Brit/pol/ #2458: Wonderful National Health Service Edition

25,000 Brits could be infected with contaminated blood from US prisoners and addicts, inquiry hears

EU immigration to Britain ‘could fall by 80 per cent after Brexit’ following cabinet's refusal to offer special treatment to Europeans

Just 16% want to Remain in EU in latest poll

'With free movement there can be no guarantee that migration is in the interests of UK residents' - Report by the Migration Advisory Committee

Arch-Brexiteer Iain Duncan Smith has said that Theresa May’s government must get a handle on immigration controls or risk being punished by the British public at the next general election

EU Commissioner calls for newspaper regulation after Sun 'dirty rats' front page

Jacob Rees-Mogg calls on Theresa May to adopt 'supercalifragilisticexpialidocious' Canada-style trade deal

Labour unexpectedly drops plan for female co-deputy leader

Children to be banned from cycling to school without number plates

First Sikh guardsman faces being kicked out of the Army after testing positive for cocaine

How a no-deal Brexit could mess up your dog's holiday to France

A Zambian student in China was beaten to death by Chinese Nationals for a dating a Chinese woman

Left-wing Swedish PM ousted with help from Sweden Democrats

Grenfell Inquiry: No-one should have lived there, says fire chief

'Riot' shuts school after 'mass brawl breaks out between more than 100 pupils'

First Sikh guardsman faces being kicked out of the Army after testing positive for cocaine

'Lefty teddy bears, Jellemy Corbeans and Proletarian Pear Drops: A video tour of the Labour conference centre

Union chief boasts he'd set his alarm an hour early 'to hate Thatcher some more''

EU Justice Commissioner Says Media Must Be Regulated to Prevent 'Hate'

Italy is the “center of the political universe,” according to former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon

Horror as car ploughs into 'crowd of 100 children and teachers' - police manhunt underway

Israel will continue attacking targets in Syria, but will keep coordinating with Russia

EU Commissioner calls for newspaper regulation after Sun 'dirty rats' front page

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first for ginnie

Truly criminal tbh

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nth for blowing up Williams.

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waste of time, just smack their head against the bar and be done with them

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dear oh dear

oh dear

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night lads

good lad

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what's the chad equivalent to the virgin william?

is there a chad william?


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pic related, although an actual chad wouldn't have to ask that question, nor refer to some stupid picture that an imageboard conjured up for kicks

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those guys were the ones that brought down the might Sargin? Is that true?

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Smooth doggo.

He'll have to like his scrotum for half an hour to get the taste out his mouth though

no, Jim brought him down.

shit, I'm way more like that William than that Deano

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yeah, plus the people that shopped him to the lugenpresse for saying "nigger"

Bit uncool of the MBGA guys to pretend they did it, but then they are pretty uncool tbh. I didn't even know they were feuding with Sargin

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I feel like Sargon of Swindon bought himself down really.

I don't think he really had to go, he should have toughened up and doubled down on his free-speech position, but instead he chicked out

sad really, he could have amounted to so much more. we will never know what could have been

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Just looked up the song list. I had that album. Way to take me on a nostalgia trip.

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Sargin's latest video.


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He could have been emperor of Britain

He could have taken over the EU and become its leader

He could have lead us to a new and better age

But instead he wants to play D&D with Veeh and make fan reviews of sci fi films

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Just watched meminto for the first time. Pretty good.

Smh at the aspies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) who made this word change system tbh

Fuck me, they're so bad.

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I'm definitely William.

Good lad, it's a nice film.

This is how much Sargon is making a month!

Kek. Good use of the system to make your point. Makes it clear to me that you're onto something and not just talking out yer a30386. Why is meminto altered?

sargin poll

Just worked it out. It's the meem word.


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It's hard to work out why anything is altered under the auspice (Nick Lemongrass, Harrisa Not Herbs, Gerry Garlic, Shallots Magazine)s of these mods. The filter creates utter Bongo Bongo Land tbh.

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He might honestly just return as soon as the heat dies down. The fame could be too enticing for him.

high tories btfo


Yeah. Am I right in thinking that his wife was actually killed? Or was she just assaulted (possibly by him)? I get most of the rest of it I think (that he has short term memory loss which he conveniently uses to serve his avaricious/murderous instincts - allowing him to remain innocent and on the side of justice no matter what he does). Still not entirely sure how exactly Carrie Anne Mosse's character fits into it all though. Was she in on some deal with the bent cop? Or does she just want Jimmy and the other one dead?


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Kek took me a while to remember what bongo bongo land was a filter for. This has to be the most inane corner of the internet tbh.

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the fucking STATE

It's a while since I've seen it tbh but as I recall it was all left pretty open to speculation. I remember thinking at the time that the cop was lying to him about what happened with his wife and that the woman was just taking advantage of him.

