Brit/pol/ #2463: Grim Edition

Man arrested after two women 'murdered' in Kent

Senior Tory MPs' phone numbers exposed in Conservative Conference app flaw

Dozens treated after 'tear gas' dispersed in Bournemouth nightclub

In other parts of this festering shithole:

Turkish President Recep Erdogan demands Germany ‘ends racism’ as he opens Europe’s biggest mosque in Cologne before hitting out at the treatment of German football star Mesut Ozil who posed for a photo with him

Video of 'attempted lynching' in lawless Paris suburb shocks France: Hooded mob are filmed savagely beating teenage victim, 17, with hockey sticks and a crutch

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Good lad

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Good lad

How much is the house?

Fresh Stef

£125k was the basic price. Someone else put in an offer (not sure how much) but I submitted my counter offer in for £128k this afternoon.

good stuff, I do hope you get it

Cheers m90

That would buy you a shed down here.

The Romani are one of the Twelve Tribes.


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hmm, i remember a jew coworker got mad at me for using the term "jewed" to denote a transaction of dubious benefit to me. He got uppity, so i changed the term to "gypped" and he was still mad, keke.

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read god's dog lad

fuck them all lad

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You're going to summon Steiner with that post…

Would love to live in Gloucestershire but i'm budgeted to £129 max. Maybe when I retire I would consider it, albeit the cotswolds.

[sarabande intensifies]

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lad if it's as great as you say it is I really hope you get it lad

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Make some spaggetti bologense lad

don't worry about houses, just rent all your life. Pay somebody elses mortgage instead!

annoying how you have to kinda borrow money to get a house i wish u could just buy one or nanny got me one

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Ta lad
It's perfect but i'm keeping my options open as the property market can be ruthless these days.

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woodland is a mene lad it's all about upland bog

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2 packets of Mini Chedders and a bottle of coke for dinner


We are going to create the 4th Chaos God at this rate.

yeah I hope you've got in before it all got cuntish.

>tfw worked with cunts who unironically went "what's wrong with renting?"

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This bitch would hate my dinnerposting


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That looks kino actually. I'd still try to get some oaks and shrubs growing, and a nice koi pond. It's triggering that all the based bogland is owned by a few rich landowners that just overgraze it and use it for shooting pheasants. Yet another issue i agree with the left on.

I've been fat and fit over the years. Still had the same personality since college. If anything I have gotten more mellow.

Pretty much the same here

Self improvement is a right wing concept

If he admitted that he didn't, then Iran would have done way worse. He was fucked no matter what. It was either pretend he had them and hope that the US didn't randomly invade based on a few random falsified claims, or admit that he was defenseless and have Iran steamroll him.

I've never seen a strong left-winger.

Do pull-ups and squats using logs in the woods near to wear I live.

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You mean testosterone is a right wing concept.

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I'm not one for proof reading, but I should be considering how many mistakes I have made with their, they're and there.

Do you lads ever engage in, overhear or imagine conversations with the younger generation and realise how fucked we are? I had a nghtmare where I thought I was letting a zoomer in on the know. Told him the basics about the housing crisis and he said "just build lol" and started flossing then dabbed on me. Woke up screaming in a cold sweat.

Maximum comfy. Good lad.

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qt Italian lass matched me on Tinder lads, and she's the good kind of Italian not the southern wog Italian

for a very very very good reason

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Very nice

It's simple. In my mind I use this:

They're wogs
There is wogs
(((Their))) wogs

lel you absolute faggot
I've been in actual conversations with these sods and they give me hope tbqh


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Must vary from region to region and the ones you come across, don't forget some will say right wing things because it's funny to be edgy.

Judges are Skeptical of Him But Then THIS Happens | Auditions 2 | Britain’s Got Talent 2017

Hope he goes full Green Goblin


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this is really good tbh

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what music is that again?

Good lad

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Some based millenials at my workplace have their heart in the right place but don't know how to use it properly albeit make decisions they finally realise they were fine at the time but bad in the long term. It's an experience thing. I gave this one a good hiding for leaving his mrs after she had his kid because he doesn't love her anymore. Now it has come back to bie him on the arse. I have met her at a mates leaving do and we got on quite well. She seemed a keeper tbh.

This tbh

also got half a dozen britslags match me smdh

I am grazing today tbh, will get back on the steaks tomorrow after work

That is a nice dog tbh

topkek. Ironically, it's that complete lack of care they're displaying at a young age, that makes them impervious to self hatred. That dream would've filled me with hope. They'll grow out of their edgy phase of saying anything for kek and reactions eventually.

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getting old is realising most young normalfags are only good for being cannonfodder and slaves

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considering that story is a dream it's pretty stupid to assume an entire generation based off of it

do you reckon the patriarchy have threatened to rape her?

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Really want some mini cheddars now tbh

True skill lies in making liberals have to agree with you by setting up statements which they invariably agree with, it also makes whatever you're saying more influential provided they're presented in an acceptable manner.

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He probably bought into the greener pastures memi when he had the whole lot. We need to fix it from a top down level. All of it.


unless you were deaf, dumb, and blind, you would not go within ten feet of her
99% of these whores crying "RAPE!" are just trying to live out their fantasies.

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>Tfw gone for a third bag

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The victorians have nothing on us tbh

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why does she care thb? its none of her buisness talking about what trump's sex life is. plenty of world leaders throughout time have raped women, she probalby rapes children and drinks their adrenochrome to communicate with satan/ahriman


We need a return of men only bars and clubs tbh.

They're not as good

fugging thot
gets it in her replies tbh

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we need a society-wide Pence Rule tbqh

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Usually only eat them at Christmas time tbh

Ban him

They all fulfil their stereotypes
etc etc

That's the whole point of role play. It's just fantasy!
These lot are getting it mixed up with reality without knowing what they actually want.

Have I got to draw up a contract these days to spice (Nick Lemongrass, Harrisa Not Herbs, Gerry Garlic, Shallots Magazine) things up in the bedroom?

The last role play I had was amazing and we had fun. Wtf happend with women all of a sudden?

t. baby that's been scaled to adult height in photoshop

Men buy cars and motorbikes when they hit middle age and feel unaccomplished, women do mundane shit like buy a cat and eat chocolate.

Fucking word filter

Nope. Fucking thot starts creep shotting everyone and tries to make an issue out of a non issue