Brit/pol/ #2456: Manifesto Edition

UKIP Manifesto September 2018 Manifesto Sept 2018.pdf

Traditional British foods to receive new UK logo as no deal plans revealed

Brexiteers Launch Alternative Brexit Plan to Rival Chequers

‘Racist’ troll who sent rape tweet addresses Ukip members

EU pursues Britain for unpaid customs duty

Yorkshire Ripper 'fears he's dying after becoming incontinent old man' in jail

Prince Harry finds a halal way to hug a Muslim woman

Aquarius 2 migrant rescue ship has registration revoked

Italian government adopts a security decree which will make it easier to expel migrants and strip them of Italian citizenship

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nth for

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good lad

the problem I have is, that as a noob I liked having good documentation and a community of people behind it to fix problems. now if I switch to BSD I'd have to not only real learn everything but also be less able to fix problems.

same. I was quietly confident that the steam wine thing would make linux more viable for games. as it stands now I've got about 70~80% of my games working with my Linux machine. not really sure I want to switch to BSD so quickly.

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I left the party in 2014.

top manifesto

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Makes me sad to see what CoH became tbh

there is no agenda there is no agenda there is no agenda there is no agenda there is no agenda there is no agenda there is no agenda there is no agenda there is no agenda there is no agenda

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About time. Hurrah for common sense at last

Aren't you on twitter all the time yourself lad?

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i dont get it, how do people find this sexual?

I've been on/off Linux for the past 10 years. I still consider myself a noob.

Did you redpill your Mrs on the JQ?

I've been dumping them all in the thread I made for it if you've any more then chuck them in there.

It's a solid manifesto

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Brain damage.

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there is definitely something broken or wires crossed somewhere

same with trannies, etc.

Bloody hell lads, the price of RAM nowdays. How is this justified.

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Flashing LEDs are expensive, who cares if they'll never be seen inside the case?

here you go gramps

I haven't yet lad. Seems to be a long winded process but it's also bad practice to keep banging on about it. A subtle hint now and then is just as effective. It worked on my mates but women are wired differently.

Serena Williams and Duchess of Sussex rely on one another

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nice bloat

My phone broke yesterday lads. I loved it very much and had it for 2 years. What should I do with it now?


It's the GPU prices that does my swede in. All the crypto junkies are to blame tbh

2gb will do you lad, i bought a replacement one for 120quid

unironically go phoneless. you are paying for the privilege to let GCHQ know everything you do and to be stalked by SA on the gay app

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why do normies feel the need to explain fucking everything

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it's like a garrison comic

I was smartphoneless up until 2 years ago. Tbh I only need it when travelling and its useful for chat apps. My kindle and pc are good enough for everything else.

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Please lad Helmer's been in the tech game since it ran on vacuum tubes.

So they can feel connected and as if they have a community despite being transients.

I've red-pilled my Mrs on the JQ. Do it slowly, leave her breadcrumbs trail and she'll connect the dots.

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Was thinking of swapping my 2*4Gb sticks for 2*8Gb ones, then at least I have the option of going silly and whacking my system up to 32gig at some point in the future if I ever had a need. Far too pricey now and I can't justify that cost, I'll just get another 2*4 and hope it does me for forever.


Palemoon alone needs about 2gb dedicated to it at all times.

Yeah the GPU hurt the most when I built this, but at least there's some shitty reason why the prices of GPU's are so high now, with RAM it just seems to be "lol let's double the price because".

Also I think we can expect GPU prices to start going down in the near future as the fad fades down a bit.

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It's amazing how much more obvious their physical traits are in crowds as compared with the usual talking head individuals on tv.

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Please lad he got into them when he saw the Babbage difference engine.

120quid for a new model 2gb GPU is already cheap - 160 can get you 4gb

A lot of Dean gets posted on here but why don't we see more of Dempsey? Underrated tbh

Predicting astronomical positions, now that was a good game.

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your GPU will die before then, they deliberately make them in obsolescence

There's something quintessentially english about the name Babbage

Pleb tier tbh

How many years do you reckon I've got? Bought it a few months ago.

Kippers for supper

'ate tv
'ate cars
'ate cities
'ate deforestation
'ate population growth
'ate the industrial revolution

luv trees
luv cabins

Simple as

5 max

Many, he's talking shite

Leave me alone lads.

What's "expensive" is relative tbh lad. I went for the GTX 1050 Ti, don't remember the price but it didn't feel cheap to me at the time, I didn't want to scrimp in the graphics department and it'll do me well for my uses so whatever.

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The new RTX cards are out soon and hopefully the GTX cards will come down in price. Had the same GPU card for nearly 4 years now (1gb of gram) and still going strong. All my newest games look like system shock tbh.

i bought one for £240 that i wanted to last me a long time - lasted about 4 years - im never paying a lot for a card ever again - i'd rather suffer slightly worse graphics (which i can live with)

>tfw still rocking a GTX 650

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this is t'last game I played. 'ave they got any better?

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*cracks open bottle of porter*
Ah, that first swig of the day
fucking brisk outside tbh lads

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get a load of this guy


there was a blonde lass with a lisp on one of those games shows, not Gamemaster though. She didn't half give me the fucking horn.!

fucking hell, it was an epic game WC4, not surprised it was 4 CDROMs

Greentext it lad

A Brit/ commune would require personal computers wouldn't it lads?


oc in the works lads, need some happy corbyns and a really really unhappy corbyn okthankyou

no. you could shitpost real life

UKIP boast they'll scrap hate crime prosecutions and wipe out anti-discrimination laws in new manifesto

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it's not a specific incident per se, more a culmination and realisation that toil is ultimately spiritually desolate tbh.




Thinking of joining UKIP and actually knocking on doors but I'm afraid that nonce Sargcoon has ruined it.

Violet Berlin?
I think that was her name. She was on 'Bad Influence'.

What happened to Virginia Hale?

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I've gotta say the UKIP manifesto isn't looking half bad

Kidnapped and raped by the BBK

Where do you think you are lad?

I'm going to bed

Sleep well, lad.

is UKIP in its current state a force for good / the least worst party to vote for? if it is then go for it. if its not then I'm not sure what to do.

For lack of a better word lad.

people on the doorstep won't care about Sargon, they care about Brexit, social care, the NHS & housing.

it's good tbh

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Russia to supply Syria with advanced S-300 anti-aircraft system

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Oh fucking hell lads I forgot I saw a Proudboy UK meet up at the pub I was in lmao.

stop playing video games and read more, you will improve your vocab

Literally no-one has heard of sargon outside of the net, and if they have they'll just roll their eyes at him being mentioned.
Don't worry about it, go out there and be LOCAL

err yes. though I wish I'd never checked tbh.

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has anyone sent UKIP the sargoy clips yet?

eh.. still would

Fuck Sargon

I've just installed BSD on my spare laptop. It took me maybe 10-15 minutes from boot to xfce.

Libya seeks UN intervention as Tripoli battles leave 115 dead

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I believe they know about them. However, they say he's not an official representative of the party, just an ideas man.

This, go out there and be a confident LOCAL lad, and any damage sargon may have done to the image of UKIP will be immediately undone.

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