Brit/pol/ #2462: Ham With A Face Edition

UK asylum seekers refused housing over 'social cohesion issues'

Two schoolboys arrested on suspicion of terror offences linked to far-right ideology have been released without charge

MI5 knew Westminster Bridge attacker Khalid Masood in 2004

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Good lad

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First for nice sex with pretty girls

Good lad

I was so very tempted to make it a late night stinky dinky brap themed thread tbh lad

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good lahd

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nth for not believing anything puglad says

I miss 22st

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did puglad really touch ginnies leg?

He wants to come back but the mods bullycided him


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puglad was behind yoga lass,lithuanian lass,arse massage milf and probably even thotwheels tbh

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Far right terrorism: having naughty non-PC opinions

i want to believe thotwheels was real smhh

First two only lad

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I only caught yoga lass, and it was such a disappointing story arc, literally went nowhere

thotwheels was real

puglad should stand trial

I just don't get how a lass can be up for a little choking but not a little hows your father. it would get me pretty fired up. not sure I'd be able say no.
unless you're keeping yourself pure for marrage. in that case good lad.

The only truly redpilled men are the ugly ones tbh

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he never said that

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prove it

Thank you steiner lad. I really did choke a lass in bed tbh, feel a certain level of accomplishment tbf

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I just did

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I predicted 22 Stone would get cancelled midway through season 5

Led Zeppelin to face new Stairway to Heaven trial

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important poal
important poal
important poal

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are there any women who are not whores these days

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Yes, stop being a secluded faggot who lives off of Zig Forums meems

Cup of tea for dinner

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did they rape the old woman in the song?

no biccies with that tea?

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I believe puglad and people who don't believe in puglads stories normalize rape, also they are probably incels

Don't have any

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the only thing real about puglad are his moonshoes

I dnt belive him but I defend his right to tell his stories

these things are so strange

Oi, sonny, how many genders?

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t.delusional william

Dat nigga lips look like a pussy

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The only acceptable kind tbh

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goodnight, lads
I hope I don't wake up

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t.ugly virgin

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this, I miss when monarch and mercia would rage at the mere sight of simba

Onto the 6th pint lads, wahey

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same tbh.
we'll always be together in electric dreams/memmies

go back to 4pol tbh

Jeremiah 8 is kino

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Go back to the future

night lad. things will seem better in teh morning tbh

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lads.. no

Better be old speckled hen lad

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smh should have risked it tbh

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looks like a shithole

the gravity on Titan is so low and the atmosphere so thick that you could easily fly from simply flapping your arms (if you space suit had small wings on it)

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*dies of radiation poisoning

There is guaranteed no shit whatsoever on Titan. There is way more shit on Earth than Titan tbh

Big if true

Probably would have got perma'd if I did tbh

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why is it covered in those mad lines?

Yeah I bet it has a big stinky atmosphere that smells like gas

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space snails

Haemorrhoids from taking big planet sized shites

its literally planet brap

it has a thick brapmosphere

one stinky dinky

Drag lines from people taking their bins out.

It's one small brap for man, one giant shite for mankind

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This brap posting colonisation.

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Pestposting was kino

imagine brapping in a spacesuit

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would you let a really hot girl that you wanted to marry shit on your chest


The fucking state of this thread

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when the brap hits

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