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Joe Robinson: Turkish court convicts former UK soldier

UK weather – Britain to be battered by TWO storms next week with Helene and Joyce set to bring 80mph and showers

Boris Johnson 'digging own political grave' says Guto Harri

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good lad

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Why is Survive the Jive hailing satan?


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What in the name of christ is mariella talking about? Women are oppressed because they have a limited number of eggs? How is society supposed to shape shift to accommodate this fact of nature? How can any man take any woman seriously?

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/are kim/

You can't please a woman because they are mentally deranged.
You could hand them the Earth and they will still be unhappy.

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You aren't supposed to please them, you're supposed to control them.



What could it mean?


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I hope they are meming this into reality.
Was that woman a politician or something?

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Lad you've had a lot of sex haven't you? Sometimes mine and the missus' bits get sore after rumpy pumpy and it lasts for days, in fact the most recent occurrence lasted for over a week, also the skin on my bellend gets really dry, and I'm getting quite annoyed with it. We've been tested and both came back clean. What's going on?


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Foreign doctors, that's what

Forgive me for being vulgar but is she a dry'un?

Sounds like your lass has a coarse vagina


Friction burns tbh. I used to sting while having a slash. It'll go after a while. The dryness could be a sign of infection. If it last longer than you expect, go and see a doc. It could be tinea cruris, or change your washing powder see if that helps

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Try a water based lube or go down on her until she's gushing before you stick it in.

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I bucked yer ma

magnesium deficiency lad

No but sometimes I get impatient and go in without warming her up first, I should stop that.


Thanks lad. I've read that apple cider vinegar is a good antibacterial so I've just drizzled that over it.

Foreigners can't even place the stereotypes correctly

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Yeah you should, or if you can't stop then get some lube or somin tbh

who is the terrorist in this series?

Tbh women never seem particularly happy or unhappy: just sort of contented in their ability to proselytise insanity (or cause mischief, in other words).

someone hasn't been eating their onions…

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Are you a queer, lad?

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Muslims and the occasional goodboy exsoldier

Come on lad you don't use it anyway

*zaps your penis powers*

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No worries but don't be scared in seeing your GP if you fear the worse. I bet he has seen far worse tbh and is always a good idea to get yourself checked out.

that doesn't sound very BBC

Yeah she's the same as but legally distinct from Theresa May

So that makes it 4.5 inches?

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Sounds a bit homo to me lad, having 2nd hand penis and all
Think you should give it back for both your sakes tbh

these storms cannot be coincidental lads. Wrath of God? Illuminati weather weapons? Plz reply with your honest thoughts

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keeek needed that lad

Find youself an Oak treet and a rock. You'll be amazed at what you'll see in 6 months.

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I guess I was forced to tell that story a lot of times smh

Kek I wish. I actually asked my doctor for a penis enlargement but it's not possible apparently.

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I have a female doctor too. It's horrible

what went wrong?

a nurse gave me a handjob when I had to have my balls ultrasounded as a 16 year old

it fell off

Just pop down to one of the private clinics down Harley St and ask for fat injection in your old chap. You'll have to re-mortgage your house but you'll have a cock like a jam jar tbh.

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It's unfair

This pic is so disgusting

Is that you in the background then lad?

smh if you don't know you're new. The door's there, lad

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why were you having your balls tested?

I thought I had cancer but it was just a benign cyst

Can't be that disgusting then can it.

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Ive been here for years, but never heard about that. The only situation like that I know of is gordos.

I've had a doctor ram his finger up the tradesman's entrance. Not nice but it was necessary at the time.

22st is famous for his fucked up willy lad

we all know it was some kind of kinky thing with your gf

nice bullying lad, old-school, textbook.

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Half the shit they come out with is down to insanity and the medical community just tags a syndrome on the end of it to make it legit.

London Fashion Week: Why Alexa Chung has 'imposter syndrome'

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seriously why are there massive hurricanes in the USA, philippines, Hong Kong/Macau and now storms battering the UK
is it happening?

GI had a training camp in Devon.

It all gets whipped up by the pacific at this time of year.

Saw a drunk Indian call a black guy a nigger yesterday.
looks like pooflag is finally going to get blown by something other than his sister

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pot calling the kettle black tbh
some pakis I meet are worse than niggers


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do you think in the fall of rome they were able to notice the decline of their nation year by year, as in I can literally notice the decline of this country from being even worse than it was just a year ago

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I remember seeing him on stage when I went to see PIL. I bearly recognise him from these pics.
Almost as fat as Bad Manners.

ANARCHY FOR *wheeze* …THE… *wheeze* …uk……


Ebay are a bunch of greedy bastards

Getting sick of your egotism lad.

What do you think of this: