Brit/pol/ #2444: Saucy Nugget Edition

Joe Robinson: Turkish court convicts former UK soldier

UK weather – Britain to be battered by TWO storms next week with Helene and Joyce set to bring 80mph and showers

Boris Johnson 'digging own political grave' says Guto Harri

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first for stop bullying molosser breeds

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first for discreet nightshift slavposting

Well lads, at 60 oz, I believe I take the lead for silver ownership on this board.

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Pugs are the Eric Garner of dogs tbh

yeah I think pet dogs are just generally not for the urban environment
I would only care for a dog if I lived somewhere rural, though I seem to like them less than most anyway

nice job lid, I only have 8 oz rn

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good lad

good lad, fags who buy ridgebacks and huskies and other memi dogs to get hipster attention are pure cancer.

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good lad

I got a few eagle coins and mostly 10oz bars. It felt amazing to buy it. I hope the price stays down for the foreseeable future. I'm seriously considering pulling out investments to buy more. Gotta get ready for dat Shemitah.

Reminder - markets plateaued at all time highs, silver approaching rock bottom.

Slavs OUT

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good lid, should I keep buying as well? I could drop my savings into it and easily put like 5-6k into silver but that seems too schizo for me rn

good nugget

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shemitah loometh my friends.

iktf, it seems like a crazy thing to do, and i'm on the fence about it too. I'm not going to rush into it, but i'll probably do about 3000 in the next few weeks i think. You need a good place to keep it too which i don't have.

I keep it in a cigar box in my shotgun locker

heh heh nothing personnel kaffir

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Fly me to the moon Sea Cow


Honestly wouldn't mind, westerners have a weird attachment to dogs imo

good taste lad

Fuck off hebrew.

What kind of gains are you lads anticipating on silver anyway?



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Xenos out
Doggos in

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hypocrite tbh la

That shit drives me mad tbh. And those are the same fags I see when walking my dog on the fields that have their dogs on a leash all the time and don't even let them run about and play. Makes me feel sad for the doggo. Just let them at least run about you dead hearted cunt.

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wew that's good lad

The dog is nothing more than a fashion accessory to them.
What's even more sickening is when you see these whores commenting on pictures of children dressed up and going "OMG I WANT KIDS NOW". They don't want children, they want an accessory they can dress up.
These people are sick in the head.

If that's what would make you happy lad
just don't leave their shit in public greenery

thinking about robbing a post office tbh lads

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Calm down Peterson.

reed Seej


Have you considered other activities?

No freshers?

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kek that is truly awful

This is a boomer board

Speaking of utter trash, is that boomer board still going?

No sweetie, it can be for aesthetic reasons or an ancestral drive to meet up with the ancestor of a doggo that helped your own ancestor survive.
t. muh blood and soil

Just fucking failed nofap again after 2 weeks

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tbh our Bowden thread didn't get much traction somehow

this but unironically
but don't forget to read Fanged Noumena before

Got further than me.

oh dear

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good, so maybe you boomers can tell me how to make the most of my university years

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Finna kms

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keek I'm nearly halfway through FN at the moment, will probably read meltdown afterwards

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Gonna call it a night lads

Wouldn't know lad, I finished my bachelors last year and was a bit of a loner faggot
What are you studying lad?

just drop out because if you are on imageboards you will never fit in at uni

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also uni isn't about partying if you think it is just drop out. you should be studying and networking voraciously

that sound super hipster

Sleep tight

this tbh, works for me

it's been worse tbh, though it does often make up for it


tell me more about socialising

chemical engineering

imageboards taught me a lot about life

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This gimmick is shit lad get a proper one or don't try.

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tbh I'm in a less normie friendly course than that and I do alright. ask a lad who goes to a British uni though, but if I could do it in my 5th proper language you have no excuse not being able to do it in English

tbh I'm participating in good faith :^)

That's a good one at least, just make sure to get a 2:1, the socialising is secondary


Going to go fry those couple rashers of bacon and egg, maybe throw that garlic naan in the grill too and melt some cheddar cheese over it, topped with some chopped spring onion and sprinkled with cracked pepper.

All younglings should be killed.

Aye lad. Thankfully I don't see too many of those types when walking my dog but the rare ones I do I want to spit in the face of. I try and strike the balance with my doggo between basically being a family member and being a wild beast.

surprised you're not too hammered to cook by now lad

uni is basically just techincal school for upper middle class bureaucrats. enjoy grant farming for the rest of your life after 4 years of hangin out with chameleon normalfag zombies

Impossible tbh

Now acid, there's a real difficulty modifier for cooking

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Thanks lads

Fly me to the moon sea cow

Oh yeah also want to say make sure to get buddy buddy with your professors, and work really hard not just to graduate but to impress them
In my experience the fact I got some to notice me senpai and give me summer work and more is worth as much as the degree itself

How have you been here so long yet you don't know that there's a strong psychonaut community?

Kek, that's fucking hilarious tbh

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are you a druid crossposter lad?

nah lad

What do you study?

thanks, I'm aiming high

spare me pls

£100K jobs await me when I get to the chartered engineer level

good tip, thanks

Some people genuinely like the STEM lyfe lad, though I know most of my cohort were just in it because they felt they needed to choose a career. It shows in their results tbh

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nunvya tbh also surely you would have started studying by now?

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It's freshers week, studies will start from the following week.

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