Brit/pol/ #2449: A Very British Edition

Trump told Spain to 'build a wall' across Sahara desert to solve migration crisis

Victoria Ayling, who stood as one of UKIP’s top candidates in 2015, the 2016 Sleaford by-election and sat on UKIP’s NEC, has re-joined the Tories

EU leaders 'almost unanimous' in support for second UK referendum

We need a royal commission to save us from this botched Brexit

Brexit and gender

'We are NOT under rule of English!’ EU’s Juncker in remarkable SAVAGE attack on Britain

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Good lass!


Fourth for quality well-thought out posts

It's such an enjoyable song

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Good lad


the video is pretty comfy too

Polytheism is pederasy
Jehovah is true love

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ahh but lad quantity > quality obviously

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Remember lads, a dozen cheap chinese sweatshop shirts is better than a single British-made shirt

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First Christians were called atheists by the Romans.

Except in this case it's a dozen British-made shirts compared to a single Israeli-made shirt.

woah Christ btfo

Hey it's your argument

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When are you going to start typing in Anglo-Saxon runes, lad? Your alphabet is also Israeli-made.

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Pretty wholesome tbh

Phoenicians were based and redpilled

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who played Ultima 7 as a kid?

Tbh some of our doggo breeds are Phoenician too, those lads had a big impact

Absolutely barbaric

sex with attractive women

Actually semi-important poll tbh lads

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Doing so already.

Bought a bunch of blu rays with my credit card via Amazon


I follow this guy, he posts some interesting articles, but mostly it is him moaning about monotheistic oppression, and retweeting other polytheist moaners.


>I am going to miss QT for the second time because I will be at work

Will it be the DEATH of hollywood if I don't buy some blu rays?

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Prime will be the death of me

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Good lad

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SA seems smart with all those books with big word titles

He's part of our intellectual elite. Our very own Grayling, if you will.

bro that's false dilemma

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you may be but others aren't tbh lad, needs to be made official

SA Gayling

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I am.

cowards, the lot of you


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You can get articles from anywhere, there's no point following these mentallers unless you're looking for laughs.

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Off to toil have a nice day lads


>"i rang you yesterday and you didn't ring me back even tho i was at work till 7 btw we are declining your application heh sorry if i woke you up"
What a cunt.

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I've found Japanese Jamiroquai

interview didn't go too well so it wasn't a surprise but I'm overqualified for the position.

he was a old man and all the other workers in the department that i saw where attractive young women btw

Edward Butler posts interesting scholarly stuff that I like to take a look at from time to time, nowhere near as bad as her. He's still fucking mental on the monotheism-polytheism thing, it's like he has a mental disease.

Is there anything this cunt hasn't nicked from us.

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It's shameful to see Zig Forums culture being appropriated like this.


don't give him ideas lad

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what a miss, you could have had your own personal harem

one of the lasses said have a nice day as i went out the building so naturally i imagined marrying her and having children

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you didn't get a job because the old man saw you as a threat


this also working around oldfags and women is even worse because the oldfags will turbo white knight for the thots

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North shields, Meadow well, Per-cy main, Were the fuck you think am goin, Am goin on the train,
Percy main, Howdon, Hadrian road

bucking yer ma

He looks like a good lad

Why would he want your forced memi

He nicked gold top milk though

he's milking us for content

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yeah he is probably in the backyard sniffing leaves and watching mummy drive to toil and smelling all the humans secrete stress hormones but then he goes and has a cheeky wee on the tree

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nicked that pic of Kate Middleton off here too

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He did? Not happy with that tbf

t. supperlad


It's all he bloody does, go through his recent stuff and it's either high tory bollocks or our stuff.

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He's using our bomber harris memmies

The Second Emu War has begun

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High tory with a scouser accent

Three in four London students 'from ethnic minorities by 2030'

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the virgin cunt vs the chad lad

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Most of academics are pakis or indians anyway.

what is it with aus and emus

Emu's destroy crops faster than wild boar.

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From today's Sun

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>try making this point about hunting to a bunch of cunts but it always returns to "b-buh muh feelings :("

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who's the lass?

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tbh I'm glad they don't live here anymore

every nonce gets the rope

some tart from love island

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I dunno about that tbh

Just noticed it had her name peeking in

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It's fucking infuriating to try reasoning with these tossers, they will contradict themselves and fucking ignore it.
I want to fucking smash their heads in.

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Fucking poofs smh

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