Brit/pol/ #2465: Charles George Gordon Edition

Man arrested after two women 'murdered' in Kent

Senior Tory MPs' phone numbers exposed in Conservative Conference app flaw

Dozens treated after 'tear gas' dispersed in Bournemouth nightclub

Turkish President Recep Erdogan demands Germany ‘ends racism’ as he opens Europe’s biggest mosque in Cologne before hitting out at the treatment of German football star Mesut Ozil who posed for a photo with him

Video of 'attempted lynching' in lawless Paris suburb shocks France: Hooded mob are filmed savagely beating teenage victim, 17, with hockey sticks and a crutch

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best OP tbh good lad

good lad


If Hotwheels wasn't already crippled I would cripple him for this shit.

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irish birds ye or na

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if you like the body of a pancake with the humour of a stone then you're in luck

most important poll in Zig Forumsish history

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you shoud try some fucking MC Hammer drawings sometime lad

very important follow up poll

2B lad, upload the folder and post it in the /v/ share thread, I'm waiting smh

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He can post it here tbh.


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we are all trapped in the belly of this horrible machine
and the machine is bleeding to death

I don't think he's coming back

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sorry lad. got work in the morning and i can't keep this machine seeding all night.
check the thread tomorrow tbh.

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2B is overrated anyway

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Just upload it somewhere lad smh

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what's your poison? I could throw it in the 2b stuff if I'm seeding anyway

I've got enough smut to last a life time lad.

2D is mind corrupting tbh, need to bed some average lasses to balance the mind. Observe their unappealing bodies and force yourself to stand to attention. Porn in general will cripple your mind smh

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tbh tbh

give me somewhere to put it and I will. I think its too big for most file hosting websites. tried but its too big

Nah lad, take the Pygmalion pill.

Mega, lad

oh no no no

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its going to take ages to upload with my shitty internet speed so I'll do it tomorrow. I'll post the link then.

Literally who?

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Kanye west

famous hollywood actor talking down to le based black man

Captain America

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Don't care about *steinerism* zio-puppet-making capeshit, lad. I basically stopped noticing most of mainstream culture when I left school.

was this you Steiner?

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know thine enemy tbh

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Lads, I just found out I'll be in Paris on the 25th.
Need something to wear to remember Agincourt.
Any suggestions?

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Did Bush Poster get his house?

england strip tbh

Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky: who cares? A commie is a commie. Same applies to the endless conveyor belt of right on public figures. I know the mould and i know the creator thereof.

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Just wear an onion sash lad

I doubt the New French know anything about Agincourt, best to wear something to do with Richard the Lionheart.

up to you lad


This seems very fake tbh.

It's a greentext story, but it is from Yankland so who knows?

Might be in Rouen as well, they're still bitter. Even their museum displays are anti-English. Worth a visit.

Do you do anything to keep up to date with the normieverse? Do you watch capeshit films so you know at what stage of development and malignancy the propaganda is? Honest question.

ffs lads how am I supposed to clear my bewk backlog when what I want to read about keeps changing all the time? I've tried reading the shorter ones first in a few sittings but that doesn't work.

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Why the fuck are there so many sort-of-paedos-but-it's-sort-of-a-joke-haha on the chans? Never understood that (I only started browsing them in about 2014).

Decent options tbh.
Was thinking of getting the Royal Standard all over print tshirt with Henry V on the back football style. Full historic Deano.

That, beret and stripes

Someone was telling me that up until the mid 90's French schools taught that the Free French Army was the main force liberating France and the Allies just supplied them with equipment, nothing worse than french arrogance.

We just need Prime Minister Bwoi

no tbh, but I try to keep a rough handle on how it all intersects with politics and society

I'd order one of those tbh


it used to be a much more wild-west situation regarding moderation

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Why would I keep mine out the window?

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Not even sure if that's the case tbh, those militant child fuckers that went after Zig Forums a few years ago after their board got shut down seemed pretty serious.

truly the devil's lettuce


Actually a tune tbh

The museums were an utter joke. One caption for an illusration of the English army at Crecy was "The pitiful and pathetic English" and then just endless displays of how Joan of Arc was so brave in face of rape, torture and murder.

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It really doesn't change, lad. The post war consensus is set in stone. It's always just more of the same - at least from the prevailing order. I suppose the recent developments of Trump and Brexit represent a counterpoint to the consensus (at least spiritually/ideologically - in a small way) so it's worth following things like that: but the machinations of the powers that be are utterly predictable and completely knowable (and have been for over half a century).

That's some serious salt.

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That doesn't really do the frogs any favours, unless they're pretending they didn't get absolutely raped at Crecy.

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I'll have a look into it, will post it if I can get them sorted.

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Twitter is forcing this tweet onto feeds. It's not put up as promoted or as an ad, it's just forced on.
Really rinks the dink.

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A board on 4/Zig Forums? Don't really want to know that much about these people, I guess. I do find the padeo undertones of /v/ unsettling tbh: but it seems to be wrapped up in this weird semi-ironical, weeaboo-autist wish fulfillment for a submissive female. I don't think most of the weirdos who go on about loli (or whatever) are actually into children .

Honestly well worth a visit, much nicer than that shithole Paris. Went with my ex and laughed my bollocks off at a lot.
the architecture is pretty nice and it's also very huwhite in comparison to other French cities

My mum's one, don't do it

This is sick, but this was /b/. Never forget.

Read that the museum for the Battle of Crecy is owned by an English man, before then it was kept in the back of a primary school over there. English archery groups often go over there and leave an arrow at the site which the French always take.

English victory feels like it doesn't include the brave thicc handsome lads of gascony

Reading our nation's victories is always wonderful

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Christ, this is stirring. The message has really hit me right in the knackers. All seems very dignified, very serious, very stoical and very brave to me. She has weird hair and weird, slightly aggressive eye brows too - so my body has gone rigid in the face of profundity. I would give my right bollock to see her tattoos and talk to her about issues tbh. Thanks for the whitepill tbh.

do it do it do it do it

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Feels good tbh
Planning on being utterly banterous on the day and incite some frog rage.

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Is it even worth reporting him? Fuck all will happen.


Twitter probably condones it anyway.

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Watching these cunts get introduced to mr concrete would be more entertaining than any film to ever come out

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Nothing has ever been this unthreatening tbh.

Wews is live
threadly reminder: anti-wews is codeword for anti-white

See you in 'Citizenship' class lads