Brit/pol/ #2446: 1 Timothy 2:12 Edition

Church of England should avoid only calling God 'he', female Bishop says

'We're naive, thick & ignorant?' Nigel Farage EXPLODES after caller brands him 'dangerous'

UKIP leader Gerard Batten criticised by Nigel Farage for endorsing anti-Muslim rally

Four in ten think British culture is undermined by multiculturalism

Brexit: PM says 'it's either my deal or no deal'

'Israel Launches Series of Strikes on Targets Near Syria's Lattakia'

Fears Israel or France has shot-down Russian spy plane during raid on Syria

Emergency declared at Brunswick nuclear power plant in North Carolina… all personnel blocked from entering the facility as “hot shutdown” under way

Beaten traffic warden speaks out after Alum Rock robbery and says 'I forgive my attackers'

Soros-funded NGO Taking Legal Action to Block Traditional Family, Marriage Referendum

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Playing danganronpa lads

Uncomfirmed reports that Syria shot down the Russian spy plane. No WW3.

Good lad.
Recusancy it is.

Good lad

wtf is this now?

Lood gad

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Square Enix have an official Zig Forums account.

used that "would you like to hear The Specials?" today

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It's something else.

reminder that joe's quest to deal with the rats in that one mummies house still needs to be completed before you can get your promotion from guildmaster nick

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Think I might quit my job tbh

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good lass

how was karate lad? did the savant tard beat you up again?

I missed my chance to stock up.

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it was good, I am working on a kata rn and I also did some heavy bag work and tried to test out some of these moves on the bag then did a load of round house kikes


*meant this vid

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Fuck's sake

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*shitposts on work phone*

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"uh 22st, why are you on this neo-nazi cp site?"

show your boss this one lad

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Trust me I don't want civic lad to see this

Aaand there we pass the time where my work day gets an hour longer smh. Dumb unloaders

don't tell mercia

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Oh no

Later lads

see you later lid

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You realise that the post is still there when the mods wake up right.

no u

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He can't keep getting away with it

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You're a bad lad upsetting the mods like that

did they die lads? im scared for barney, I hope he is okay


Wolfdog Mummy hasn't uploaded either. Maybe she went to make a bassett video

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springers are the english equivalent. get one of them.

Don't, they are one of those shitty memi breeds like Pugs, buy a spaniel of some kind.

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Have you guys seen the Hotel Metropol, in Moscow? It's a really nice art nouveau building.

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clean drinking water

dwarf wrestling on 'This Morning' lefty dwarves complaining, send them to Mordor tbh.

That little faggot is a lispy twat

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Little poof

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what's in it for me?

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Is this like when women want porn banned?


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I hope one of you lads got him…

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can you get the full English in there?
What do Ruskies eat for breakfast?

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Problem, brainlet?

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believe it or not, it's a Lurcher cross.

For me, it's a cool Monster Pipeline Punch™

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Cute, lurchers are good doggos ime


Took this picture of a Bassettlad the other day.
He was fewmin that his master had left him in the front garden

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Me on the right

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He made man and woman in his image. The reason that God is always referred to as male is that the Holy Ghost always uses male pronouns for God in the Bible, and we're told to be followers of God like little children.


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he made man first tho

Yes, that's true, and he also took the form of a man when he incarnated. The Anglican church has a deistic conception of God, though. They became deists in the late 18th century.

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Migration Advisory Committee: EEA migration

little impact on the overall employment and unemployment outcomes of the UKborn
report suggests that migration is not a major determinate of the wages of UKborn
workers. We found some evidence suggesting that lower-skilled workers
face a negative impact while higher-skilled workers benefit, however the
magnitude of the impacts are generally small.

Interestingly their findings on wages are in stark contrast to their finding on prices

of goods and services.

tl;dr They're arguing that mass migration doesn't effect the supply of labour to have any impact on wages, but WILL effect demand for goods and services.

expanded youth mobility scheme rather than employer-led sector-based routes

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Fuckin hate Pakis tbh lads

Conclusion of the report: A managed migration system could benefit the resident population though there
would be winners and losers and the size of the benefits are likely to be modest.
The evidence shows benefits would be best achieved through shifting the mix
of work migration towards higher-skilled workers. If freedom of movement ends,
the migration of EEA workers will become harder. Our proposals for changes
to the Tier 2 visa system – removing the cap, widening the range of jobs
permitted, and reducing bureaucracy - mean that the change would be less for
medium-skilled workers than low-skilled workers and less still for high-skilled
workers. For non-EEA workers, our Tier 2 proposals would make it easier to
hire migrants into high and medium-skilled jobs but make no change for lowerskilled.

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Are you alright



moved into a town for uni, fucking pakis everywhere. I hate them.

It's like that Vice Motherboard article in which the Journalist complains about how hard and expensive it is to build one, needing his $2000 iMac to guide him through the build. Moreover ASUS's Republic of Gamers brand is a right-wing dog whistle.

These fucking faggots.

There is so much about the IT industry I fucking hate.

And it's mostly down to the HR cunts.

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I don't think there's a bigger memi job out there, it exists solely to give women a job with their skillset (being a bitch) and so that they can destroy workplaces with diversity quotas and whatnot. There is fuckall reason for it to exist.

mfw had steak for breakfast

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This ought to be good

Do push ups every time you have a sexual thought, if you discipline yourself, you will eventually be able to stop yourself in the dream.

This, you need to condition yourself to withstand it.
also that doesn't really count as failing nofap tbf

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wot le fug

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Yeah I agree, only counts if your going for semen retention.

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How many qualifications do you think the people who published this study have in order to be considered qualified enough to publish a study of something that is common fucking sense.

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wet dreams don't work like that

The filthier your mind is, the more likely you are to have wet dreams.

I've had wet dreams where in the dream I'm doing incredibly mundane (completely non-sexual) stuff
When your body decides it needs to do emissions, it will do it.

If your body needs to release then it will, however you can still condition your mind to improve in order to reduce the chances of you having a wet dream from having a dirty mind.


I can attest form personal experience that it works, give it a go lads.