Brit/pol/ #2451: Purple Edition

UKIP aiming to be 'radical, populist' party

Nigel Farage warns UKIP faces ‘UTTER MARGINALISATION’ if it accepts Tommy Robinson

'We fear we'll be betrayed!' May's failure to deliver on Brexit will trigger Ukip comeback

UKIP leader Gerard Batten links sexual grooming of girls to Islam

Ukip’s Gerard Batten promises to kick Remainers out of their seats if there’s another snap election

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It may not be her directly, but she's the face of the brand right now, so people are going to see her as leading it, even if she's little more than a puppet.

Where is he now?

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whatever you do, don't look at your old primary school if it was 100% white when you went to it, Just had a gander at mine, I want to die

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Mine wasn't when I was there, but now it's literally a sea of brown.

He was here the other night banging on about how you're a Prevent employee if you don't think that Breivik saved the world or some shite

i went to catholic school and there was only ever 1 token in nearly every year (so like 5 in the whole school)

Mine had about 2 non-white people when I was there, today it is majority foreigners and parents are complaining that their children are not getting any help because all the foreign kids need more help just to learn english.

david davis has resigned

I think I might have actually broke him with my Luigi death link shitpost, he seemed so angry about it

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WOAH I bet this resignation will have MAJOR effects on the country and totally won't be irrelevant a week from now

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Lad are you new?

its a shitpost lad
he resigned weeks ago

khartoum has fallen

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William won Hastings, lads


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Theme for my life tbh.

Danelaw estabished tbh lads


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woah just learned about this thing called farming from some brown fella

Looks like a dafty LARPer. He needs to keep it local.

Mine had an Indian for about 2 weeks, he got bullied to fuck and ran back to a big (((city)))

Not down here it ain't.

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At least he's OUT THERE and actually MAKING A DIFFERENCE

Dunno lad, he's wearing them high leather boots. He's not one of them poofs, is he?

I miss NA

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didn't the just all join GI?

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they'll get banned soon enough, they already got infiltrated by NICKLOWLESOPENOTHATEGERRYGABLESSEARCHLIGHTMAGAZINE ages ago

Westminster is alight with rumours that Brexit secretary David Davis will be resigning.

wew lads, May should just call a GE and clean up

Whole UKIP manifesto here

How many dimensions of chess is Corbyn playing?

Will never compare

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i find it peculiar how someone controlled by jews gets called antisemetic

what does this memi mean

what are you lads doing to prepare for no deal brexit

Getting my redtext ready

Trying to stave off a cold. Probably about to have a snooze. Then I'll do some digital painting on baste clip studio and my bitching new drawing tablet. Hopefully all this will give the bigwigs at the EU the message that we've had enough.

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Tad worried about the lack of grapes but apart from that looking forward to the political chaos.

Zig Forums navy incoming.

seems like we memi'd the Naughty Nige into existence

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Well it's only if they get into power so I hope you have some real magical shit hidden somewhere.

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coal needs to come first tbh

Bit chilly today tbh lads

lad just plant your own vine they grow anywhere unironically

I do have some in the garden but the weather seems to have killed them.

How's that, lad?

where do you live lad

Quickest way to bring down energy prices since almost all the infrastructure is still in tact or near enough. I don't want coal back forever, only until nuclear is capable of completely replacing it.

Do we need to bring down energy prices? I think current and even higher energy prices are well worth not bringing the cancerous abomination that is coal power back into the forefront

what are you talking about lad? coal burns clean now


This I was not aware of

We have energy imports

Could always be like Germany
Never try and appease hippies or go for the renewable sources.

And this is a good thing? Do you know what board you're on?

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Just got full Nuclear and shove the waste in some hell hole no one likes, like Slough or Belgium.

you forgot


Go for nuclear, lock the hippies into the waste bunkers

*go full nuclear


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Would require billions in funding and there's no guarantee it would actually work.

This thought makes me cry every morning

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And would save us billions in terms of energy production
China is already working on a thorium plant, we cannot allow a bunch of fucking ants to beat us.

that first puff of the day

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The only reason anyone is still talking about Grenfell is because they are milking it dry.

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That's it I'm dling M2 again

when people in the 21st century west talk about austerity I think how lucky they are they arent down a fucking pit, or in some fucking horrid slum like our great great grandfathers

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Starting to agree with the commies tbh lads, class war as well as race war.

Chinks are also claiming they have laser guns.

What's funny is the commies don't realise that they aren't working class, they are the enemy of the people that they bang on about.

My dad grew up in a home without drinking water on tap, if you wanted a drink you had to go outside, cross a road in the middle of a dense forest and then walk about 10 minutes to a spring. I feel pretty lucky tbh.


sounds comfy

pfff, luxury

That's always been a thing on this side of the wall tbh

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Yeah tbh that and his paedo fiasco seem to have broken his spirit a bit

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What the fuck is going on?

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I love him lads, and IRL bully destroyer


Architects warn of ‘dull design’ following drop in registrations from EU
Architects are concerned a loss of diversity will lead to ‘boring conversations and dull design’ after the ARB recorded a 42 per cent fall in registrations from non-British EU architects since the Brexit vote

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Black guy trying to bully a white guy, another white guy is protecting him, the black guy chats so much shit that the other blacks on the train have had enough and start beating him.