Brit/pol/ #2441: Abort Pakis Edition

Is this the worst sex grooming case of all?

(Emergency edition, add your own links.)

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See, told you the rapists weren't muslims.

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wait normies think Muslims don't have abortions? Pretty sure they abort girls

this should be the real thread tbh

mods please sort out the catalogue there's 3 duplicate threads and a bunch of spam

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but it's post-birth abortion

University announces “White Awake” safe space for white students

The University of Maryland at College Park announced Friday a new diversity support group to create a “safe space” for white students to discuss their feelings about “interactions with racial and ethnic minorities.”

The support group, called “White Awake,” will help white students who may “sometimes feel uncomfortable and confused before, during, or after interactions with racial and ethnic minorities.”


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HD version of Sicario 2: Mexicans are now Jihadis has dropped lads, it's great so far

that's a face I can trust


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Is it actually possible for these people to not be tossers.

Oh shut up Baldrick.


Anyone else noticed the far left being really pushed by the media lately? The other day on Politics Live there was that paki slag that said she was a communist to Piers Morgan and John McDonnel talking about how he's proud to be a far leftist. You've also got Owen Jones interviewing her and apologising for communist regimes. Just saw a documentary on Vice about meeting 'Communist Superstar Slavoj Zizeck'. Not to mention the massive upsurge in far left youtube channels. All working in tandem to make communism the new in thing. Shits fucking miserable lads.

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Well, they probably don't even forget, they want it

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Shit's fucking great, lad. They are putting the badges on themselves and giving us the perfect excuse when push comes to shove to smash their fucking faces in.

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Not at all


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Honestly most of the communists are more bloodthirsty than any aut-rightist I've seen. Their opposition to fascism, syndicalism, social democracy, democratic socialism, etc. all spurs from it being seen as 'class collaboration'. God forbid they don't get to kill anyone.

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tbh come the day of the minecraft they'll just fan the flames and radicalise the moderates to our side

That lad actually said hating on whites isn't good for the communist revolution all of his followers then made it obvious they want us all dead

Tolerance must die

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Nice to see barely sapient teens have found Bowden's work. Then again it could be any middle class toss, it's so hard to tell these days.

They literally don't get his humour wew.

it's the boomers lad

Zizeck is barely a communist and has constant fallings out with the rest of the community for not being an internationalist.

I want them to continue tbqh, this only harms them.
They are bigger larpers than NA, they call for violence and whatnot yet not one of them has so much as seen a fight before, they'll shit themselves and run at the first sign of violence.
You see it in the videos all the time, their tactics are sneak attacks like the bike lock and Spencer getting smacked, or they just use their numbers to take out a considerably weaker and more vulnerable person like that OAP and the teenager. In an actual conflict they will be fucking annihilated.
If you're actually worried abiut it, just imagine Owen Jones trying to swing at you. That is the best they can hope for.

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top keke

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They really have no interest in being anything other than liberal's trying to cling to their material wealth.


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>this is what they meant by the trump effect''

We had the same thing here a while back, wonder if it's just shitposting or it's actually some corbyn fans trying to infiltrate.

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remember the sense of pre brexit vote optimism

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2016 was a wild time

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I went into a Zig Forums brit thread back in the 2017 election to see what their thoughts were and they admitted to shilling for Corbyn on 4/brit/ as a 'national socialist' candidate. I remember one argument was 'we should let Jez achieve the socialist revolution, we'll achieve the nationalist revolution'. Worst thing was some idiots actually bought into it and voted labour. Jez is doing a good job of hiding his power level by putting Dianne Abbott as shadow home secretary and John McDonnel as shadow chancellor.

Can anyone here recommend me some good pro-loyalist books about the troubles?

I’ll even take anything that doesn’t paint brits and loyalists as genociding monsters so long as they’re good

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Yeah i've had a few based jezza posts myself but i think we all sort of know it's a pisstake

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Lads… don't tell me you're #hightorymissiles

get daft

What a great year. Staying up all night on the Brexit and US election threads was great fun. The future was so bright.

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Thanks, lad.

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The 24th was such a beautiful day.

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Link, lad?

here, lad

Downloading it now I'll see if it's good

I almost went to bed on both nights thinking they were a lost cause,Trump winning was definitely more shocking though tbh. I can still remember they had this democrat shill on the bbc doing damage control with quotes like 'well if she still wins [state]..'. They couldn't possibly believe that she could lose especially not to Adolf and Satan's lovechild.

thanks lad

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I went to bed both nights thinking that it was over, only to wake early morning to the threads full of "WE WON WE WON WE WON"
I miss those happy optimistic days.

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Snap out of your poofter reminiscing session, /arelad/ is ready to take down the EU with no survivors tbh

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They look like great historical figures

How can one woman destroy so much good work?

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can't get enough of these boomers

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You said it yourself lad.

dood weed lmao

The middle-class (especially boomers) are the most avaricious, hedonistic creatures, second only to Yids themselves.

Quality looks fine. Thanos is in it

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Solutions to the BQ?

looks a little cruddy to me tbh

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destruction of the middle class by way of economic collapse is literally the only thing that will change anything.

or we could just go dafty

Yeah I guess

Nice try State Actor.

dubs confirm

Hi lads Q checking in here

Big if poo

Larping aside the OP article reads like some sort of fanfic porn. Not doubting the story but the way it's written up is suspicious tbh


No. I remember believing Hitchens then that the outcome of the vote would make no difference, or make things worse, and that we shouldn't have had it.

Diane Abbott unveils Labour's new immigration policy

Find another site to sully, you evil cowards.

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It would be fairer if our parties cared about our people, like other countries do smh

And in one fell swoop, Labour loses the North.

Keek. Dankula constantly thirsts for man arse on twitter too

Lad they'll keep voting for labour no matter what happens just as tarquin and monty will keep voting tory because team red is slightly better than team blue and 'at least they're not the tories'

Lets be honest, a swathe of northerners will still vote Labour because 'me dad voted labour, 'is dad voted labour, and im votin labour'

If there was an alternative in UKIP, Labour simply wouldn't survive. I absolutely despise the security services in what they have done to that once-tall party.

Tony Blair urges Labour MPs to stay as a new centrist party 'may be impossible'

So Blair's new bright idea is rather than take away from the Marxists, to actively start propping them up?

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cut me o'pen, I'm red on the insoide mayhte

how has this happened
It's dead average
I'm quite happy about it though

Deanos out tbh.

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UKIP were too based on free market principles and thatcherism to ever make a huge impact in the norf. What the norf seems to want is some kind of socialist nationalist party.

Some kind of national socialist party? for the workers?

they changed their tack on that in the years they gained popularity tbh. They embodied something closer to Original (non-Tavistock/Fabian) Labour after that tbh.

Bless them.

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Only the English workers mind, have to specify that in the title

I often think if we can't claw it back then we deserve to just get nuked and end it all tbh. Not even meming for a second, there is just no organised backlash here and the problems seem much deeper rooted than in other western countries. I don't know of other european countries with islamic rape gangs on the same model as here, not an organised structure that is country wide.

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The result came in on the 25th lad, the vote took place on the 24th.

UKIP was controlled opposition meant to crush the BNP from the start, that was smashed down when it mutated and got too big.

we voted on the 23rd lad

Life is still comfortable for much of the middle class and working class despite rape gangs and such. Once an economic crisis hits (which it will) and the middle classes and working classes suddenly find themselves out of the job shit will hit the fan proper.


Yeah my mistake sorry.

Let's hope