Brit/pol/ #2461: Kavanaugh Edition

Kavanaugh Hearings

Brett Kavanaugh: Senate committee due to vote

Postman Pat and Rosie and Jim author John Cunliffe dies

The Oxford Street 'hugger muggers': How aggressive 'Fagin' gangs are using children as young as THREE to target wealthy victims in the heart of London

A GP sexually assaulted 20 female patients at his surgery during unnecessary breast and vaginal examinations, but the GP insists he only carried out appropriate examinations

UK asylum seekers refused housing over 'social cohesion issues'

Two schoolboys arrested on suspicion of terror offences linked to far-right ideology have been released without charge

MI5 knew Westminster Bridge attacker Khalid Masood in 2004

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About three seconds into the footage of her I thought 'crocodile tears' and 'this bitch is straining to sound fearful'. I then thought 'look at all those yids around her'.

daily reminder that all women should be killed

Your mums first in line

This picture is pottery.

It's what happens when you give women power over society, they turn it into their plaything.
Look at how effeminate and castrated almost all media is.

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I have just downloaded Stardew Valley

still has paki lips

some boomer stuff

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Reminder to listen and believe. Women never lie about anything. Post-wall women NEVER EVER lie about sex (woman's only form of agency other than pulling heartstrings on account of being inferior to men) as a method of vengeance against men who no longer find them attractive.

It helps that the media is controlled by ((people)) who are always willing to listen and believe. I do so love living in such honest and compassionate times.

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It's all appeals to emotion, it's incredibly schemey and jewey.

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this also kavanaugh is a bitch for crying because he had to explain to the entire world and future generations why he was an incel until mid 20s and that his daughters getting death threats is just what happens to racists

Wew lads

‘Major police action’ in Denmark closes bridges and stops ferries to Sweden and Germany

Topkek. Not generally a fan of violent dogs and their chav-cunt owners, but that was funny.

What does Taylor Swift have to do with anything written in that picture?

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just extreme whiteposting today lads

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the end*

no fucking clue, lad

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who gives a flying fuck about the opinions of efniks tbqh

Remember to listen and believe (the words and will of Oswald Moseley).

>"hurr this isn't a trial it's not even a legal court it's just an interview for his supreme court nomination"

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Stardew Valley is implicitly white

so long as you ignore the BLACKED couple

I hate leftists so much. Seriously wish we could make them live by their words, and force the bastards to live in the shithole nations their ethnic pets create.

they'd immediately change their tune, if you want an example just look at those rich tossers complaining when the grenfell victims were moved into their expensive apartment complex

Literally read that multiple times. Utterly retarded.
I really hope this bitch is somehow exposed as a liar. And I mean incontrovertibly exposed. Probably won't happen.

The only way I retain even a sliver of hope is by reminding myself that the actual left are a tiny portion of society. It's the normie herd that matter, and they have been more difficult for us to reach because everything is controlled by the kikes and their appendages.

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Zig Forumsbus Zig Forumsbus Zig Forumsbus

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You forgot the part where the same leftists that complain about violence in the third world regularly snort coke and other drugs

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big man chesterton the distributist madman


Imagine what would happen if, in a community of 1,000 people, the elected leader got caught doing half the shit our leaders get caught doing?

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that pic is the future for the spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) reading these posts fyi

I want to kill these soulless cretins

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techfags and STEMtards will all be either killed or enslaved unless they admit that logical postivism is a spook and that materialism is not a civilizational value because its just satanism

this is a good thing

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its will just be this hands free fag society where they email you a passive aggressive email about it,

"hi sorry we missed you,
seems like you had a small problem with our store today, we've gone ahead and deactivated your amazon healthcare plan, amazon banking plan and your google social score so you cannot leave FEMA region 3. amazon HKs are enroute to your location to terminate your contract with amazon. sorry about the inconvienence.
Have a great day,
jez persyn

Just go around firebombing everything tbqh

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woah what bigots

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Oh man could you imagine how abused that store would be in the shitty area's of the country?

ahh but lad if we teach people to be good then they will be good :)))))))))))))))

thank you for your service

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Watching the boxing tonight lads?

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Mad about chavs again lads. Generation Identitaire in France have "Anti-Scum" patrols wish we could do that and just kick the shit out of violent little chavs who harass decent normal folk.

I thought it was last week

What's stopping you :^)


Live in the countryside.

The French one is so good in comparison to ours, they have an entire complex complete with a bar and gym.

They have a few places, a pub and gym in Lille and a gym in Lyon aswell as offices in Toulouse, Nice and Paris. Just remember they started in 2012 ours started in late 2017. GI uk looks to be growing hope they don't fuck up.

Bastion Social are good lads too. They own a lot of houses near poor white areas and turn it into a far right social centre.

Didn't the UK leader fuck off and rat out to spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)?

Yeah the co leader Tom Dupre. Now Benjamin Jones is in charge, he's a top bloke from what I've heard. There's another lad who's name I forgot who does it behind the scenes with Benjamin.

Toms just disappointing. He got kicked out of the summer camp for misbehaving and instead of going home and accepting he's wrong he immediately went to Hope Not Hate to rat out on Tore Rasmussen, a Norwegian activist who 20 years ago was a part of some Nazi group and stabbed an African.

Boxing is on most weeks. This is a good match up tbh.

ahh right

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Turncoat faggots like that make me very hesitant about joining any groups, specially after they booked everyone in NA for vague reasons.

Don't join. I'm going lone wolf when the time comes.

Me too tbh. I'll support them from the sideline, GI has to check every single recruit and associate to make 100% sure they have nothing to do with NA or else they'll get banned. All it takes is one mong to ruin 100 normal law abiding people's lives.

wish I didn't have to tbh

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m8 you have to realise that any joke like that is enough to get you done.

I'll go on hunger strike if they van me for something like that

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lefties are so retarded the make vids that make us want to join shit like that

wow I guess things really changed while I was away

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why do black people pretend they aren't murderers?

Loners are better than groups tbh.

Same reason jews pretend they are human

because only white people are evil paedos and cereal killers lad.

is it an ad?


white people are unironically the master race when we are at our best so every other race subconsciously copies us and worships us and thats what black people are doing

this is a good theme for watching this shite

Is it as fun as the Zimmerman trial?

Nothing will ever top that, this is just boring shite that will lead to nothing

this proves that pence's rule should be followed by all men since early childhood

Don't go clubbing or partying and if you do stay as sober as you can, whores will lie and manipulate if they have the opportunity.

no but its funny since (i know yank bolitics so just tell me to stop when something more interesting habbens) the left is now talking about expanding the court which failed when the jewish gangster bottom boy FDR tried it. the political left is acting unhinged like they are reconstructionists in the year 1868 or something. they are creating a ripe field for the return of hardcore WN patriarchy stuff

nah yank politics is fun keep going

don't interact with waman in anything other than contractual terms.


you shouldn't go to those things because they are degenerate not because women might accuse you of rape

Basically you like ladyboys and you're a nonce, you've no chance of gaining power.

I know lad, but this is extra incentive


god the demoshites are the most repulsive scum, at least the neo-cohens keep it subtle. this cool wine aunt is filthy rat


This, if you take one foot in Thailand you obviously have fucked 13 year old ladyboys in a seedy bar which turns into a bestiality club at night.