Brit/pol/ #2435: The Utter State of The Fuzz Edition

Police hope this embarrassing ‘slang dictionary’ will help them engage with young people

Police are ‘very close to losing the streets’, top officer admits

Jamie Oliver chased a burglar down the street before tackling him to the ground after catching the would-be thief trying to break into his £8.9million mansion

Woman in her 20s is airlifted to hospital after being brutally stabbed in the back several times in south east London

William and Harry once taught the Queen Mother to do Ali G impression - and she surprised them by nailing it

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The proper way to interact with the youth is to be a manly authority figure and force them to submit to your way of speaking and acting, not to copy and submit to them. Smh

that's not 22st fault though. It might be that bins is some kind of reverse psychology psyop that is actually trying to get 22st banned on purpose

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good lad

Can't take that chance ban them both.

Let's just not talk about it and keep posting politics smh

It's ridiculous that people have not realised that yet.

Would be nice if you did more of that

How about you tell me about Norway's interior minister?

but by banning 22st you are actually doing what bins wants!

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>bins wants us to ban the one responsible for 90% of all metadrama since '15


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Good lad


Fucking cracking job lad, keep it up.

Excellent work lad.

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That is bins you eejits

no shit sherlock

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thanks lads, I appreciate the encouragement

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Keep it up lad and start lifting, turn that mass into muscle.

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How is it possible for SA to spend as much time here as he does every day and still not realise when bins is taking the piss

SA's a good lad, leave him alone

the only ones who ever defend 22st regarding this shit are himself and bins

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bins sometimes attacks himself to defend 22st though, because he's loyal and good natured

bins also formats as though this is reddit

yeah, that's a bit gay tbh

or at all

a b s o l u t e s t a t e

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You memid yourself this grave now lie in it.

Gotta get those high hate-crime polls out to the media

Good lad
mfw eating ice-cream with honey and biscuits in it

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Keek. The nigger would gladly take the trophy if she had offered it. Guess they are both la creatura negros though.

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am already lifting, but nothing to heavy trying to focus on good form to prevent injury

i want to get down to 13 stone, I think I'll look pretty good by then and be ready for the race war

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the whole
is so retarded tbh it looks better and its easier to separate your points to be easily readable, especially when you are typing in the quick reply box


i agree tbh


You doing any cardio?

A sentence doesn't need a whole paragraph to itself, this isn't the beeb.

yeah, i do a bit at the end

when you pull a piece of really hard and white material from your molar after eating and you don't know if it's a bit of seed etc. or a fragment of your tooth

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hope its aerobic lad, otherwise you're just undoing all the hard work

kek, wtf are you eating?

yeah of course, what other kind of cardio is there?

HIT isn't aerobic, stuff like that. You gotta do all that before lifting

If it's a nice day I go for a walk with sections of running, or I might do a bike ride. If it's bad weather i stay inside but do start jumps and running on the spot for a bit

i prefer doing bodyweight exercises when indoors tbh, or skipping. I hate staring at a wall on a treadmill/bike.
Rowings not too bad either.

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yeah i thought about getting a rowing machine, one of the small ones that folds up


rowings better than running/cycling too, for both cardio and strength. these ones in pic related are awesome, listening to the water lapping is comfy af

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Getting a a a kayak next summer tbh

Good lad, kayaking is supremely comfy.

Was going to get one this year but I got the idea a bit lateand I was 1 kilo too heavy for the one they lend you from the municipally

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you lucky fucking fuck, other than clubs I have to cart mine to the Grand Union to go for a row.


Are remoaners able to get violent?

would be comfy having a morning row tbh. Why don't you get one of those boat houses people have?

someone post the video of the LBC caller fuming angry at Nige

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Do it lad, it'd do you the world of good.

I've considered it at times, it'd probably work out cheaper than rent anywhere and it'd be comfy, but I wouldn't want to raise a family on one tbh

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they need quite a bit of maintenance, more than a house

I'd gladly put the time and effort into it tbh, so long as I was able.

supposedly it was this lad who got arrested

Posted it in the other thread lad. It was him and the underage girl

the one with the witchglitter tumbler account?

Congratulations you fat bastard

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tbh they did that with the Gaelic during the war, and onetime they got two lads who'd learnt French at the same school to speak their brand of schoolboy French to each other

whats wrong with this one?


lacks lawn

is that your cat?

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olde worlde cottage for only 250k

you could replace that gravel with one for a few K max


Former medical student 'used knife to decapitate Paddy Power customer'
What are the odds on that happening?


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oh no how sad

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what's wrong with that? I don't drink haram alcohol tbh

not in the cellar, keeping cool. We do have a winerack in the kitchen, but only as a staging post from the cellar

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Then you get diagnosed with Alzheimer's

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He was "sent by Allah"

Kurdistan really just needs independence tbqh. The fact it doesn't exist yet is a travesty.

t. literal commie

give a nomadic people a homeland, and watch them shit up everyone else's

Why should brown people have independence at all in the first place?

These jews will stop at nothing
>Corbyn’s Constituency Abolished

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hardly subtle

We'd just be imposing sodomy and trannyism on nations that don't want it if we controlled them right now.

go away linkposter