Brit/pol/ #2434: Dibnah Edition

Brexit: UK could quit EU without paying a penny, say Lords

TUC issues new EU referendum warning to May

UK set to keep freedom of movement after Brexit, George Osborne predicts

Just 1-in-50 Young Brits Identify with Church of England

Syrian state YouTube channels ‘terminated’ amid fears of looming false-flag chem attack

Peter Hitchens writes a book challenging all we think about WW2

Richard Madden gaining on Tom Hardy and Idris Elba in next 007 actor race

Christopher Nolan has been replaced as the bookies’ favourite to replace Danny Boyle on the 25th James Bond movie

Last Night of the Proms flooded with 20,000 EU flags in Brexit protest

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good lad

more memmies, excellent

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xth for Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David Windsor of House Saxe-Coburg and Gotha

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No, I meant, I've run out. I'm going to have to buy more.


The collision of memmies will be too much for the world.

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What is this from?

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>English Puritanicals

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God save our German Queen

mmhhhhmmm nootka

can't wait

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He also played both Kray Twins tbh

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Fresh video lad:

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no mask there

*eats egg whole*
*spirit fucks sister*
be … very … careful naow

and Bronson

he does wear a mask at some point

best tv murder mystery tbh

yeah, hence why people didn't care about him

Drink these on the morning commute.


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*grunts and frequently taps on different pieces of wood aggressively*
Mhmmmm I have a use for mhmmmm you


He cancelled his history of England videos tbh

I drink way too much Pepsi Max tbh

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*walks with hands about a foot out from his hips*

It's only been a month since the last England one tbf, he's taken breaks before.

Woman, 28, is charged with attempted murder over man's stabbing in town centre as police rule out terrorism

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What film is the second pic from?

Monster zero ultra review

A tiny piece of Heaven, just for me.


it's from taboo, the tv series. He red-faces as a half chug


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Lad they are both from Taboo

*blows red dust on you and speaks in woganese*



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I dropped taboo after the we wuz kangs yank nigger scene

Lads, a lad posted just as the last thread ended, a homo post from 22st

Show's over, everyone go home.

With that and things like
Wondering if pic related isnt far away

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*Bond attends a Venetian masked ball hosted by villain*

Hardy: I'd like vodka Martini, shaken not stirred

*Female henchman unbeknownst to Bond behind the bar makes the Martini*

Female Henchman: You're a big guy.

Hardy: Would it hurt if you could add more vodka?

Female Henchmen: For you?

*she drugs the cocktail*

*bonds sips the vodka martini and passes out*

*female henchman takes off his Venetian mask*

I see.

clear evidence that europeans aren't white

Fair enough tbh, I wouldn't mind if he did them once a month instead, I was honestly surprised when he first announced it being weekly considering he's a relatively small channel.
He's a reliable lad either way.

Taboo is the only true kino I have seen produced in the last few years tbh

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kino ended in 2001

Parents said it was good so I thought it was a boomer memi like GoT tbh

pretty much just typical 22st then

Smh, posted last thread

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it seemed pretty pozzed tbh
how did it end?

smh the rest is worth it


Hardy and an associated party of nutters, traps and pyromaniacs sail off into the ocean, he says they're not giong to Nooooootka, cut to credits

It's not exactly a secret.

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I've posted it before lad tbf it's obviously a joke although this isn't

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The lies need to end with his death tbh.


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Unlike him, I am not gay. I like girls.


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Might just give him a retrospective ban for that tbh

That's the gayest thing I've ever read.

some serious buyer's remorse

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for as well
what did they honestly fucking expect

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bad goy

the gayest thing uve ever read is your birth certificate

i can't wait for a boom in suicides despite all the fag acceptance being peddled.


That looks like bins tbh, he does the same line gaps thing as well

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All it will lead to is insistence that we need to do more to tolerate them.
These cultists won't be happy until we're all as insane as them.

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is that binposter?


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It will be their grave, lad.

fucking lel

Police are ‘very close to losing the streets’, top officer admits

A top police officer has warned we are ‘very close to losing the streets’ as government funding cuts continue to bite

How long until our streets resemble Tripoli?

Don't mutilate yourselves, kids.

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always assumed it was pembs but bins might make more sense

they lost them 25 years ago

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Same posting style as him, if inside source is correct about him he's also a trap lover so it fits.

what a shame that they all moved to that board, such a loss for us

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Predition: Soon enough, militias will stop being the subject of LARP and start becoming an urban necessity.

fuck, poor lad. please no more blackpills

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*paints a skull onto my VW Up!*

It's time

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I've seen a couple of them, they just look like parking pataweyo's for now but won't be long 'til they are replaced by Academi or similar.

Same with the midlands

Even in denial their wallet cannot lie.

A bit like South Africa tbh