Brit/pol/ #2447: No Intolerant Bigots Allowed Edition

UK Police Trial ‘Modest’ Muslim Uniform to ‘Hide the Female Form’

Telford grooming victim's father tells EDL and Britain First to stop using her picture

Russian Il-20 downed by Syrian missile after Israeli F-16s used it as cover during attack

Syria accidentally shot down a Russian Ilyushin military aircraft over the Mediterranean, killing all 15 crew members, when its air defences swung into action against an Israeli missile strike, Russian and Israeli forces says

Bert and Ernie Sesame Street writer Mark Saltzman said the beloved duo, who shared a basement apartment on 123 Sesame Street, are indeed gay

Police advice to pubs to look out for "young black males who look as though they are intent on committing disorder" has been branded inflammatory

Party that doesn't exist more popular than Lib Dems

German MEP's aide photographed holding notes on 'general election' and 'public vote' after Brexit meeting with Theresa May

If we manipulate the date then Brexit bigots btfo

People stroll by as reporter ‘braces’ against wind. Weather Channel blames ‘wet grass’

China hits back at Trump with tariffs on $60bn of US goods

SAS Who Dares Wins star's brother, 55, 'stabbed his eight-year-old daughter to death while struggling to deal with his ex-partner having a new lesbian lover'

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ambivalent lad

fucking losing it tbh lads

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Dont worry, the police are here to help.

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t. braphog poster

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How are 4 binbags going to help?

f u c k i n g l o s i n g i t t b h l a d s

cucks everywhere tbh

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by making sure that all of their brothers and cousins all get a turn

The on duty Imam arrived and introduced himself as Jihadi John and that only. He came within very close proximity of our daughters, which we found quite uncomfortable, and informed us that it was correct that we were stopped due to our War garments.
As a Christian, to cover our face with a flat-top helmet is a religious requirement, therefore I was shocked at what I was hearing. He carried on to tell us that this is the Mosque dress policy, to which friend and I replied, that nowhere on the Mosque dress code policy does it state that religious Broad Swords are banned on premises.

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I keep a basball bat in the mini because of the recent rise in car jackings. Still has the wrapping on.

We vote for governments that import criminals and enemies, that leave us defenceless against them and who then refuse to defend us to boot and then attempt to or succeed in criminalising us in our own country if we speak out
The government is Public Enemy #1

Isn't that illegal here?

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Not if you have a glove and ball in the car too ;-)

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Carry on

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We are going to dominate the next olympics with all these youths training hard

You need a glove and a ball in the boot as well to have a chance of getting away with it if stopped
I carry a bag of el cheapo Poundland tools with a proper 2lb hammer in it in the boot tbh

The hundred meter outpacing of the law.



tire iron tbh, makes more sense

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This. I looked into it a while back and stayed legit.

trannys only exist in late stage civilization tbh

why not just keep a screwdriver in the car?

Honestly if you end up using it a screwdriver is going to suck vs a bat, it's just too small


Fat boy 22st

too close

It would just seem too suspicious only having a screwdriver in the car with no other tools to go with it.
Also what said.

tbf lads if someone's hassling you at your car it's already close-quarters as is

whats the matter lads scared of getting stuck in?

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what's the latest news about Dickie two-pints, lads? haven't heard anything for a while now

==Dad forced to flee London home after chilling "kill the Jew" threats, brutal attacks and swastika graffiti. A former stand-up comic targeted for his faith suffered a catalogue of terrifying incidents - from verbal and physical assaults to death threats and Nazi symbols daubed on his home

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sadly I don't live in a Danny Dyer film so I don't know

Hmm yeah good point, can't swing a bat if the bloke is already reaching through the window, I've flipped and am now on the screwdriver side

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oh yeah that lad

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Or a pair of "Driving Gloves" for those cold mornings commute ;-)

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what is this new memi that training to do things never works?

off the top of my head, I can't think of where I wd need a screwdriver in my car tbh, I suppose one we be if they were tools of trade

New psyops.

granted its better to run away but disarming people is possible and in all those situations the knife person was more aggressive so the disarm failed

Just have some tools in the boot and if stopped just say "whoops left this in the glovebox, should be in the back with the rest"


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Everyone has a neck and a groin.

Why risk it tbh

Based native British Asian nazi anti-Zionists

>not just farting on a nigga til he cries

why not just have an illegal colt 9130 and when the cops say oi wats aw dis? you just shot them?

a socket wrench is always handy in case of flat tyres, on my way to sommelier school

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My grandad was an electrician and had two boxes of tool in the back, but would keep a few loose in the front as it saved him having to carry a full kit on a job if it was a simple bit of work. Bit of a decent excuse there tbh

More chronicles of the chad boomer destroying the virgin shart.


what if you are in prison and about to get knife shanked? should you just accept your fate because internet MMA spergs declared mid range grappling skills irrelevant because IN THE OCTAGON BRO U JUST TAI BO THEM INTO A KALAMARI CHOKEOUT

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He could simply shoot him with an illegally imported firearm like burgers do, it would stop the larping about. It's not like he'd be tweeting maliciously or something.

Hol' up, are you lads saying you can get in trouble with the police if they find out you have tools in your car's glove compartment?

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UK employers condemn 'ignorant, elitist' Brexit immigration report
Always about the money instead of maybe not paying slave wages. Expect this to be pushed for post brexit workers like reopening Indian student work visas
I wonder if this is because they arrive as an adult without the costs of education, birth etc…

very suspicious pair of thin nosed pliers you have there lad.

Just chisel out an opening in his shins, taking care to insert sturdy wooden props as you go, then build a bonfire around him and light it

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Depends on the job tbh

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Alright lads I found the solution to this nonsense

Idk lad, then I suppose you give it your best shot, but I think the general idea behind it is that you won't be able to train to defend against a knife attack in a few simple classes/video or whatever. For people trained in martial arts it may be different

just got 3 more oz of silver lads

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It's taco man all over again.

why are you buying silver lad?

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o h h o w s u b t l e

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for when the stock market goes into another recession and silver goes up from its all time low rn

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yes officer I just bought this off eBay. cunt told me it was a jet washer

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Mmm… yeah, my daughter's dead, but this FOOD, man! Kinda chewy today! *Chomp*

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The same way Spain was shaped by the moors

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I mean, they aren't lying. It has been shaped.

Wouldn't you do so after repelling a wog attack, lad?

its all so tiresome
sometimes I think these people deserve it tbh


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It would be a source of amusement to promote the removal of state funding for such things at the Euromaniacs

A classic.

It's a cult.
I just want to kill them all.

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>"I don't believe in Him but I WILL go out of my way to refer to Him as a her just because I have some bollocks socio-political point to make"

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