Brit/pol/ #2452: It's Getting Nippy Edition

HEAVY SNOW warning: UK faces COLDEST winter for DECADE - shock long-range weather forecast

Ukip hardens stance on Muslims but steps back from alt-right

Theresa May Brexit statement speech is ‘as close to a declaration of war as possible’

Jeremy Corbyn's allies drawing up emergency plans amid fears he may be suspended over 'undeclared trips'

Stabbed teen collapses in pool of blood after warring 'gang members' with huge blades battled in busy Luton shopping mall

An open letter from Piers Morgan to Tess Holliday: Stop lying to yourself Tess - you’re morbidly obese and it’s going to kill you

FROM US TO YOU Paul Chuckle’s delight at calls for Rotherham to name Chuckle Square after comedy duo following brother Barry’s death

Student editor who retweeted article pointing out that that 'women don't have penises' is fired from university journal

Infowars says PayPal has terminated agreement with it for promoting 'hate'

Why German industry must stop a hard Brexit

Statement by President Donald Tusk on the Brexit negotiations

The people must have another vote – to take back control of Brexit

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we love you winterchan

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HEAVY SNOW warning: UK faces COLDEST winter for DECADE - shock long-range weather forecast
can't wait tbh


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I torrented the GoT one to see how shite it was, the "your choices matter" was such utter bollocks since it ends up railroading you back onto their shitty plot over and over.
There was one part where I was trying to save some cunt from being flayed and, no matter my choice, the cunt was killed.

Kind of happy Telltale Games has died tbh. Utter normie crap.

Lood gad


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checked my steam account after 2 years, all my steam friends have account logins of less than 1 day. wew, addicts.


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t. "I luv oblivion ladz is me favrite geym"

Yeah but now YOU have account login of less than 1 day, so by your own logic that makes you an addict too :^)

not very far tbh


Good lad

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Russia to Scotland would have made much more sense tbh.

Doesn't surprise me, I didn't even realise they'd made stuff like Guardians of the Galaxy or even a Batman game until I looked just now. I have no clue who was asking for this shit. Honestly seems like the business was run by numales who saw a popular product on reddit and thought they could make a game out of it. Got to have respect for people who try to cash in on a popular property and end up losing money.



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Pretty much, they just picked whatever was trending and went with that.

That is pretty much their business model. They were license-whores and nothing else.

Going through the Reddit threads

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do you honestly expect any better of leddit

Surprised they managed to go for this long tbh, everything they put out was utter shite.

What's all this about Telltale Games and Reddit?

Nah but I find it endlessly amusing.

They managed because leddit.
Reminder that the Life is Strange sequel is coming out soon.

Telltale is closing down everything except Minecraft Storymode and firing everyone. The Final Season of Walking Dead is only partially complete and charlies who paid for all 4 episodes despite them not being finished are reeing into the wind.

To be fair, Life is Strange is at least an original IP that didn't try to cash in on another franchise. It's not completely utter shite, but it is mostly utter shite.

It's the same "your choices matter" bollocks that is completely nullified by the last choices in the game which mean no matter what you did you're stuck with one of those two endings.
It's a massive waste of time, and it's so highly praised that it makes me dislike it more than Gone Home.
fucking leddit

I did play a puzzle semi-open world walking game that was fun not too long ago, Kona; wonder if they ever made the second, third and fourth parts the first wasn't a bad standalone game though tbf.

Oh right, never found episodic 'games' fun, they're a blend of a choose the story adventure books and quick time events whilst the viewer player is mostly passive. I did get the Walking Dead Season One but that's because it was free on the Xbox, never played it. Telltale should have just stuck with point and click adventure puzzle type games.

The game ends with the choice

Life is Strange wasn't done by Telltale tbh

Where's 22st boy these days?

BREAKING: White House has drafted an executive order for President Trump's signature for antitrust and law enforcement agencies to investigate Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media companies

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Asleep or wage slaving.

I only brought it up as it's a similar "your choices don't matter" pile of wank that leddit adores despite being a steaming pile of shite.

He's actually serving out his ban. Amazing isn't it?

I didn't read the whole exchange tbh

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Chas from Chas and Dave dies

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thought I was hallucinating there


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The rewind time mechanic is probably the reason it gets so much praise but it's been done better in better games.

I don't know why the fuck you'd save the lesbian tbqh.

I know lad, it did cash in on Telltale's popularity though. Guess they had to after Remember Me flopped.


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truly the wonderwall of pipe tunes

E;R did an autistic bit where he went on about how it was bollocks.
The mechanic was a complete waste of time tbqh, it was made into a feature as mundane as picking the right key to progress.