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I don't believe you.

Might watch it to see her stick her foot in it again.

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Are those fake tits? Always a good way of ruining a potentially attractive lass.

doesn't matter how stupid she is, how many things she gets wrong or how many whites she pisses off, the nogs in her hell hole constituency will ALWAYS vote for her

Apparently Lenny killed his wife with insulin after she survived the rape which made him lose his mind. I'm so shit at following films smh.

Definitely suspicious. He's probably the spy who posts the worm in dick stuff.

Good lad btw do you have a picture of Joe smiling/laughing lad? Made this earlier and couldn't find a better face

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Not even remotely attractive

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Is his name an Of Mice and Men reference? That literally didn't even occur to me until I saw your post put his name, accidental killing and brain damage all in one sentence.

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Never read of mice and men. Was Lenny the idiot one?

Missed this at the end of the thread and nipped to the shops.

I'll wait and hope that you're right lad, but I think you're being a bit dismissive on the Tommy issue, I mean like I've said even the BNP/Griffin called him out for being controlled kosher OP and seeking to lead the right away from all other and bigger issues and to solely focus on Islam, and his time being thick as thieves with AMW who embodied that ideal. And he's got an army of almost fanatical followers who won't hear a bad word said against their prophet. That's a potentially very dangerous influence, depending on what he does. I just don't want to see us co-opted.
I agree he's generally been great for the party and has done a good job. I'm not anti-Batten and never have been I just take issue on this one point in particular really.
Yeah, smh

Lenny was the mong.
There was another character IIRC who kept Vaseline in his glove to keep his hands soft for his future wife. A real perverted ghoul.

Ta lad
surprisingly little I'm afraid

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Yeah this one's better I thinkLove that he has enough history bewks about communism to make reaction images out of tbh

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Nice one lad started trying to skip through vids to find better screencaps but I've given up now, soz.

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Got this.

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I love them lads.

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Thanks lad tried the same smh

Thanks lad, that second one's pretty rare tbh

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No, that's journalism.


works well with your oblivion Joe tbh

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I've no idea what their beef is tbh or why they seem so salty at Sargon of Eykadd (like something out of Lord of the Rings), youkipper would probably know.


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thats the most autistic video ive ever seen

It wasnt for his future wife, it was for his current wife who was actually cucking him

that army of fans is what interests me, because he really could spark a mini revival

I'm being dismissive because I've seen no discontent from the UKIP grassroots support re: Tommy. There's been no exodus or discontent following the multiple times Batten has met with TR, and in fact ever since UKIP have climbed in the polls.

Battens rhetoric has been consistent for months & they've steadily rose, they were at around 5% before the locals in may iirc and now they're at 6-8% despite everything

I think the UKIP higher ups are wise enough to stop Robinson getting any real influence, there's a good chance he won't even be allowed in - so as far as him taking power I'm not at all worried, he'd sooner defect to For Britain if he wanted actual control

Lmao, sad the MBGA leader sounds like such a nonce

And to think a few weeks back SA had the gall to say Yom Kippur supporting Tommy had no basis

is that second pic real?

Batten is a good technical leader but a pr mong who's unnecessarily got himself directly tied to embarrassments like Sargon and Tommy.

even allsup is chipping in jej


Impressive isn't it.

Assume so, doing a bit of bouncing work and working the doors.

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I mean, I'd rather not give TR the time of day but you can't ignore his influence, and him counter signalling against UKIP would have an effect whereas the establishment calling UKIP racist is just status quo at this point anyway, they don't have that much to lose considering they were on the brink of financial ruin

if people were leaving in droves and polling was down I'd be furious, but I can't really complain about Batten's leadership other than the usual cringe boomer shit like calling the EU nazis

we'll just have to see how it goes

that second pic gives me feels because joe is a chad but he has principles which led him to live a life abstaining from alot of the things normalfags do to feel happy. I think joe would have been a good dad. you can see it in his eyes, the guy is genuine. thats just some fun little thing with those lasses but he will always be the lone philosopher on his cold hill thinking about politics. he is a genuine expression of humanity and of your race of britons tbh

aye it's from his own facebook

Saved as fuck tbh

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He has a son I think, pretty sure he even has a photo of him in his book

Ah yeah that makes sense

his "influence" is more hassle than it's worth. As I mentioned before, bringing in daftys, few in number, does nothing to effect change and everything to drive the sensible-minded Briton away.

oh good then tbh

times have changed, proof will be in the pudding I guess

The one thing that can be relied upon is the constancy of the humble middle-England voter.


It will go badly when you applaud and stand next to a guy who argues against the age of consent and calls people nigger

thought I'd indulge myself tbqh

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the lack of self awareness is incredible

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that pic is so disgusting tbh, wish you lids had a proper party, wish there was a proper nationalist party in any western country tbh

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