Brit/pol/ #2437: /aretim/ Edition

Wetherspoon pubs to stop selling jägermeister and various spirits from the EU

Theresa May set to cut Boris Johnson’s Uxbridge majority to just 500 by ‘backing independent plans to redraw constituency boundaries’

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby risks political controversy with TUC speech

Youth jobless hits record low and vacancies are at an all-time high as record 10million working over-50s fuel boom

‘Your daddy is a totally horrible person – lots of people hate him’: Class 'activists' launch sickening tirade at Jacob Rees-Mogg’s CHILDREN – including his six-year-old son – over how much family’s nanny is paid

Exclusive: Jeremy Corbyn’s Close Aide Routinely Working In Parliament Without Required Security Clearance

Islamic State Recruiter Anjem Choudary to Walk Free Next Month

Bosworth Field must be saved for the nation to protect all ancient battlefields, MPs warned


FBI offers $10,000 reward for information leading to arrest of arsonist caught on video setting fire to a Planned Parenthood building in California


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Passive-aggresivism is fucking pathetic.



Lads why is it that when I set up a minecraft server with a password that only me and my friends can use I get banned? there are plenty of open servers why does mine have to be open as well?

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It's a nice photo.

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anybody else banned from halfchan for literally no reason, the mods were literally out to get me

the internet will be unusable in 10 years

why would you do this to yourself? really asking.

You deserve it

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stop visiting cuckchan

I've been posting on Zig Forums since it started but I still used halfchan right up until I was banned last month for no reason

yeah but why?

too slow here

wew. so you're one of those. you might enjoy reddit or gaia if you want something a little bit more fast passed then.

stop datamining GCHQ

like I said, been on here since the initial influx in 2014 but this place literally slowed to a crawl ,sorry I'm not a neet that has the patience to keep a tab open all day just to get a single reply

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always amazes me how our govt has been brazen enough to get away with importing rural pakis who can't even read and low IQ niggers from the plains of africa whose biggest contribution to this country is grime and raping white women


They're voting Labour

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must be a lot of little Englanders living there then! haha

I know this is bait at this point but I have to say this, on the off chance that someone else will read it, thinking they should go back.

lad you getting a job means you can't volunteer. she want to keep your free labour as long as possible.

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Not inventing a company you worked for. It's less than a £1 for a domain and hosting is free.

Count Dafty said 'Gas the kikes, race war now!' in the EU parliament.

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hurts trying to figure out just how they managed ceilings like these tbh

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Why is this a news?

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used to go there as a kid tbh

Society is castrated and pussywhipped.


i have fantasies about finding an anorexic lass and then feeding her up to a breedable level

Pay for a server and see what happens lad.

wonder what it's like to be constantly angry over a single person like this

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how was your 9/11 bbq lad

death to thot enablers

Went to Japan and Duterteland and HK, 1st time since I was a kid. Kinda liked it tbh lad.

travel narrows the mind lad


I've only been abroad once, a school trip to France. It was shit.

we're all going to make it

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Just get a gf already, lad. smh

keek good lad

well done lad

moving abroad is a based escape from this suffocating society and the worldly manifestation of the faustian wanderlust of the anglo soul. see also:the new world.

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why don't you just get a gf smh

sort of want to go on holiday to japan
not a weeb I swear..

You're handsome and talk about how you can get them all the time.

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It's time for me to move onto the next stage of my life and leave Zig Forums and the internet. We might meet someday .If not I'll see you lads in Heaven. Ok thankyou



do you find SA attractive lad?

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see you tomorrow

See you in valhalla lad

Getting attention from random tarts isn't going to get me a wife.

I hadn't read much manga or watched anime before I went. Also was food roullete out there for me as had never had Japanese food before. Was still good tbh, would move there.

God bless you!

pretty sure other men used to call other men handsome all the time, lad. smh

I'll get one

But you also go to church. Sounds like you're not really looking at all smh

Yeah lad, and I'm the King of Siam

I go to church for my soul, not to find a wife.
and there aren't any there anyway smh tbh

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Should bet on which of us gets a gf first tbh. Would probably take a few years to see who wins though

sa 2:1
sorry lad but smart money is on the twink

How would we prove it?

I'm a big guy roooooooooo

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sa would probably happy post more often and less daft posting
22 would probably shitpost more and make more frogs of him (possibly acting out a story of him and his gf/bf)

Doubt that lad, if I were having children I'd be going more daft to protect them.


those are different flavours of daft. its one think to be a single childless man and want to burn the world to the ground and quite another to be a father and want to protect the smiles of your children.

Family time with the 22sts tbh

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This entire discussion has been homosexual

Can't you just get an arranged gf? I thought the government controlled everything in Norway

If you find a girl and get married you have to change your surname to Twenytústun.

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It wasn't supposed to be this way

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and when you become one 22 will be godfather to your children

I just wanted to shoot guns and not get arrested for things on twitter tbh.

smh it do be like that sometimes

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Richard Branson believes the key to success is a three-day workweek

Single mummy gf keeps telling me to buy a gf online, a Russian or brown one(like her brother(who is literally retarded)) smh


you what lad
she bought her retarded brown brother off the internet?

ahhh haven't seen them actually loving like this since ever

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One of the strangest 22posts yet

single mummy is my brother's gf, her mother was a single mummy and her mother was a single mummy. Her brother is her half brother who has brain damage and got a paki or indian gf online who they brought here.

Wholesome tbh

Where do you get an Indian online gf from?
I can only find southeast asian or eastern euro or latino or african

stop stealing all the numbers like vid related

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aha I see lad, cheers


oh fuck I forgot about this

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Having a jolly ol' time with the good ol' boys

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get single mummy to set you up with one of her friends. She must know lots of desperate slags

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Her fat half sister is fat and has that thing where all your joints are fucked due to your weight. besides I definitely do not trust her judgment.

worried about what will happen tbh