Brit/pol/ #2459: START Making Threads Edition

25,000 Brits could be infected with contaminated blood from US prisoners and addicts, inquiry hears

EU immigration to Britain ‘could fall by 80 per cent after Brexit’ following cabinet's refusal to offer special treatment to Europeans

Just 16% want to Remain in EU in latest poll

'With free movement there can be no guarantee that migration is in the interests of UK residents' - Report

Arch-Brexiteer Iain Duncan Smith has said that Theresa May’s government must get a handle on immigration controls or risk being punished by the British public at the next general election

EU Commissioner calls for newspaper regulation after Sun 'dirty rats' front page

Jacob Rees-Mogg calls on Theresa May to adopt 'supercalifragilisticexpialidocious' Canada-style trade deal

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I don't buy kike sticks so i wouldn't know, i have no problem with people being made to pay through the arse for ciggies when the eventual time comes that they get cancer they're going to suck up all the free healthcare they can get their tobacco stained fingers on, it's only fair that they should be made to pay for it in advance, same with alcohol.

You have to be specific, every time you leave the house around here all you see is niggers, muslims and fat balding english men with aids bodies and massive beer guts walking in pairs down the street.
I live on just off of St james' street, basically the main road the fags congregate on in brighton; there are 4 gay bars and 2 tranny bars just on the main road alone. During "pride week" the street is turned into a massive party where 20 year old "women" screech like 14 year old girls while on mandy, people will literally be shouting things like "im on mandy ha ha ha" in earshot of the police (police officers, not PCSOs) and nothing will happen. the police department is full of apathetic white English people who literally do not care about the deranged fags that they have to deal with, i can understand why the police are so fucking useless these days; it's because they are blackpilled as can be and are just there for a job. The police brought out the gay pride squad car for a single day and then took the decals off of it (costing taxpayer money to get the decals placed on them and then removed) because nobody wanted to fucking drive it, i walk by the police station most days and it just sat there the entire week not doing jack shit until they cleaned it up. literally a waste of money.
If you walk into town at night (churchill square) all you can see through the entire area is white girls in groups (14-18) clearly on drugs and alcohol standing around dodgy looking mystery meat drug dealers; I was walking to a pub with one of my lefty "muh drugs muh peace" friends and just candidly "wow it's just white girls and pakis around here" and instead of getting uppity like he usually does he just sadly and quietly said "yea" and barely spoke that night. Horrifically this city is known as a student city, and people will actually move to this godforsaken hellhole in order to "give their children better opportunities", but i notice that these parents often partake in degenerate shit themselves, so it's obvious what's actually going on.
There are plenty of white people in the nicer areas of town, these people are basically like swedish people in that they will form tight racially pure friendship groups of 5-10 of mixed sexes and they will have "friends" in university but will remain distant with everyone who isn't in that group of people.
When i talk about people i mean "go to university, get a career, do important things" not "jezza who sells me a 10s every now and again and plans on going to community college for an mechanics course that will totally be good enough to employ"
I went to one of the better secondary schools and there were 4 mudbloods in our entire year, a muslim who left early, a black kid called kevin who i went to primary school with (he's actually a good laugh and can make nigger jokes without becoming a nigger), a chink with autism who left and an Egyptian with extremely dark skin but clearly arab facial features called john, his family moved here after the shitfit in egypt a few years ago (he was also a pretty cool guy).
Generally brighton is has a high white population, but everybody is a lefty, every taxi driver is a paki and about %20 of the population probably has aids.
The council here is also the most corrupt in the UK, i've met a Falklands vet (2nd para) who has PTSD and has been living in a tent for the past year because he needs to live here for at least 6 months (government mandated) before the council will actually help him, they lost his records so he had to wait another 6 months.
His name's John (also) and he landed on the bodies of his dead friends and killed 3 conscripted agries who were probably just 16 year old kids for his country, and in repayment he's homeless and lives in a tent.

I think in general, the police and the council are run either by corrupt fags who are corrupt by nature, of conservative holdouts who have swallowed the black pill so hard all they care about is securing the pension.
The south east is literally completely fucked, a spiritual wasteland filled with people who can talk the talk about socialism ect but sit around making money only for themselves to buy alcohol at the end of the week.
People talk shit about hull and Birmingham being depressing (muh rain muh clouds)
but they haven't walked by the same white crackhead sat staring into noting by the side of the road, not even asking for change or looking at people, just sat there waiting for his handout so he can afford drugs to escape for a few mins.
Oh yea i forgot, we have 2 types of Sex education here, the first time is in primary school and they give you a leaflet that your parents have to sign ect and they DO NOT teach you about degeneracy or anything like that, they just simply say "here's how sex works, here's what a dick should look like and here's what cunny should look like, you will start growing pubes ect" and the whole lesson is more about puberty than it is about sex.
Then when you get into year 7, the real pozz starts, the lesson begins with teaching about sexual intercourse, dating, how to date, WHO you should date (you're told to write down on a piece of paper the characteristics of somebody you'd like to date, yes this is taxpayer funded). You go into PSCE (whatever Orwellian shit that means) and do the above, but you also are BLINDFOLDED AND TAUGHT HOW TO PUT ON A COMDOM in YEAR 7
The second type is what you learn in science, an award biology teacher cringes as they try to explain to a room of disinterested mongoloid teenagers how reproduction works and the roles that every part plays in raising offspring, this is the least pozzed part of sex education.

