Brit/pol/ #2442: JUST Missing the Mark Edition

Joe Robinson: Turkish court convicts former UK soldier

UK weather – Britain to be battered by TWO storms next week with Helene and Joyce set to bring 80mph and showers

Boris Johnson 'digging own political grave' says Guto Harri

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Good lad.

Good lad

which do you pick, lads

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good norn

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poor lad

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Very gooed lad

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Top dawg.

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E, H, J and K are all acceptable, but in my current mood I have to pick F

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Uplifting tbh

Jperium tbh lads

Wrong thread number btw

fucking nice

K, H, and C are the patrician ones tbqh

I'll fix it.

Your OC lad?

e, c, k . By eck.


Following in the footsteps of guitar-lad there lads

enjoy the house

nah but I can't remember who it was

Thanks lads


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Isle of Man

That's just a tan lad.

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Current mood doesn't care much for comfort.

oh yeah she defo ain't a wop, sure lad.

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god I want to go to a reeducation camp so bad, I am so sick of pretending to be a normie

Thought his lass was a seamonkey. A wop or dago lass is hardly race mixing.


h'whiter than any Welsh lass I've ever seen.

He makes the most exceedingly good webm's tbh

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Beside (you) he is my favourite OC maker

nice fucking try ycunt

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only fools like women because women only like themselves

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Oh I am laffing

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It's time to go and live in the swamp lad

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Don't worry we can be benis brothers since mine is mutilated too but mine is pretty big tbh

They smell and look nice and make me happy

Lads. Can you recommend me a good computer/office chair, ideally not above £100. Sick of sitting on this brick, probably damaging myself, and procrastinating whilst reading contradictory reviews where some say so and so chair is the bees knees and others say it falls to shit after 2 months use. Anyone have verified sitting qualifications that can point me in the right direction?


that sounds a bit gay lid so sorry, I don't want to be a homoist

Best to go down a shop to get one so you don't get one too big or too small tbh

How about a Maltese lass? Malta is British, what could be wrong with a British lass?

There's a cheapo ikea one I got years ago that works fine

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Lad nobody knows what ethnicity Maltese people are

you have to try before you buy with these things tbh lad, go knock about charity shops and eventually you'll get lucky

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My mummy likes me

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Oh nothing wrong with that at all so long as you don't mind your children coming out with a head like a scourer

good point, my mummy was just going on some boomer rant to me and it made me kind of mad

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I always assumed they were a kind of Berberwop.



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Sorry to hear that lad, mummies are precious

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*looks up what this means*

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top fucking wew I never realised he wasn't a yank

Cripes I thought he was a burger all this time

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everyone thinks millennial are cancer for liking pokemon and kingdom hearts, just wait for the zoomer cancer. once the next recession happens get ready for anti zoomer articles

This shit isn't right a five year old should not be playing this shit.

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Malta hasn't been British since 1964

It's already here.

one of the boomer regulars at muh pub asked me about Fortnite because he came home one day and found his kid playing it and he overheard the voicechat

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name one of his popular movies that he doesn't play a burger in

what the fuck even is a fortnite? I thought it was a shooter? online gaming is cancer. video games post 2009 are cancer. I just want a solar storm to blow up all technology at this point

Areana shooter designed for the twitch generation.

lad. cheers
Hope he gets inspired to make more new stuff tbh, lad has talent.

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we've all heard that zoomers also have a ton of neocon types as well, they are kinda split supposedly
Never talked to any myself

It's a battle royale that got made popular from the PUBG lawsuit autism, the excessive amounts of memmies, and the fact that it's free.
I can almost guarantee that every child in school is playing it either on PC, console, or on their fucking phone.

yeah there are plenty of counter signalling teens who play up being a "conservative" these types just dream of being a richfag. nobody is actually socially conservative.

It definitely is a mixed bunch, you've got the ones that are as normie as other normies, but then there are some that are just like us.

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it's a dank zoomer dance move off fortnight.

that would be fun to dress up in and beat women up while wearing it

Hmm I thought the pc indoctrination might have raised some reactionary types as well

I wish World of Warplanes/Tanks hadn't become such cancer tbh lads

no lad things are so normalized they just want to be muh flag muh guns retard rednecks

never change lad

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C or K
or both

and Warthunder too, fuck that grindy shit

I know of a few.
The internet has made ideas like ours so easy to spread tbqh

f2p p2w is such cancer


I'm sitting in a fucking old school wooden chair with a pillow on it right now. Probably not the best thing.

Cheers lads. Though not really because I'm still in limbo. Might just buy whatever from amazon tbh.

Lad, that doesn't matter, if you were patrician you would research kino makers

the utter state of MJ

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H all the way