Brit/pol/ #2438: Blanda'ing This Bloodline With No Survivors Edition

Meghan Markle pregnancy odds slashed by bookies who are convinced she's about to make big announcement

Wetherspoon pubs to stop selling jägermeister and various spirits from the EU

Theresa May set to cut Boris Johnson’s Uxbridge majority to just 500 by ‘backing independent plans to redraw constituency boundaries’

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby risks political controversy with TUC speech

Youth jobless hits record low and vacancies are at an all-time high as record 10million working over-50s fuel boom

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>implying the stats aren't fudged anyway

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why the dafty name?

If this is true just imagine the gloating from wogs on twitter,they were bad enough during the wedding itself which was basically a modern Zulu remake.

The Saxe-Coburg & Gotha dynasty =/= the crown.
If they are no longer fit for purpose, they can be replaced.

I presume xhe's a proud Scot. Speaking of which does anybody have a webm of this with audio?

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reminder that polls are bollocks

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Ummm, lads?

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Old news int it?

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morning lads

Same in most cities
When these workers start retiring it's going to be fun

Also, while manipulated to shit if this is the version that gets published how bad is it really.

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high tory cucks on suicide watch

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Doesn't Hitchens claim to be a Christian? So he believes in a God who's going to send most of the human population to burn in Hell and who ordered the extermination of the Canaanites.

Germany had it coming. Don't break your treaties and try to exterminate the Russians if you want to be safe from fire bombs.

I think Poe's Law applies on brit/pol/ when it comes to Harris tbh


gee what a surprise

Just imagine some poor fifteen year old William getting sent down for misclicking on a Sargon of Akkad video and his mother overreacting.

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You might want to reread that Christcuck.

what's the most (you)s someone's ever gotten in one of these threads?


People really will bet on fucking anything, won't they?

If you request it, a bookie will probably get you odds for it


DARPA unironically did this


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Hail Benjamin tbh.

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I had an invitation for this year

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Boomers like that deserve the gulag and communism is the fastest way to make that a reality. Prove me wrong.

vote Corbyn

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The newbrit exodus has already begun I see

A morning pick-me-up tbh.

*makes a post*


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waifu material

I can tbh

it's amazing what makeup and angles can do

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keek I had an older wog woman ask me to carry her luggage up some steps last time I was there she was smartly dressed, clearly struggling and did ask nicely, so I didn't mind too much but Paris is such a shithole, shame

Floopity whibblescromps

Shit, time to post Gopnitsa then.

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used to cross central London around 6 or 7 am by bus. always some Colombian cleaners onboard. Kinda curious why there's so many of them cleaning offices in central London.

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bardszo dobrze Anglielski

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post your passports

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it's so well used there's absolutely no gold leaf left on the front lad

Kurva. pohui Poļu.

Celto-Britons and Slavs are descended from the same ancestors tbh. We have more in common with each other than we do with anglos

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Remember this lads?

smh gowno. Bring back the commonwealth

tbh for some reason jocks and slavs get on exceptionally well with each other

tfw no quebecois waifu


Fucking cunts stole our cheesy chips and gravy.

would invade her cunt and turn her arse into an airstrip ngl

I'd piper if you catch my drift

Fake boobs


She sounds like that dog out of Looney Tunes

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Quick smash and run then

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Québécoise are whores through and through. The majority of females in 17th-18thC Quebec were sent by the King of France from high class brothels in Paris to keep the men of Quebec loyal to the king as the Kingdom was failing.

They should do something similar today tbh, with all the tension in the country.


Why does she keep saying uh-huh? Is she autistic? KEEQ

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why has this board's BO not put a filter on variations of that word
literally only shitposters use it

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The BBC is a pro-UKIP mouthpiece lad, do you not know this? :^)

Lol the commies who want a one world government and total state control AND the normal people who want to preserve their people BOTH say it's biased so it must be neutral! xD

both sides are genuinely convinced that the BBC are biased

beggars belief

The left always moves its goalposts so it can frame itself as the victim. "Women are 50% of the population so they should be 50% of the CEOs, and if they aren't, it's because of institutional sexism", etc.

Bank keeps interest rates steady at 0.75% as Brexit looms
I wonder how much soon-to-be unpayable debt has been created by the >1% interest rates. Economic crisis soon I hope.

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I fucking love politics ngl

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Carl and the scruffy Jock must be fucking loving this.

hohohoho fuck me the absolute STATE

SARGON OF AYYYYYKAD (from Lord of the Rings)

I'm surprised Jacob Rees Mogg isn't on there

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Batten was meant to save UKIP, not destroy it

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imagine sending this picture back in time to 2016

kipper lad on suicide watch tbh


Add him