Brit/pol/ #2440: Solar Flare Edition

SUPER solar flare to WIPE OUT humanity, theorists fear after solar observatory shut down

Justin Welby under fire as Church of England zero-hour contracts revealed along with Amazon investment

Labour to vote down Brexit deal no matter what it is

British steel plans to shed 400 jobs in 'streamlining process'

Hungary is a threat to international order. The US must act now - By Guy Verhofstadt

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Pound shrugs off Carney no deal Brexit warning to stay on course for best week in seven months

If necessary for years, if necessary alone.

for him

Death to fatties

pic got lost in the post

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What do we do about fat people?

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Keep giving them food until they die

what are some good gabs to follow lads?

xth for the 15 cm sIG 33 auf Fahrgestell Panzerkampfwagen II (Sf) Sd.Kfz.121/122 "Sturmpanzer II"

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baste tbh

Do you lads like whibblescromps

GERMan naming sense is another aspect of their incredible autism tbh

I actually puzzle over how to deal with the fat question tbh. Maybe public health truly is a mass IQ test


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Drop NHS care for fat people and watch as their genetic issues solve themselves.
Worth reading

The NHS should prioritise weight-loss treatment for these people and if they refuse it then just reduce any other treatment they receive 'til they lose weight.

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Tbf the one on the left is hardly appealing either.

why are their tank names so fucking long just call it the M2 or something smdh

Think you must be queer lad

Pretentious word salad signifying not much.


to quote John lé Carre, "The Germans overorganise and foreigners confuse it with efficiency"

also correct

both are ugly thots, a real stacy has a bit of meat and wider hips

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I know lad but it's the hypocrisy.
Here's another example.

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That thigh-gap is Turian from Mass Effect tier.

based fat dog

Do they even make caskets wide enough for their hips when they pass away?


the absolute state of my sides

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When your remains are put to rest in something this size, you know there's a problem.

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he should pull a pic related

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To be fair the Jerries had a point about the hypocrisy of using colonials to defend 'Western Values' (TM) against ethnic Europeans in a death struggle.

not doubting that lad

This realllyyyy fucking hurts lads

they must be terrified if they were to edit this photo to look as menacing as possible

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This is why you don't leave things lying around.

good catch tbh

Whilst the EU consistently ignore the results of elections and referendums

Except its even more big brained because they havent used the conventional English spelling. Astonished at this interns' grasp of global politics.

the absolute madman

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What lads, don't you like the Sch√ľtzengrabenvernichtungspanzerkraftwagen 7 (AV7)?

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noglette bfto'd


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Autistic compound words.

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Truly the most autistic nation on Earth


We really were the only people to build reasonably serviceable tanks in WW1. It's like everyone else forgot they'd be climbing over mountains of barbed wire and upturned, sodden earth.

Watch it lad or I'll report you to the Bundeskriminalamtpolizeilicherstaatsschutz

French made some good tanks tbh.

So how long until he's assassinated?

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is that the 4chan lad?

Na they went for the stupid bloated landship design in ww1 as well with the chassis sticking out well beyond the tracks.

not a clue who the 4chan lad is lad
fuck off back to halfchan tbh

I was more talking about the FT, which was the first proper tank in history.

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smh they've changed it now but as was said last thread they blame gore threads on halfchan

Did they manage to fit anything bigger than a machine gun into the turret before the end of the war? Because the French had some great stuff in the pipe line they just all failed to materialise before the end of the war.

when does the post-hurricane looting and sewer-crocodile wrasslin begin?

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Has that hurricane actually struck yet?

GCHQ data collection regime violated human rights, court rules

the char 2C was BIG

this weekend lass


Yeah but failed to materialise before the end of the war.

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Yeah in 1918, apparently they had big problems with getting steel and iron because the Germans captured all their shit in 1914.

his lack of consistent space-punctuation formatting triggers my autism tbh

>how can they be stopped?

I don't date trannies.

civics out tbh

bardszo dobrze tbh


Fuck off ttpw you are not a woman.

i love this insane cunt

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I found some good lifting brehs some years back tbf

The mentallers shall inherit the Earth

I will split your boipucci in twain.

Nah I'd rather a Mark V tank (Male) tbh

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rent your poocunt asunder

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apparently the sun stuff may not be entirely a larp

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Looking forward to the best tan of my life.


ginnie used to post here

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that's some JK Rowling tier naming

Reinforce the charade to give false confidence to greatly increase the suicide chance. Works wonders.


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That needs to be put into a loss edit with ginnies face.

So just in time for the war to end.