Brit/pol/ #2454: SHTF Edition

Giant Icelandic volcano is 'about to erupt' on scale that dwarfs explosion which halted air travel across Europe

Man 'with Taser' arrested at Buckingham Palace

Momentum festival is challenging for the 'mainstream' Labour conference

Scotland's first black professor calls for reparations after groundbreaking report shows Glasgow University benefited from proceeds of slavery by almost £200million

Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry says Labour would delay Brexit

In other parts of this shit heap of a Union:
‘Lives in danger’: Dozens of Afghan ex-workers block Bundeswehr base, demand asylum in Germany

France’s Marine Le Pen ordered to undergo psychiatric tests over IS group tweets

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Good lad

Barry this is some of the most innovative training i have ever seen.Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing your gift..You set the bar high…

capping that disaster of a post tbh Bush

good lad

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Good lad.

Fanks Lids

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Claiming someone is insane for having the wrong opinions is an old commie tactic isn't it?


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For him

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Good lad

Would smash tbh

Indeed, and will become more common in the EUSSR.

lad she has a moustache

Would tbh

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I honestly think France is more internally fucked than the EU and that's why the French political class are such heavy investors in the EU.

Good it means the kids will come out looking like Mosley

what do you expect from a french lass

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Socialist thot wants to ban things again

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You mean like all those other honest women you've "make".

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It's looking that way. They seem to have Stockholm syndrome at this point. All it takes is for the Euro to tank while the wogs are running more rampant through the streets. Even Paris is feeling the pinch as tourism is less popular before the 3rd world settled there.


They wern't honest from the start. Just good fun tbh

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She's got such a smackable face

Looks a bit like Dooley as well tbh

Did Bare Grills ever come back from this?

Can we also ban anonymous reports to the police?

the retarded slag look is so adorable

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"so tell me more about mummyposting and Ginnie?" as she downs another can of white lightning

How embarrasing.

Now that he has become a global icon in the world of outdoor survival LARPing, he has now opened an activity center in Birmingham so the pakis can have a go.

As in smack with your dingus?

I don't know Paris might look better as permanent refugee camp.

Why do the places with the least immigration have the strongest feeling against it. Yet the places (cities) that experience the most immigration are happy with it. I think the answer is fear. Those with no experience are frightened to death that their way of life might change, but the people with the experience can see immigration has made life better. Any other opinions?

That's because those areas have the most ethnics and turkeys don't vote for Christmas. Also need to go back to the drawing board and think of a better bait post lad

Used to be the most Romantic city in the world and always wanted to go there years ago, cba now.

Would rather pick somewhere more desirable like Phobos tbf

Really I live in a city and wish everyday I could travel back in time and stop the 1948, 1968 immigration acts and the 95 labour victory all together.

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Tbh certain African countries must be getting quite nice now that their entire male populations have turned up on Europe's doorstep.

Are you saying it's time to colonise?

I bet if you ask your missus or literally any woman where they would want to go they'd say paris as well

You're on the wrong board lad

Yes we lure the apes into Europe then nuke the place we trade all our labour in Europe for a fresh start in Africa with the wog population permanently crippled.


Haha. 4 hours well spent, Sargon.

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He seemed to go into this with the very naive view that the press are good faith arbiters of truth that just want to get to the bottom of a story instead of being the intellectual vanguard of the liberal elite.

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Well i look forward to him being on the front page of the Sun.

Do you think Varg was told by the French Government that he would only be left alone by the authorities if he used his platform to rag on Christianity instead of Islam?

Really absurd mentality he has, where Christians are allegedly just as bad as Muslims. He can't really believe it, you'd have to be crassly dishonest to make such claims.

Is Varg a shill?

No he's just a snownigger lad

He's a lunatic living in a homemade shed somewhere in France. So this tbh

Doubt it. They just zerg rush Europe when their own land has an over spill of dindus. I imagine for every African who enters Europe, another 1000 are born in Wakanda or whatever.

Women are naive and have this cosmopolitan view through rose tinted glasses. I did suggest going on holiday somewhere different away from chaos but it's getting a lot more difficult these days. Wouldn't mind renting out a cottge somewhere for a week.

thats a different thing, we've still got the bbc interview to look forward to

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Birds love those old towns like Prague lad, take them out east

or Budapest.

Good idea that cheers.

Oh, right.

Why is a hispanic board now the fourth biggest board here? Did we memi irresponsibly?

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He's just a freak lad.

tbh Varg has both said that Burzum is shit and called actual pagans "superstitious morons" so I don't know why he even still has an audience

If you get out to Budapest get to the hot springs, you'll feel like a whole new man afterwards. House of Terrors a good museum too, well worth it.

His audience are kind of what made me think he might be a shill. You read through the comments and it's like a bizzaro world. They turn out in absolute numbers to talk shit about Christianity, but outside of his channel 99% of pagans, whilst not loving Christians, are well aware that they're nowhere near as bad as Muslims.

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Probably because /b/ did an image purge and all the mutts felt homeless.

Yeah thanks for that. Sounds good tbh
Have you been before? What's the food like?

Yeah been a couple of times. The food in East Europe is generally pretty plain but Hungary's is fine. Just don't get *too* deep into eating the local delicacies.

There are a lot of them in the world, probably got bored of pretending to be huwhite nationalists on Zig Forums. They have a thread where they're only writing in English to improve their English skills, might have to have a go on it and do a 22st.

No lad you must infiltrate the Norwegians posing as a Norwegian before revealing you are Welsh

>…so, Carl, what your saying is…
>why are you laughing? calling people niggers is highly offensive
I can imagine it being awful and career ending
typing this out, I am now aware of how much sargoy talks like a 14yr old schoolgirl from california

Hopefully one of his beloved trannies chisels it on his career tombstone before he fades into obscurity.

erect willies

detumescent dongs

Are they a bit….y'know…..different?

Christ Id forgotten just how far anyone here is from the prescribed values of society. Makes me feel ostracised tbh.

Society holds no values and hates us for holding some.

A bit like the Stepfather now that I think about it.

Yeah it just suddenly becomes starkly apparent how far from received opinion anyone here is.

Normies would have no problem at all calling Sargoy racist. Puzzling.


Sorry meant for

Unlikely, he was a big guy during gamergate, and now he's dealing with the proper media rather than just games journalists so he almost certainly expected the perfidy to step up in time. He was just going through the motions. That's assuming he has a brain.

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Interesting questions, lad.

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Off to the gym lads

That fat useless greasy cunt Duck Egg enrages me everytime I see him.

We need to solve the fatty problem, lads.

eating donner kebab rn lads

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Sunday Politics

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Why aren't our political shows this good?

I like how it sounds like gibberish at first but after a couple of minutes you can sort of tune in to their accents. The human brain is truly a marvel.
At least I think they are, still can't quite understand it.

Give it a year lad and this is what QT will look like

cattlemen are now armed with ak's where they once had sticks and they're discussing whether or not it's Boko haram.

Kojimbo has some good taste tbh

>politicians just want to let the multinational corps carry on as they have been
since when does the left own taking down international jewery?

Can't w8 till QT is filled with an audience full of compliant bots tbh

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General Fayose DESTROYS GCFR President Muhammadu Buhari, and it's beautiful

Seun seun, this your job suru logba.🤣😂.

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Imagine holding a stake in whether an opinion is designated on one side or other of an arbitrary ideological fence.

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