Pretty much

They underused the main mechanic in that game, too. DONTNOD are pretty bloody rubbish at game design which is a shame as the settings for Remember Me and Vampyr have both been rather interesting but both failed as the gameplay was mediocre at best.
had a great soundtrack though tbh

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every lad on here, and other chans and such, can go out to electricity substations in ghettos, when the coldest part of winter hits, and sabotage them, taking care not to electrocute himself.
find a decent guide on how to do it online, use a vpn/tor when looking for it.
if you can fuck it up decently enough, it will seriously weaken the pakicoons
if they happen all over the country in a single weekend, services won't be able to respond.
maximum effect.
throw water balloons filled with a highly conductive liquid, encourage tree branches to fall on lines, thermite the transformers if you have the equipment. throw a bunch of metal rods in and let it all short circuit.
don't fry yourself

what, rusty nails, a file, magnesium powder, and a couple of evenings in? in roblox

RIP, my dad liked them, I knew a few songs.

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Need an info graphic on how to take out a substation, spread it around like the seed balls an american suggested.

is "waterpistol a substation" the new poison a reservoir

yeah one big infographic containing a lot of incriminating and non deniable information would be great >:(

permanently afraid, watch the country die.
at this point, there is little option left, unless you can afford a one-way cruise for 10 million, touring Africa and India

poison a reservoir is the william's version of shapened spoons

preferably include your home address and a signed copy of your official surrender to the califate of londonistan

Just want 22st back with his cosy pics instead of this entrapment

Not for me.

Too afraid to launch meaningless terror attacks that will only lead to pictures of freezing Indian kids that get even more support for the Left and lead to even tighter government control

Doing something like this would definitely get YouTube scoured of people like WoTW and the Iconoclast, so instead of slowly waking the public up it'd be a firecracker that blows up our own side

He's not coming back

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yeah naah

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India has some curious-looking spiders. Makes one glad to live on such a peaceful island with so few evil creatures.

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Same deal with Vampyr.
Good bundle of mechanics until you realise

It'd be interesting if you were forced to murder at least some, but you're not, it's all just to level up really. But yeah, amazing soundtrack for both games.

Fuck that.

I dropped Vampyr early, the gameplay feels like it should be from the early noughties, not a game that came out this fucking year.


the "wake up" thing works too slowly.
the frog in the slowly boiling water is the reality of what has been happening.
if in the 1980s, a bunch of pakis had been driving over people in trucks of peace, chopping at people in public with machetes, blowing up schoolgirls at concerts and so on, the public would have been out hinting them down in increasing numbers.
the entire last two generations have been brainwashed from birth to accept all of this and provide no resistance.
I've seen an increasing number of people who are more aware of what is going on, but the vast majority think rapefugees are good, that sodomy is completely normal.
guy fawkes number 2 is long overdue
I read something on a board some years ago, about us perhaps being the last generation who can stop this, and after us it is too late.
what if that's true?
shouldn't we have been spending all our waking hours overturning the abomination that has been set upon us

Not only that but when you do kill NPCs for xp you quickly find out that when you do so you also tangentially take out another NPC, sometimes that fucks the district completely. I.e. if you kill the old Romanian immigrant then the head nurse, who is the most important NPC in Whitehall, gets turned into a zombie somehow and so Whitehall is then utterly fucked. That's when I gave up because I just wanted to removed all the wogs and immigrants remove the obviously criminal wog ambulance driver (criminal because he sells you shit and has a shite shotgun) and then his hwhite nurse gf will become one of the vampire hunters for no logical reason it's bullshit.

Invstigate them for what?

Crossdresser made sex tapes with 150 MEN after tricking them posing as 'bored housewife'
well now we know what Westie's been up to

I get what you mean, combat always feels off.

Got a free physical copy for this exact reason because my mate was baffled by the system it had kek, it's weird, frog developers like DONTNOD and Spiders have good ideas for settings and mechanics then fuck it immediately afterwards.

I honestly, sincerely think we're at a breaking point now, with Brexit. Just heightening tensions by speaking the truth and getting it out there not only reaches hundreds of thousands of people but cannot be co-opted by the left like a terror attack can.


i like the game tbh but it made my pc overheat

The only decent french devs I know are Streum On tbh

hullo. Is that the Daily Express? If last winter was the worst in 40 years, how can this one be the worst in 10 years? Actually, I may have my figures wrong, but it still seems too good to be true.

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Arkane did some good ones

Lad you Oblivionpost all the time

Evil is the word tbh

I call that shit subtraction because it doesn't add up

Dark Messiah is great, just a shame it's so short

who saw the labour woman this morning arguing for 10 days paid leave for victims of domestic violence? she obviously didn't realise most of them are employed by their husbands in corner shops or brothels.

There were reports a few years ago that Europe was going to face a mini-Ice Age in the next decade and a half.

Hyperborea when?

Sometimes I wish I was a bug so I could engage in ruthless natural warfare without being arrested tbqh.

Aye, well, spiders specifically are even used as idols in some of those evil South American religions like the ancient Incas sacrificed people (and possibly kids as they definitely did later) to a spider god.

Other countries have deadly poisonous monsters but we just have LOCAL beauties and cuties tbh

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This is horrifying.

Saw a caterpillar for an elephant hawk moth during the summer.

Nice to see diversity in action.

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dumb sheep will just go along with it, voting away, until it's too late

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Shieldbugs are good lads


They're so beautiful. Makes me so glad to be British tbh.

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