Brit/pol/ #2436: The Wonders of Diversity Edition

Massive brawl erupts among more than 70 schoolchildren outside Clarks shoe shop with victims 'stamped on the head' and police forced to set up a 'dispersal zone'

Britain from above: From huge factories to quaint villages and rolling hills, stunning aerial photographs capture unique perspectives of the country's most striking landscapes

To solve the housing crisis, reform the green belt

Meat testing: A fifth of samples reveal unspecified animals' DNA

Wanderlust on BBC: Toni Collette pleased to act out 'first' female orgasm on broadcaster

Shirtless English football fans mimic Russian hooligans with savage organised brawl… before suddenly stopping and shaking hands

First ‘red heifer’ born in Israel for 2000 years triggers armageddon fears

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Woman re-lives horror of being raped at GUNPOINT by pakis (Telford)

books pretty good tbh. reading it 6 months ago would probably prevented my autism stopping me from missing some pretty clear signs from some women. its good if you've got no one to give you advice about women

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Dirty commie slag
'Online closed groups are normalising extremism and hate.'
>Labour's Lucy Powell wants to tackle online hate, fake news and radicalisation by introducing a new bill to stop people using closed forums on social media

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They raped her so hard she turned into a burka

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Yes, expand it to the entire landmass and kill all the inhabitants.

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"Lurk more" = normalising hate



social media
must be banned from Britain


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They want to ban and police everything.
Only the state are allowed a voice and opinions

How do you make a woman follow you home for rough sex? It looks so easy in the article.

Be an arab and tell her you want to marry her.

Smack your lips and mumble about your dick

Leave a fiver hanging out your back pocket

Making a homemade BRITISH curry lads

Cor Craig Charles has put on some weight

Diversity was her greatest strength

so a stew?

Dunno, who cares? She was obviously that way inclined and payed the toll.
The wog must've put on a little bit of charm and bullshit mixed with her craving for and naivety turned out the be a fatal choice.
If all hell breaks loose I would trash these women along-side her pet wog without remorse.
Had a shit day at work and this news cheered me up a bit tbf.

wow it's almost like the muh food argument is bullshit

Watch: Killer without a conscience eats fried chicken after buying it with Charlotte Teeling's bank card - while she lays dead in his bedroom

Typical nigger

(1) muh food
(2) muh music
(3) jobs others won't do
(4) we deserve it because of colonialism

lets start a campaign against this person

(2) muh music ←-it's shite
(3) jobs others won't do ←-pay a proper wage
(4) we deserve it because of colonialism ←-we're not all masochistic cuckolds

drunk bastards just want Mohammed to be open ready with a catmeat kebab to fill the hole after a binge
We now have 6 million of the cunts and - if they work at all - are only capable of three jobs

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Helping to topple assad for the UK govt then getting bennies when they return.

> W O M E N

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The other one is token minority in cubicle farm

so many yous

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I hate

trade and make it yourself, tbh. plus most curries are a british invention anyway. traditional Indian curries are much drier. we had the better idea to make a sort of "gravy" to go with it. so tika, vindaloo etc are all rightfully our clay anyway.
mostly shit but otherwise just torrent it
why does a country with high youth unemployment have this problem? why import people? almost as if its a deliberate plan to destroy the country. really make you think

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I'm offended by her implied misandry in her use of language tbh


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He's the Johnnie, lad

Lad, her nudes are gross smh

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Why are some listed with "Mr" and others not

The whole thing is a mess of formatting


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Isnt there a video of someone chanting this?

Islamic State Recruiter Anjem Choudary to Walk Free Next Month

Probably JRM insisted on it
Surprised, but not really, that the cunt is on their side

Wish he'd been bashed by that skinny antifa tbh

nothing wrong with hate. in fact its better to hate yourself than love yourself. if you love yourself you're saying that everything about you is fine the way it is. love is stagnation. if you say you hate yourself its because you have flaws you have. so you work on them to get better. hate is change and growth.
get mad

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Yes there is lad, bunch of Williams on a bus chanting it

they're scared

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please no

Cat Lady is offensive to put in front of peoples' names lad.
stop being a grammar nazi ??dont u noe aynythin goz thees day

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Looks shit

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Scriptural post.

Just elect him so he can enact the edict of expulsion already tbh

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he really needs to loose the hobo look.

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Birmingham Mail never fails to amuse


More excited for Charls new film tbh

he's cursed with the fatface lack of jawline like me

thanks lad

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The Spanish government is working with human traffickers to bring migrants from Africa to Europe - Spanish police

*yawn* no one gives a shit. getting caught was part of their plan

Paul McCartney details The Beatles’ sexcapades in new interview
Macca recounts masturbating with John Lennon, watching George Harrison lose his virginity, and a threesome he had in Las Vegas

might as well publish his address tbh, he needs to be picked up for thought crimes later

no other way was there


No new thing under the sun.

Blackpool monkeypox case confirmed as second in UK

Gee, I wonder how this got into the country?

Could it be monkey eating niggers?

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The best part is that this will only affect the ethnics.

I'm pretty sure it was called cuckoldry back then as well.

fuck. he thinks he's Augustus Caesar

tbh I'd be more surprised if he didn't have a God complex


Do I even need to break down how many different ways this is patently incorrect?

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I hate women lads
and deanos

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Pax Cyborgianlizardia hwhen tbh lads?

say what fam? was dat?

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Not before a nuclear war at the very least.

is this true?

anyone single less than 25 years is fag tbh

of course not lad. the pox does not participate in racial discrimination

what's the frequency kenneth?
change it lad

well it was probably going to happen anyway right?

Trans Lecturer Smeared Academics to Silence Critics with ‘Hate Crime’ Claims

The Ouroboros of left-wing insanity continues.

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it's to be expected lad, don't worry about it

only a doo doo head calls it that. its called grievances

The pox itself could affect us, but the only places it'll be popping up are in heavily ethnic areas.
With their general filth the pox will spread rapidly in ethnic areas if left unchecked.

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if there's a will there's a way tbh

Gee I wonder what his motivation to do this is?