Brit/pol/ #2457: Cumrag Edition

25,000 Brits could be infected with contaminated blood from US prisoners and addicts, inquiry hears

EU immigration to Britain ‘could fall by 80 per cent after Brexit’ following cabinet's refusal to offer special treatment to Europeans

Just 16% want to Remain in EU in latest poll

'With free movement there can be no guarantee that migration is in the interests of UK residents' - Report by the Migration Advisory Committee

Arch-Brexiteer Iain Duncan Smith has said that Theresa May’s government must get a handle on immigration controls or risk being punished by the British public at the next general election

EU Commissioner calls for newspaper regulation after Sun 'dirty rats' front page

Jacob Rees-Mogg calls on Theresa May to adopt 'supercalifragilisticexpialidocious' Canada-style trade deal

Labour unexpectedly drops plan for female co-deputy leader

Children to be banned from cycling to school without number plates

First Sikh guardsman faces being kicked out of the Army after testing positive for cocaine

How a no-deal Brexit could mess up your dog's holiday to France

A Zambian student in China was beaten to death by Chinese Nationals for a dating a Chinese woman

Left-wing Swedish PM ousted with help from Sweden Democrats.

Grenfell Inquiry: No-one should have lived there, says fire chief

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Are you fucking idiots actually in favour of using nuclear weapons?

dont bully wales

lel pleb

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on bradford yeah

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I'm in favour of swinging our dick around since our country is castrated enough as it is.

I can't imagine any scenario in this country at this point after all we have been through where I would be happy with anything short of being supreme leader tbh

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xth for Tortoise heavy assault tank (A39)

lmao look at this fag

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good bloke lad. wise words. You in a desk job these days?

same lad

lmao isaac newton had blond hair lid

What do you have against Breivik?

No lad, if anyone ever launches nukes at us we will simply invite them to drop the rhetoric and sit down around the negotiating table, thereby winning the intellectual and moral victory

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t. Pooeyes

Reminds me of Strider Steiner

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why did they say all the roman empeorrs had grey eyes lad?

I miss milibean posting tbh

God had pooeyes, checkmate atheists.
also my limbal rings are perfection y'cunt :^)

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Who would launch nukes at us? What a fucking joke you have all fallen for jewish divide and conquer tactics.

its pretty mixed, I have been doing more desk work lately. I don't like it either think I might get into a trade in a year or so

Samson protocol



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was a joke you colossal autist

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Never has a man clutched at a smaller piece of straw

are you saying lad or kid
are you saying he had blonde hair as a kid, because so did I
if you write like an eejit I'll treat ye like an eejit

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They don't have the balls.

I wish hooded cloaks were acceptable clothing to wear, wool blankets are so comfy

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u wot

reeeeeeeeeee they are prettyyyyyyyyyyy and got me invited out the other week

wait, you had blonde hair and brow eyes as a kid? ewwwwwwwwww

Lads don't upset linkposter again

dont worry lad i bought 4 lottery tickets today when i win you can come to my gated nationalist hamlet and all the lassies will want to come too because of how cool it is : - )

Oh your male customers compliment them, do they? Good for you lad.

tbh I'm pretty sure you could make one and taper it that it'd be acceptable/stylish

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nuclear weapons are totally unnecessary, they never should have been built let alone used. The damage Britain did in the South Pacific testing them was enough that the nuclear weapons program should have been abandoned.

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were people richer in the past? did the jews cover up history to make us think they were peasants?

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good lad I will bring silver and guns so we can get waco'd by spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)

No lad, not his pooeyes, his "perfect limbal rings"

Im unironically jelly of 22st's job
I'd love to have a fun time driving around norway listening to the radio

In the saff pasifik? wossat, Broighton? lol we shud newk broighton tbh m8

I'm not sure if you're being facetious or not.

become a driver then, lad, and enjoy dealing with the Calais migrants

He might need a driver's mate

yeah driving jobs seem like they might be fun for a short time

Also what's going on with Sargon, last I checked UKIP weren't going to kick him out or anything

The most dangerous job in the country is truck driving iirc

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He got the AIDs lad nah I am curious what's happened now too tbh

Roads in Norway are really nice too. It's a lovely, fairly empty, mostly huwhite, low-immigration utopia, compared to our cramped shitty mutliculti hell hole

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delivery jobs tend to be quite stressful and underpaid. No control of the traffic, traffic warden issues, and ppl who are out all day when you need to deliver.

t. never driven through English countryside

They must be taking the "no such thing as bad publicity" approach tbh

Also a lot of them are subcontracted, they pay for their own vans etc, work on Sundays…

Only after we hold a referendum deciding it's right to use them

UK roads are jam packed and stressful

Nige did the same for the Bolton scandal tbf

Fuck off London turd

Im not being facetious. Jeremy Corbyn would have widespread support if he decided to disarm nuclear weapons from Britains arsenal.

Let me tell you, sales is not a fun job.

Aye aye cap'n! batten down the mizzen hatches!

I'd probably end up raging and running some of them over

I'd like to die young tbh get to meet Jesus sooner

No job is ideal. I'd just want to listen to the radio.

Depends where tbh, the A and B roads can be a cunt, but those lovely country sideroads make you fall in love with the isle all over again.

Apparently they've been told that it's all bullshit or something according to the Commie Jock.

the dream job is being a famous author like yukio mishima tbh

t. doesn't have pretty eyes

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It's clearly bollocks; a nonce scandal would be publicity, and there is no way on God's green earth that that could ever be good publicity.

UK roads are a fucking nightmare compared to Norway, you have no idea

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they are so fucking bad at bullshitting

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eurotrucking looks comfy too, I would want to be a trucker in scotland or wales for the hills. hills make my brain hurt, i am so used to flatlands

SA doesn't like him because he's no longer christian

Manlet power tbh lad

kek whats it like living in pooland

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its like skyrim trucking


Cloaks are banned in the land of the free?

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t. norsescum

This tbh

no, they are just gay

One source I've read says that it was done in order to fulfill prophecy.


But I'm right though lad, you said a while ago you don't like Brevik because he's become a Pagan.

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Barrett houses and intensive agriculture isn't comfy. If you get into the Brythonic areas it's not as bad but then it isn't England.

That's Tawhidi lad, smh

Fucking hell lad you can talk mr I wish it took me 4 hours to put get dressed.

people just think you are an incel if you wear one

top band tbh

this tbh

*opens 5gb putin and hitler folder*

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>tweeting this after the fiery thornberry speech
i can see it falling apart already

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Sure, so isn't using it like that taking it out of context?

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Glass house, lad

my eyes are special



We all know you weren't joking lad.

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Need a reliable theological analysis tbh; what I've seen before is him being pro-selfdefence, whereas the rebuttal always comes from ((unreliable sources))