Brit/pol/ #2460: LOCAL Edition

Kavanaugh Hearings

UK asylum seekers refused housing over 'social cohesion issues'

Two schoolboys arrested on suspicion of terror offences linked to far-right ideology have been released without charge

MI5 knew Westminster Bridge attacker Khalid Masood in 2004

Protests erupt as former EDL leader Tommy Robinson appears for fresh contempt of court case

Varoufakis reveals why second Brexit vote a no-go

President Trump cites China's respect for his 'very, very large brain'

Ontario government to allow pot smoking wherever tobacco smoking allowed

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Good lad

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xth for

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Postman Pat and Rosie and Jim author John Cunliffe dies

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The Oxford Street 'hugger muggers': How aggressive 'Fagin' gangs are using children as young as THREE to target wealthy victims in the heart of London

Rich diversity cucks BTFO


Goodnight sweet prince

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*slaps you*

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Sister got bit by a seal once

post her pics

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Jodie Whittaker's first episode of Doctor Who has received broadly positive reviews from critics.

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Is your sister tol too?

Why are they always looking at the sky?



Critics liked the latest star wars films, the ghostbusters remake, the oceans remake, etc

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I'm guessing they're Romas (haven't opened the article yet).

Rating The Last Jedi highly has really hurt their credibility even with normies.

Oxford St so it's pretty much guaranteed, a couple years back they build camps underneath Marble Arch and slummed the place up.

I actually was so scared by an episode of Doctor Who that I fell and split my skull on the cabinet when I was like 5 or something, had to get taken to the hospital and everything.

rope rope rope rope

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They're inhumanly shameless. Tbf the Irish variants aren't much better. Fucking detestable criminal genepool.

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Roma women have this fucking starey eyed way of grinning as they interact with you (generally to beg or sell big issues (so they can receive benefits or something) that actual britons could be selling). It's like they're too stupid to not be completely (and conspicuously) shameless.

Just seeing the pics of them makes me want to smash their heads in.
I see them all the time when working innacity, they disgust me.

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*looks her up*
*shocked to find that she isn't a tranny (having looked at photos of her)*

Roma Muslims?

Roma's have a habit of dressing up as muzzies since it gives them more brownie points with the upper middle class luvvies.

Roma's only religion is pick pocketing and shanking relatives in the kidneys.

rather polite of them since it makes the right people less likely to trust them whilst the eejits fall for it.

Who /hatred and bile/ here


we're way past that stage now lad

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It has been used to push degeneracy since its revival with Rose dating a Hamite, who cares tbh


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iktf lad

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Can't wait to get out this vibrant shitheap

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I've been squatting on and off for two years now lads, legs are starting to look decntly developed. I want to focus on strength rather than size now so I'm working towards a 140kg squat

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rewatching the dark knight rises

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bet you can't do 40 pullups like I can

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I can only do about 10. I mostly do weighted ones now though

thats kind of a redundant statement as strength=size

i know you dont mean endurance as 140kg is too heavy for that kind of training

Why does the alpaca never get any appreciation on here? Underrated animal tbh

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Foreign muck tbh
Wholesome LOCAL animals only.

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Strength routines are based around training your CNS to be able to recruit more motor units and send stronger signals to the muscles, as opposed to just wearing down the muscles themselves. You'll still gain size but not as much as you would with a hypertrophy routine like a bro split. If it was as simple as strength = size, bodybuilders would be the best powerlifters and strongmen, and yet they get btfo by guys with less muscle mass.

comfy book-binding

Any examples lad.

You're probably some scrawny twiglet. I'll snap you in two with my thick solid muscles, and then do weighted pullups with 20kg for reps over your mangled body.

I can do 20 with a weighted one like that, stop coping, I have cobra wings like bruce lee and would break your limbs

Just google strength vs hypertrophy lad. This is how a DYEL can deadlift 420kg.

Right then, let's meet up for a fight. Where do you live?

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I'll fight you both at the same time.

The absolute madman.

Discovered this today, pretty comfy tbh

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didn't think they made magazines like that any more

whats the correlation between the sex of the british monarch and societal degeneracy?

What about her visible pokies?

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Don't think there is one tbh. Although i find it difficult to imagine a male monarch having been as much of a sellout as the Queen.

I stil open the car door for mum tbh

Do you have visible pokies though?

where's that village?

You just wait lad

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france and spain can fuck right off tbh

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depends if his lass has been at the nipple clamps or not

same with ireland too, were full

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Only when I turn the engine on

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'Nope' is rude isn't it lads?

not as rude as boobs



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more Meagain

I bucked yer ma

Official poll

big lad

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Popliteal fossa

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Glazed donut


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Reminder: Fagin was a jew


Scat obsessed freaks get the rope.

we're going to have a good thread tonight, right lads? none of that dodgy shit

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I'm sure Kate has some similar several times over, yet they've neglected it.