Funny anecdote, when we were doing one of these pozz sessions we got seperated by sex and told to write down a list of desirable traits that we think the other sex should have.
The boys was roughly as follows in order
The girls was as follows, again, from about 6 or 7 years ago now and off the top of my head
Never been redpilled harder honestly, i think being in that classroom did more for me than hanging out on Zig Forums ever did.
Also pic related is visible on the way into churchill square and visible on the way back.

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Fridge light isn't coming on lads, does that mean my fridge isn't working? Hard to tell by temperature because the whole house is chilly tbh


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Brew will be intolerable for weeks thereafter

Same as usual.

What's the general idea about reese mog?
He's too ponsy and anglican to get lefties to vote for him but i'm not bothered by the opinions of drug addicts and student loan dodgers, he's clearly based centrist but honestly i don't think he'd be as much as a pushover as may is.
What do?

He's a tribalist faggot and ambitionless career politician

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Uh sweetie i think you'll find that people who smoke are less of a drain on the NHS than people who do :)

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He's a globohomoist kike golem and he nonces little boys

Isn't he a Catholic?

but broadly this

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Another memi politician with no venom or backbone.

No i expected the guy who i linked to to read it as he asked

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fucking birds lmao
why are south saxons so shit vs east & west saxons

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Jacob Rees Wogg tbh

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kill all williams

Jacob Rees-Mong tbqh

Kill all williams and deanos. Monty master race tbh

At the very least Niges' politics is implicitly racially coded.

A complete phony who is at best a stalling but not staying of the collapse and at worst a controlled-op safety valve, the latter being more likely considering he's a fucking Tory.

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lad you're a Kenneth at best



Whats a George? Lower middle class?

ASDA-tier nowadays

under : Kieran/Darren
working : Deano,Bazza,Smithy
lower middle : George,Sebastian
Middle : William
Upper : Tarquin,Monty

Tarquin has become a memi name now. it has been for decades.

Under: Deano, Josh, Nathan
Working: Jack, Harry, Johnny, Fred
Middle: William, George, Edward
Upper: Monty

u wot
lower middle is henry

Underclass: Mohammed, Jamal, Abdul,
Working class: John, Steve, Phil, Shane
Lower middle: Stuart, Christopher, Thomas
Middle: William, Adam, Joseph, Leonard
Upper: Mortimer, Rupert, Sebastian, Theodore

lad theyre just subhuman, not underclass

It's gonna be a rough one

There's room for a henry in there tbh

what town?

he looks depressed

Bishop Auckland

again? how long since they were last there?


under : Your Mom

working : Your Mom

lower middle : Your Mom

Middle : Your Mom

Upper : Your Mom

I'm bored and I don't give a fuck.

North East? meh.

under my watch I will hang the lot of them if you like lads
MI5 knew Westminster Bridge attacker Khalid Masood in 2004

ban ef98e0 for (You) baiting

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I think they cycle the locations every season.

LIVE: A Spastic addresses United Nations

any lads got wheat intolerance? if so, did you cut it out/down?

i have an intolerance to chicken faeces through eating cheap farmed chicken

I have a curry intolerance tbh.

Tarquins out tbh

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how do you know it's wheat intolerance?

asking for a friend tbh, whose digestive system is all over the place. a bit like ibs, but he has 0 stress levels

Just because poo lad is a resident here doesn't mean this is probably the best place to ask for advice on diet tbh
Most people here dine on Snack Poodle™, Chewy Sugar Things™ and guzzle 150% sparking Sugar Juice™


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Fucking whitey keeping them down, smh.

Disregarding the content for a second, why is anyone with that little ability to string a sentence together allowed and encouraged to speak publicly?
Baffling tbh.

Personally I would like to see him on the world stage just for the memis.

is he getting enough exercise and fibre

Thinking of getting some compression socks, lads.

Brew is always intolerable

best post

Because she is a black woman working for Labour.
She could literally be a vegetated stoneage mongoloid spliced with the DNA of a sunfaded packet of monster munch and they would drag the abomination on to the stage for a 5 minute monologue of drivel as long as the words 'Black', 'employment', 'equality', 'diversity' are uttered.

Yeah well, everybody knows that the first batch on the release date is full of bugs and doesn't work. i.e niggers.

I'm genuinely amazed at 22st lasting so long into his ban

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just want him back tbh

I'm sure he wants us too lad.

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Glad 22st is still about though, what a lad.

I hope none of you have gone gay smdh lads i'll be very cross.

He'll always be Bins' tbh lad

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I saw him in on /cow/ flirting with anime avatars

did you kike anprim and claim the board?

any proof that it was bins said this?

What went wrong tbh

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That's a big brained lad tbh

been there done that

feeling cheeky atm, jawline coming in very nicely

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How much of a manlet are you that 10 stone is a decent weight?

any lads get more sliver lately?

He just about qualifies as a welterweight but if he loses a pound he'll be a super lightweight.


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how the fuck do you gain weight

Full moon tonight tbh lads

Eat vanilla flavoured yoghurt, stay in bed all day and have some 150g crisp bags for snacking.

is vanilla flavour more fattening than other flavours?

Anybody in Cardiff looking to hook up?

PM me thnks ;)