Brit/pol/ #2453: Are Alba Edition

UK weather – Britain could be hit by FOUR MONTHS of snow in ‘coldest winter for a decade’ after heatwave

Jeremy Hunt: Don't mistake politeness for weakness

Sky: Comcast outbids Fox with £30bn bid for broadcaster

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1st for coldwave not going to happen

guid led

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pretty sure we're deep inside "Counterforce Weather Control: SpaceCast 2020" territory now.

Good lad.

her work really is like something from MK ULTRA tbh

careful there

Good norn

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those drumpf debates were great tbh, he's so good at political theatre he rekt her

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3/10 would not office with

She looks like gentle femdom gf there.

they are both sexually attractive women tbh

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fuck off back to >>>/b/


Thanks lads


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so funny how boomers blame their confusion on kids having new tech.

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is that the guy that dieded?

damn kids with their damn VR demon reality

It's Kent falseflagging because he said brapposting will lead to shitposting

any lad watching memma?

We are in ep2 rn, he is building up his case and anti brap army

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Jeepers is Scoop wn?

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ah yes, the jilted bannedman attempts to ruin the thread from the outset.

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why are vaginas so disgusting?

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Bit my cheek eating pizza


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Zoinks, time for the final solution, Scoobs.

drink some milk

They are nice tbh

Mothers milk?

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really or are you just saying that because women are reading this and you think ginnie will like you more?

Oh man look at this, friends

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The fucking state of these posts man

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b tier gore absurdism always makes me lose it. its nihilism but you'd go insane from this world if you didn't laugh at it

No I just like being around women and all baginas I have come across have been pleasent apart from one

Imagine being so insane you'd trade your benis for that

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I call that a bagunga

Theres always a bigger fish

most of them kill themselves after they remove b*nis anyway. it seems to be some sort of cultic initation into normalfagdom

Sausages for the yids tbh lad.

not capping my sonnet
wish I'd saved it tbh

where'd you post it?

He is deepthroating that poo in that thumbnail

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2 nights ago I think

wait til you see the video lad


I guess that is what that lad meant be being illusioned with poo

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The absolute state

I have seen it before, the worst one is that old faggot who shit and pissed in his cornflakes and then ate it

Top bwoi

If it was in the same thread as that one, you could go back to it using this helpful link

got 2 seconds in and stopped, not watching the rest

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Not a very good start to the thread lads tbqh

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ta lad

He put maggots in his mangled willy and it is poking out of it like that eel that pops out in the underwater crash bandicoot levels

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So many people deserve to be killed

Going out for a cig, thread better be back to normal by the time i get back.

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there was a lad called SA , a great poo
he suck'd off men in t'pub for just a fiver
he never gave a lad a decent (you)
of thots he often posted and denied her
he banned lads both often and most unjustly
never giving reason or rhyme why
but of tinder posts he would make muchly
and when asked why he would post animé

he modded like a tyrant in his pride
(ironic since he was a blatant poof)
but when it comes for him to speak outright
he'd sooner deny it all and stay aloof
has there ever a worse guardian been?
than SA for those who serve the Queen?

So this is the power of le Bongo Bongo Land…

bong bongo land is for losers

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thread needs more poems about SA ngl


Watching Blade Runner 2049 again lads

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It occurred to me that I'd never seen a Harris memmy made from this so I did my best.

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moonshoe status: equipped

Wew I am watching that right now on blu ray, just got to the point where K meets Luv

are you wearing the boots?


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Got a link for that?
I'm very close to redpilling the mrs on the JQ

Good lad

high risk strategy leading with that tbh

No lads, wore them earlier today and yesterday

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Yeah right, you need the link to the perverted sex story, not to fap to, but to explain to your missus that jews control banking, the media, and foreign poicy

of course

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I have it under control lad. She is starting to come to my way of thinking. I need a final straw tbh.



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holocaust camp liberation roleplay where bush is a soviet soldier and he photographs russian gulags and then him and his mrs who plays the role of jewish nkvd officiers doctor the photos with 1940s tech to look like jews.

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The collapse is always starting

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