Brit/pol/ #2450: State Mandated Question Time Viewing Edition

Link for QT when it starts

Storm Bronagh brings flooding and strong winds

Internet regulator considered for UK

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lood gad

the rain is so heavy and there were people out in shorts cause it was warm in the morning lol

good lad

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Good norn

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I should think the only thing China cares about would be that we buy their goods.

Fresh thread feeling is a good feeling tbh.

watched pacific rim 2 it was shit smh

Magic Sword does Kino music tbh

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Depressed about politics lads

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what a hag tbh

selection of alpine sausage and a Fry's mint creme for supper

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Lad the first was shit, why watch the second? They put shit rap music in the trailer for the second, everyone knew at that moment it would be ultra shit


Does he? I thought it was all Hans Zimmer.

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chin up lad
it aint the end of the world yet

Why lad?


On the train back home from London
Missing QT qts :^(


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Because I have movie night with my friends, we all get to choose a movie for everyone to watch and it rotates around on a rota. My friend chose Pacific Rim 2 as he likes big superhero movies and stuff. He wasn't that impressed with it though. It was a shit movie but fun to laugh at with friends, 4/10.

She'll do it. This is her plan.

tbh just secrete yourself in a comfy book about the good guys in WW2

Is this real?

Tbf she actually looks good there

You've watched too much Question Time, it's gone to your head.


Time to quit nofap lad

She looks like a haggard middle aged woman going to prom with her daughter and pretending everyone has confused them for sisters

Tbf I haven't had a wank for almost a week

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Personally I don't think Trump would oppose any UN resolution for our sake, only Israel gets that kind of special treatment. And that all goes out the window when another Pres gets in.

Thanks lads


It's +20 outside.

Not giving (you) a good lad because fuck QT tbqh

mines cold and torrential rain, 95%+ precipitation

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I'm already upset.

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Oh right, expelling the foreigners would involve expelling the Jews so Trump would be right in there with the sanctions tbh

smh it was actually a good show

I mean, what would be the point of expelling anyone if we didn't get rid of (((them))) tbh

torrential rains all day, strong winds, but warm

weird lol

How long has and been going? Never heard of them before, seems fucking great, but I'm wondering if they are going to add fees anytime soon

my grey jeans got wet a

Can't enjoy the great outdoors because there is a big fucking taig shitting up the place.

Bad lad

very comfy weather tbh. Gonna batten down the hatches and wait for my ankle to heal.

Lads, while we're on the subject,
I've been invited to a barmitzvah next month.


Solar flare soon.

You know what to do, lad.

Found the last few series funny, they tried to make it more serious and moved it to a later time spot. Old Bill episodes actually look very decent in retrospect.

Am I the only lad here who isn't a masochist?

Don't worry, he's not very good.

Do what needs to be done in minecraft lad

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Was thinking to boots and braces it if I do go. Kind of want to see what it's like to form a stronger opinion but would be really uncomfortabke wearing the little hat.


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Classified Evidence: US Soldiers Raped Boys In Front Of Their Mothers

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tbh lid masochism is the manifestation of the overman's triumph over the maenadic servants of the ahrimanic spirit

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Here we go, lads.


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t. lad who has given up.

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kill me

Don't think I've watch QT since brexit tbh, before that I hadn't even watched it since the 2015 election tbh.

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why do zoomers think the VHS aesthetic looks cool? none of them ever used VHS. the whole keyboard synth music and fake VHS is such a stupid trend. try folk music and classical greco roman imagery and pre raphaelite brotherhood type imagery

tune in!

now aint a good time to start

tbh I dont keep up with politics at all anymore. I only come on here for the bantz and the nightshift autism.

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I can hear a bus coming…

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I hate that slimy voice that Pakis put on.


God I hate Barry Gardiner's voice, soft spoken faggotry.



Was just thinking about how long its been, would rather do the ivy in the bath than watch qt tbh.

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fuckin love this guy

going to ignore QT tonight and do some lifts while listening to 6th-8th century gothic chants

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*overpronounces s*

On the contrary lad QT fills me with hope

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every time its in a northern location the audience is based tbh

Gonna need them for all the pakis we're gonna let in

it's the bbc

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Gives me hope as well, you just see the right wing idiots absolutely SEETHING in their seats.

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Good lad

I actually like Barry Gardner as he seems to understand the gravity of the Brexit vote and the political class trechery


t. unironic /civic/

yeah he is the perfect embodyment of the generation of 30 year old boomers who don't give a flying fuck and have that cold killer disposition behind the autistic incel wrapper. I love how that big bully had a hot wife and was trying to chad bully but then the neet just blew his head off with that awesome birds grip shotty

they are just waiting for the new machine