Brit/pol/ #2455: The Socialist Step Edition

Labour Party Conference Livestream

John McDonnell unveils shares plan for workers

Deselecting MPs made easier

Leadership faces backlash after John McDonnell says new Brexit referendum should not include remain option

David Lammy urges party to commit to People's Vote campaign as he says 'it's the only option'

Gulags were 'compassionate', 'educational' institutions, say trans rights campaigners

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the jews pick and choose when to use them

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Good lad.



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xth for the Tank, Infantry, Mk VII (A22F) "Churchill"

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suicidal cripples will take over just watch

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Happy Birthday Ayatollah Khomeini

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Good lad

Good lad

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Built on the design philosophy that armour should be more important than, armament, mechanical reliability, maneuverability, speed etc.

louis theroux is the most over rated documentary presenter ever, how many more documentary's is he going to do on druggies in america or nigger killing eachother, its just so mundane

holy fuck

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it was better than the german tanks tho

got bored of watching it, how many cripples has Labour carted on stage?

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Yeah because we didn't over engineer on top of said problems making the fact that they guzzelled fuel and broke down all the time less of a problem. Give me a firefly any day.

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He should be put down for crimes against fashion

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The later versions were better, the 75mm gun was an improvement and the armour meant it could go toe to toe with a Panther (neither tanks could actually kill each other).

Great tank (the Sherman is the best tank of WW2 fight me) but I wouldn't want to be in the turret of one.

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HURRY UP s-sorry

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*shoots you in your gasoline engine*

isn't that just…. sex

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Fucking amateur.

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Wow tanks set on fire if you ignite the petrol?

I wouldn't call ineffectually plinking going toe to toe. But I agree the Sherman was the best tank of the war.



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Two fucking years of being rejected for jobs for being too white and straight and male, this cunt knows nothing.

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Literally a kraut memi because they were hitting tanks with the magic Krupp 88 in a the desert, where they basically out ranged everything.

More money for everyone. Free everything for everyone. And the budget will balance itself.

What level of current year are we now anyway, plus 3?

Reminder that having an unlimited supply of un-skilled migrants does not lower wages.

+3 for three more months

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Labour clearly hate them more if they want more migration and higher wages.

No because we like totally want more cool diverse people and more money lol

nice gay underage Indian lad for you SA

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Doesn't higher min wage just kill off small businesses that are trying to compete with the big chains?

It's not even a kraut memi, it came from a book written 10 years after the war with no sources apart from a few veterans saying their tanks would catch fire (which is the same for every tank, even in the modern age).

A special guest from Islamabad.

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It also kills off min.wage jobs

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Don't trust her lad, she's a Russian coke fiend.

yep, especially the small and self-employed
most will just offer cash in hand if this went through - which means less money for renationalisation

another freak

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Those pictures were of some missile defense thottie.

wait a second….

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Right, lads. I've just spent the day looking up serial killers and disgusting shit. Just watched a video of a man with his face removed being repeatedly slashed with a box cutter as a group of men apparently try in vain to behead him. Occasionally he lets out an animalistic scream. My morbid curiosity seriously needs to fuck off. Fucking hell. I feel fucking sick.

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based indian speaker called him a bloke

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Dysgenics everywhere.

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Calm down lads.

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Blimey it really is a fucking freak-show.

Yeah lad we've all seen that one.

not seen a man i would be cautious about mocking yet

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Is that the "Tommycooker" memi or the "Ronson Lighters" memi. Because I remember reading an interview with a soviet tank gunner who crewed a sherman and he had nothing but praise for it in comparison to the T-34. Better build quality, better space, more comfort, the ammunition wasn't so volatile that it went up with the slightest provocation.

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He seems like the most normal so far.



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this is better than QT tbh


Defo Down's

It's basically an episode of QT but less stale.


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Probably because it's not put on with the pretense of being impartial and balanced.

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labour is actually just full of spastics and drongos

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I'd've been more surprised if it wasn't.

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You've just reminded me that when I visited Plymouth last month, I've notices that most of women had yummy milkers. Hardly any flat-chested lasses there.

Found its mum.

Nearly the exact same types are in attendance, it's uncanny.

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they need to focus on this

It's both, all tanks in WW2 had a habit of going up in flames (roughly 10% when hit) and the Sherman was basically the same as the rest (slightly lower late war due to wet storage)

It'd have to be bloody wholesome to make me feel good.

Yeah? I avoid gore for the most part. I'm interested in killers, but gory stuff really fucks with me too much. How the hell is that guy even alive? Is he dead by the end? Only watched to the second time he screams. I've made the decision not to watch a similar video of a guy having his eye removed. Don't know how you lads can watch shit like this. Fucking south americans smh.

not really tbh, it's the same group of unbearable fart-huffing cunts either way.

last random speaker lads

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wew she must be disappointed

100% I've seen this lass in the QT audience before

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They REALLY need to focus on this. There is no international quality control on qualifications, a degree from Kanpur is not worth the same as a degree from Cambridge.

These ugly mongs at the Labour conference reminds me of the canteen scene in Star Wars.

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what's your @ lad

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id rag angelo tbh but only if she kept her gob shut


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I would imagine so.
One video I have saved is of some brazilians trying to execute some poor fuck with a machete, but his death-gurgles sound exactly like a quacking duck and I can't take it seriously.

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