Brit/pol/ #2445: No Deal Edition

Brexit: PM says 'it's either my deal or no deal'

Four in ten think British culture is undermined by multiculturalism

Surgeon decapitated friend because he thought he was a ‘supernatural being’

Violence explodes outside chicken shop as thugs brawl with baseball bats

Meghan cooks for Grenfell: Duchess makes secret trips to help volunteers create a charity cookbook in first solo project as a royal

Why it's OK to have 'bad manners'

Mike Pence dumped his college fiancee for being a 'sinner' and narced on his beer-drinking frat bros

Migrant nearly loses penis after kicking dog in Spain

BPA-free plastics seem to disrupt sperm and egg development in mice

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i bucked yer ma

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literally nothing, it's the grauniad though so they are just looking for stuff to complain about

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Were those articles all written by the same person?

Is this a jock thing?


No it's a /newbrit/ thing.

It's tough sometimes lads

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northern irish

They have turned these areas into slums and yet we will still get the blame for them being in poverty or some bollocks.

they are wet farts lad

We'll get through it lad, remember the great deeds of our ancestors.

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Is it worth travel thotting in the states, Steiner?

what do you mean? getting lasses? I think if you were going to come here you should do around this time of year and stay until early spring just driving around and seeing random places like the ariondacks, the great lakes, the ozarks, the appalachian mtns and virginia or something

If I were you I'd pack my things up and just leave. Just leave the city and dont look back.

Don't tell me travel thotting is what I think it is

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Moving to do my masters. Unfortunately still got one more year stuck in Birmingham.

There is no end to the hate I have for these people.

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I just mean travelling lad. I want to see

Hasn't the ozarks become a rich tourist trap for East coasters?


Hang in there lad

Yeah yanks are bit iffy eh

It's related to the discussion you tool.

yeah good looking women tho upland south/mountain south is where memi southern slags at


Yeah it'd be interesting to see what they're really like rather than the remorseless slandering they get in US media. It feels too similar to what the UK media has been conducting against our own white working class.

We have the same tossers in Britain.

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Then stay a bennies absorbing nigger cattle you clearly don't want to change.

Do brit lads get a loot of poontang in the USA? If I did my best harry potter impression and went to a load of bars would I find it easy to get laid?

zankyoo bitch mester

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The accent is a potent aphrodisiac

You'd be like one of those balding fuckers that goes to Thailand to bang the hookers.

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we all knew it too smh
"I-I just like the food"
I thought that was why we had immigrants

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yeah it does seem exactly the same. when that one lad posted englands toughest towns show it was super comfy because it seemed very similar to where I live just different accents.

apply when you're a scouser

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Hey what goes on tour stays on tour


They tend to be more interested. I've attracted attention from women in the US in the past but I'm too autistic to ever go any further with it. I once met a really friendly qt in a small church in Boston, alas.

WE all like Ginnie though

literally just pretend to like harry potter lads thats literally all you have to do american thots are DUUUUUUUUUMMMBBB, that is really the only good part about american women

You're still a whore in the eyes of God.

good? dunno about that one lad

is all you'd get I imagine

Scouse lasses love Norwegians. ;)

They'd be half right n'all.

what is a ghost straw?

How can small brained white niggers even compete?

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Like a ghost gun, but a straw and not a gun

then mid stroke I start yelling at her in my deepest danny dyer voice "COORRR FAHKIN ELL LUV ERES WUN FER YA ORWLD MAN"

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think its just a straw

What state did you visit?

Wew I need to go to the USA again as an adult

Bit of a reach lad.

listen to the audio of this tbh its comedy gold

tbh I wouldn't bother putting on a voice, I'd pull the birds by virtue of being the only white man in 56%land

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Transparent straws that can't be seen or found by police straws are illegal in LA

I see another Trout and Wee here in the making tbh.


brush your teeth lad

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what a ginormous faggot
watching him destroy his "career" is absolute gold

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Come make me lad.

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based brummies tbh

but muh gunz tho

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wew you're a good lad

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He deleted that comment



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Sargon is retarded and has a huge ego.

wait now he made a reply video


He's reached the end of his "career" already, there's nowhere but down for him.
UKIP milked him for members, that's it, that's the end for him. The idiot hasn't a single original thought in his head and yet acts like an intellectual authority. This is it for him, all that is left is for his ego to drown him as he makes a complete tit of himself for all to see.

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Quick rundown of the video

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Look at him going after literally whos in the comments. He's responding to anons in a petty and rather defensive way.
I want him to get involved in more e-discussions just so he destroys himself by Christmas and UKIP cuts him.

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bit triggered tbh lads

Just figured out that another e-celeb

is that pepe one of ours?

Go on lad give us a little description of her other than her tits.

I remember back in 2015 Sargon was a far leftist. He spent all his time talking about reforming leftism from identity politics, he even did a political compass episode where he confirmed he was a far left libertarian. I remember his 2015 election video when he complained that the conservatives were far right and told people not to vote for them for this reason. Now all of a sudden he's bragging that he's a big name in UKIP and has the ability to interview Trump. The guy is a fraud, he only goes where the money is.

good lad

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I remember back when he was a larpy atheist back with thunderfoot who took every moment he could to tip


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Almost as bad as the time he said he'll be like alexander as if it was some sort of esoteric line that nobody would get

Not what I said lad.

Sorry for not keeping up with the e-drama lad

you implied it

I have been saying this all along, all he has ever done since the beginning of his career was go after low-hanging fruit for easy (you)s

>"look at these STUPID christians, they are SO STUPID amirite?"
>"look at these STUPID feminists, they are SO STUPID amirite?"
>"look at these STUPID sjws, they are SO STUPID amirite?"
That's all he ever has been and ever will be.

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That's okay. It's a pun on TL;DR, Teal deer

She's a legit 10/10 tbh. Blonde, big blue eyes, big firm tits, shapely arse and good birthing hips.