UKIP Manifesto September 2018 Manifesto Sept 2018.pdf

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Clip of Batten talking about immigration at conference

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Gerard Batten speech at the 2018 UKIP Conference

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What if I support the nationalisation of utilities and transport companies, and favour cooperatives and mutuals over publically traded companies run for the benefit of their (((shareholders)))?

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You could just as easily make sure that to hold shares in a English company you need to be a working and fulltime resident of this nation.

I would certainly welcome such a policy.

Why do you guys still support UKIP lmao

Why the fuck isn't this manifesto promising to scrap 'race hate' laws.

Fuck me, UKIP shills can't memi

Pretty sure it's an actual bot as well, his entire post history is just random off topic (1) and gone shit and pictures.

because UKIP are (((controlled opposition))) lad. wretched scum of the highest order, worse than commies.

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What the fuck am I reading.

Lets call that one resident a king or a queen. Done.

Either literally everyone owns parts, or you end up with above.


UKIP is dead anyway.


Lads, Irishfag here. I know things haven't been great between us and sorry for all the pranks during the the 70s and 80s but could you do us a favour and please vote in this poll on IREXIT on twitter.
We are losing 51/49 and the poll closes in 1 hour.
It would really help boost morale.

Good manifesto, needs a little more meat on the bones regarding specific implementations of their stated policies imo.
Nothing on Internet rights or tech company tyranny online, surprising since the "free speech" online crowd (Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad, Count Dankula, Paul J Watson etc) and others recently joined UKIP and were screeching about it.
(((controlled opposition))) or not, UKIP is the only party I believe calling for a hard brexit (read:actual brexit)

Think how far the average normie is to the left, they wouldn't vote UKIP because to declare such a policy would give the (((media))) the best excuse to bring this "racist policy" at every single mention of the party name. Normie voters would not vote UKIP given the taint of such a policy.
The most important policy is FREE SPEECH, once that is guarantees then all other polices we may wish to implement in future can be discussed without fear of prosecution from the state apparatus.

a few 80's style pranks would have helped this time.
hard border in NI wouldn't be an issue.
Good luck getting IREXIT though


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I have to agree.


Wtf I hate Brexit now

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This faggot.

16 could use some work because it doesn't really say anything and those fucking things need to die.

Like they're willing to help at this point…

Lord! I hate politics…

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last time I checked we didn't vote on a fucking picnic, but who was to govern us.

I'm all for a second referendum, but only after the result of the last has been implemented.

Page 5 lower immigration and they are right we would have plenty of housing if not for immigration they have my vote, Now if only they had a plan to start getting rid of the one's we already have.

If only they wanted to never get elected ever and have the electoral commission breathing down their necks constantly threatening to press charges like with the BNP. Wake up and smell the roses, lad.

i still remember when they still were nationalised and they couldn't keep the lights or run a rail service so no thanks but agree something better is needed than the profit motive

How can they have a manifesto if they are on the dole

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But Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad promised to save the west for his negro children? What happened to that?