going back home since Brexit, and we haven't even left yet.

It's pretty good until the end tbh

Attempted child abduction in East London as ‘man in mask’ grabs girls aged six and nine and leads them to secluded area
>Detectives are now trawling through CCTV footage to track down the suspect — who was wearing dark clothing and a light-coloured face covering/mask.
I guess the attempted kidnapper was fucking Slenderman, then.

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Based taxpayer-funded Shomrim

What are J E W S?

Theresa May gambles on disaffected Labour moderates to get Chequers Brexit plan through Parliament

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'My party is led by anti-Semites': Former racial equalities chief Trevor Phillips slams Labour in astonishing onslaught as he brands Corbyn racist

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game, set, and match

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You mean the same people who are planning to flee on mass because someone who isn't a Zionist might get into power?

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Wtf I love Labour now

Corbyn wins again.jpeg

Muslim Council insists evangelical preacher be denied UK visa
Franklin Graham, who has called Islam ‘evil’, is due to speak at a festival in Blackpool

I hope someone shows that video to her child.

Senior Labor MP lobbied the government for a visa for an Islamic hate preacher who wants gays to be executed and brands women 'the devil's temptation'

I say let him in tbh

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SA btfo

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en masse
Jews won't "flee" if Corbyn gets in lol

Lads this is propaganda and you should know it. If you don't, you really need to have a word with yourself
Israeli right/zionists whatever you want to call them have been peddling this kind of shite for at least the last century and in the last fifty years it's an agenda HEAVILY pushed by them
They did it in Germany and millions never left for other shores during the 30's - only the smarter, richer more paranoid ones. Shekels and gibs are irresistible to them. They have it good as parasites. The Promised land offers very little for them by way of opportunity to make money or gain property rights and they know it
Israel peddled the same propaganda in France over the past 20 years - SOME have left and SOME have returned

From 2016
Disappointed, French Jews leave Israel
It is Israeli propaganda basically

Jews residing in foreign lands use it as a lobby tool "Oy! We'll leave and take our capital with us if we don't get our own way! GET RID OF ADOLF CORBYN NOW!" and Israel use it to attract capital investment by "returnees"

A father loves you unconditionally, but expects you to follow his guidance.
Imagine thinking this is an epic checkmate.

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Aye, they play all sides.

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Swedish election: Vote begins amid anti-immigration surge

This tbh. They're experts at it

If he was doing everything by the book than any point she raises is null.

We should never have entertained women.

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>Standing by the SD stall in Gothenburg – where the ruling Social Democrats have fallen to fourth place in polls – I found a Jewish hospital doctor draped with a sign highlighting anti-Semitic comments by party figures. Patrik Hallmem, 36, said he was concerned by the polarisation in Sweden. ‘We have seen these things before in the 1930s,’ he added. ‘What will be the next step?’

they are such a broken fucking record

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But her opponent was also a woman

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The end wasn't even that bad tbh

Williams, who was aiming to equal Margaret Court's record of 24 Grand Slam singles titles, refused to shake hands with umpire Ramos after the match.

This is complete and utter bollocks, it's like wogs going "is it coz I'm black?"

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Imagine all the people

t. Bioware

and with that, racism was destroyed forever

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smh kys tbh lad

It was a good game

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No new thing under the sun.

3:30 tbh

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They still left though, doesn't matter if it's yid propaganda or not, Jews leave, some come back in small numbers (with dual citizenship), they aren't as tied down to their home nation as people think.

Obviously Williams is racist towards the Jap mutt.

Only good thing was the end space battle.

You're missing the fact that these are very slight changes and they are running for the hills.
If civil war were to break out, they'd all leg it.


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Just remember Tricia Helfer was in mass effect

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Yeah it was pretty gud tbh

Did you enjoy the dlc that totally explained the ending perfectly lad?

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She'll proudly show it to her child

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I fucking hate her face and I hated the Battlestar Galatica remake.

She has really nice tits

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Yeah the one that didn't change the ending which wrote the series into an ending that ultimately they couldn't write themselves out of, hence the next game having to be set in another galaxy.

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Not really tbh

The Mass Effect series (Especially Mass Effect 2) was amazing and still is despite what they did in me3 tbh

It's okay because everyone has forgot about it since we are on a new gen of gaming platforms

Mass Effect was alright but it's always managed to irk me years after tbh.

(Heil Hitler Mein Brudda)
I am looking at them right now and they are nice

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Are they a bloody repatriation party or not. If not, then it's a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing.

anyone starting to feel the winter blues yet?

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Mans1ay3r looks like Zephaniah kek

Everything after ME2 was fucking trash tbh

Not quite yet. Just starting to get some nice sleep without sweating now.
Also, interesting that Hampshire is like southern France there.

most swedes and finns get more than us

It's basically UKIP-lite, the election is really showing how the elite operate and function to keep people out of power, if you think we have it bad you haven't seen the pure contempt the ruling politicians have for their people in Sweden, they've even gone so far as to cut the broadcasts when the SD leader was speaking in a debate.

I'm sure I just saw ttpw on a dating app
I was swiping too fast that I didn't stop, I tend not to actually look for longer than a fraction of a second as I can't be bothered with filtering as lasses are harsh enough as it is

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"man in the clouds" is often used to discredit the notion of god, assuming that people who believe in a god actually think there's a man in the literal clouds so as to make us seem scientifically ignorant. This was also directed at whites only, no brown religions of course.

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Those crazy Russians at it again

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If only you knew how bad things really are.

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Amazing. Can't go four seconds without hearing "a new far-right anti-immigration party is rising in Sweden" on the fucking radio here.

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Just like those suburbs in England

Literally every party in Europe is neoliberal with some quirky flavours.

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t-this is not wew

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