Brit/pol/ #2448: Endeavour Edition

HMS ENDEAVOUR, the famous ship Captain James Cook used to navigate to Australia, may have been discovered off the US east coast and in what is described as a “hugely significant moment” world maritime history

UK inflation jumps unexpectedly to hit six-month high in August

UK employers condemn 'ignorant, elitist' Brexit immigration report

London House Prices Post Biggest Drop Since 2009 in July

A convicted fraudster responsible for the biggest trading loss in UK banking history has won a last-minute reprieve from his planned deportation

Three hurt as car hits crowd near Islamic Centre in Cricklewood

Fed-up residents create 'drug-dealer only' signs to highlight spiralling crime levels in their neighbourhood

Sadiq Khan points finger at George Osborne for growing crime wave plaguing London

YouTube's 'alternative influence network' breeds rightwing radicalisation, report finds

Sesame Street: 'Bert And Ernie Are Not Gay, They Are Depraved Pansexual Perverts'

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They really are throwing out the baby out with the bath tub, aren't they.

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CRP wasn't happy about this

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even chimps cannot stand the eternal thot

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Flatheads are there too, huh?

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Fuuuuck lads why couldn't I have been born in time to take part in Cook's voyage? Instead of being a shitty pleb in a dying society.

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Realistically, you would be born a farmer or industrial worker who would idolise your current luxuries if he could see them.

grass is always greener etc etc

what a silly sod

Alri lads

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not too bad might go and get pie and beans



She had a link to the YouTube clip on her instagoy

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silver is not a mene

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It is

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s-shut up

she is probably faking it for attention. women are so fucking annoying

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If you're going to buy silver buy bags of junk spoons and jewellery from antique shops and traders. Don't pay for stamped silver rounds from

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have you tidied your room today bucko?

good lad

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tbh someone once said Peterson talks like a dark elf

I've achieved nothing over the last 3 years and I'm starting to fucking lose it lads

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Honey I'm home

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You a based NEET, lad?

Thanks lad

she ain't your honey no more boy

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basically yes but I'm trying not to be

kek that pic

he cute, she thicc

Practice those handshake skills. Personally I just got lucky. Lads on here recommend doing a trade but it's not something I'd want to do. You tried that, lad?

lads, how can men honestly get married to women these days who have had sex with dozens of men and had multiple boyfriends, I literally couldn't do it I'd be sick

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Hey lads, I told that girl I mentioned before after we went out and had a great time last weekend
>No user, we've been together 6 years, he's coming here to live etc etc
this was after frollicking around and all type of touch feely behavior including biting. How naive is this wench? I should be taking her to meet a female friend (as a friend) later cause I think they'd get on…and wtf am I doing?! Im not going to be able to see her that way despite her saying "you need to know we can never be together that way"..My frustration and pain was softly leaving but its coming back JUST

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how can someone be such a normie that they have multiple female friends yet but unable to close the deal when there is fucking BITING going on when you are alone with her, jesus christ lad its over for you, she probably thinks you are a desperate pussy now

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she just wasnt gonna let me kiss her, that's where she draws the line. so she can tell her bf she never kissed or shagged anyone but can get all the other attention she likes.

Because it's not real lad.

>"I've done nithing for three years it's not fair rooooooo"

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What’s the point? Just be friends & have done.

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People who don't eat meat are insufferable.

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On another note, I told EE to wipe my internet history and they literally said they dont keep a record of it. Just record of streaming, gaming, web activity amounts. Just opt out of the personalised offers/tracking shit. I said they should advertise this as a selling point in view of Snoopers Charter claiming they can get history from the ISP.

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idk lad, its why I don't care anymore. I have no idea how, I guess most men are the same level of normalfag degenerate. I just wanted a dumb wife to make me kids, not a waman

Neets, what time do you wake?
6am masterneet here

sure you do
Post at 6am from now on as proof, you're a neet so it's not as though you have other commitments

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Deep State Unmasked: State Department on Hidden Cam, “Resist Everything,” “I Have Nothing to Lose”

Based x files. Pretty sure Veritas only releases the soft stuff in early on so watch out for the more hard hitting stuff with higher up people in later releases.


I'd love to but that's during my offline constitutional.

Tired tbh lads

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shh lads, no talkie

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good lass

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yeah but at least the nice bird at EE cant see what Ive been jacking off too
apart from her sweet voice

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Anyone familiar with this lad? Seems like he's an Ukipper who has a real distaste for Sargon, specifically after he joined the party.

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spoons will save the anglo race

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end capitalism now

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wasn't the owner just advocating for more shitskins to come into the country

Gonna have to sauce that lad

There's obviously only one solution to the problem.

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It's my lunch break

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You lads seen about Tesco's answer to Aldi/Lidl? They've called it Jack's

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Isn't it lunch all day for SA?

shift from 8am-2pm, next shift from 5pm-9pm

google it

self employed at what

nice proof

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'We are NOT under rule of English!’ EU’s Juncker in remarkable SAVAGE attack on Britain

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5 pound a pop gloryhole, what else?


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Someone shoop me onto sheev

tfw the_gay_community.png will be a forbidden memi from now on

is 22st banned again?

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Am I still banned?

Bien speak French more…we dont care

(((it's))) afraid


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bigots btfo

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woah brb off to crush my bollocks because despite Christ speaking specifically against it he was clearly wrong

there isn't a poet throughout history who could have written this shit